Home Sweet Home Alone

Home Sweet Home Alone

After being left at home by himself for the holidays, 10-year-old Max Mercer must work to defend his home from a married couple who tries to steal back a valuable heirloom.

  • Released: 2021-11-12
  • Runtime: 93 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Family
  • Stars: Archie Yates, Ellie Kemper, Rob Delaney, Pete Holmes, Aisling Bea, Jayne Eastwood, Cara Ricketts, Catherine Cohen, Devin Ratray, Mikey Day, Kenan Thompson, Ally Maki, Chris Parnell, Timothy Simons, Katie Beth Hall, Max Ivutin, Andrew Daly, Maddie Holliday, Jordan Carlos, Tristan D. Lalla, Nick Allan, Claudio S. Capri, Phyllis Gooden, Esther Povitsky, Marty Adams, Jim Rash, Amy Okuda, Bronwen Mantel, Peter Schoelier, Nancy Helms, Gayle Garfinkle, Jane Gilchrist, Hazel Gorin
  • Director: Dan Mazer
  • gustafsonerika - 24 December 2022
    You wanna wanna know how mad this movie is, I didn't even watch all of it, I watched the trailer and the first 10 mins that's it. The acting is horrible, the jokes aren't funny, they used the exact same plot as the original home alone there wasn't any creativity in the whole plot in this move. On top of using the same exact plot they use a lot of the same sayings and dialogue. They should've just brought back the original cast and made a new movie and had Macaulay Culkin leave his kids at home. I don't understand why they keep making new home alone movies when the only movies that were good and did well were the original two. I know the 3rd one gets a lot of hate but compared to the other ones I think it's better than 4,5,6. Save yourself your time and don't watch this movie.
  • LairBear1210 - 5 December 2022
    Was this teaching how NOT to make a movie?
    There must be a reason why someone would want to pen such a horrible story. The absence of joy in the plot may have been due to the fact that the protagonist seemed like the kind of person the readers wouldn't want to support. I felt sick to my stomach the whole time watching the film because the antagonists were constantly challenged (even mentally) and had to endure the misery that comes with being misunderstood. If we were going to watch a Home Alone movie, we just assumed that the child is the protagonist and the invaders are the antagonists. Maybe, the writers meant to do it the opposite way around on this remake to become original. However, the actors couldn't get into character because of the script's fixation on overacting.

    How the makers of Home Sweet Home Alone thought they could recapture the spirit of Home Alone is beyond me even there was a cameo and some moments very similar to the original Home Alone movie. The story's characters almost made me feel so bad that I almost decided I didn't want to see another film made from the United Kingdom ever again. In the end, I came to the conclusion that the film was intentionally made as a teaching tool for those learning the art of filmmaking to exhibit how NOT to write a movie.
  • mattvhernandez - 22 July 2022
    The Devil of a kid.
    Horrible movie, a 9 year old can write better than the writers on this movie. The kid has zero redeeming qualities and he isn't even likeable and is a spoiled rich kid. Meanwhile the "robbers" didn't even mean harm and it was just a huge misunderstanding and are being tortured by a sociopath of a kid. This is the worst Home Alone movie to date. Don't even watch this movie.
  • louiegal - 13 February 2022
    Deserves more credit than it's been given...
    I watched this movie with my family last night, and I have to say that I disagree with a lot of the reviews on here. I have two daughters, 7 and 5, both of whom have seen the original Home Alone movie. Did it make a difference to our enjoyment of THIS movie? No.

    I encourage viewers to take this movie for what it is. A fun, family romp about a big communication error. Characters are likeable, there's plenty of laughs and "hug your loved ones" moments and it certainly kept my little ones entertained!

    Anyone hoping to relive the original Home Alone movie should simply watch the original. As a standalone movie, we were very satisfied and my girls are hoping to watch it again.