Disillusioned with life in the city, feeling out of place in suburbia, and frustrated that her happily ever after hasn’t been so easy to find, Giselle turns to the magic of Andalasia for help. Accidentally transforming the entire town into a real-life fairy tale and placing her family’s future happiness in jeopardy, she must race against time to reverse the spell and determine what happily ever after truly means to her and her family.

  • Released: 2022-12-16
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Family
  • Stars: Amy Adams, James Marsden, Patrick Dempsey, Idina Menzel, Maya Rudolph, Yvette Nicole Brown, Jayma Mays, Kolton Stewart, Oscar Núñez, Gabby Baldacchino, Gabriella Baldacchino, Griffin Newman
  • Director: Adam Shankman
  • omarmohamed-63744 - 20 October 2023
    Funny and inspiring
    I mean the movie had alot of advantages it shows how love can change everything and legal bond between daughter and step mother which was beautiful funny and entertaining songs moments even songs were too much but i think it was funny its inspiring that if someone is not from your blood but you can show him love and considers you as a part of family whether in part one or two of the movie and that was really great and there is a lot of emotions there i think its inspiring i prefer part one two but i dont think that part two is bad at all its fine even if there wasnt much focus on story nor characters but its fine entertainment inspiring movie for me.
  • memyselfandi-69744 - 23 April 2023
    I made this account for this movie
    I actually made an account just to stand up for this movie.

    10 might seem a bit much for just a fun movie but honestly it gave me everything I could possibly want:

    Animation and live action both look good.

    I have a song stuck in my head.

    There were characters to care about, and it was clearly made with love.

    I got goosebumps.

    I laughed.

    I shed multiple tears

    I feel happier now.

    Those are some serious accomplishments.

    It's not a flawless movie but it was a perfect movie experience.

    PS also the cast is great, epic dresses, the fun leaped of the screen, wonderfull details, good message *Spoiler* just Nancy holding her hand out to Edward is such a nice little moment, thought went into this movie.
  • mrliam - 10 January 2023
    Not bad, but nothing that could match the first.
    This film had a great idea, with what step mothers are in fairy tails and Amy Adams plays the role amazingly.

    But there is something off, it feels more like Disney wanted to make a fairytale musical and this IP made the most sense to attach to it.

    Maybe budget isn't helping as 2D animation felt cheaper, the occasional jump cut between shots during a scene and sometimes scenes would just end and fade out. Just those details made it feel like Disney+ film (which it is) than a theatrical release.

    Even songs (which this film feels like it has in abundance) haven't stayed with me. They were fun to listen to but I've just finished watching it and I couldn't think of a lyric. That doesn't mean the songs are not enjoyable but compared to the original it just a hard act to follow.

    That said it's not bad, the sets and costumes look incredible, the CGI is very fun with particles reminiscent of the good ol' Disney magic and plenty of references to find.

    The mother/daughter relationship which is at the heart of the film was interesting, while there could have been much more tension between the two to drive the plot forward.

    Overall the movie is good, I'd watch it again for sure but it really had a hard time to live up to the original.
  • rossjackson2 - 31 December 2022
    A disenchanting experience
    I loved the first film Enchanted - it was fun, funny and was a great fish-out-of-water story. It was also self aware making fun of Disney films themselves. This sequel fails to capture any of the essence of that film and ends up feeling more like a straight up live action Disney princess story. Whereas in the first film the songs were few (and used to comedic effect), Disenchanted has many and uses them in a traditional musical Disney style (and they're not funny except maybe the kitchen scene). On the plus side it's great to see the original cast back with Amy Adams slotting neatly back into her role. Couldn't help feeling that James Marsden was wasted a bit as he was a stand out from the first film - definitely needed more screen time.

    If you loved Enchanted then I'd maybe give this a miss if you don't want to be disappointed. If you like Disney princess stories then maybe give it a shot!
  • aworldgonematt - 13 December 2022
    And home before dawn...
    So... I guess when looking at a sequel the first thing you tend to do is remember the original whether you liked it or didn't like it so much, but let's face it, the only reason you would be watching a sequel is because you genuinely like the original in some way.

    The original enchanted was fresh and funny with memorable songs and interesting subversive takes on traditional characters and tropes. Amy Adams as Giselle proved to be an absolute delight and was supported by a cast that seemed natural even given the Goofy circumstances. There was romance, there was wonderful costuming, set design... Susan Sarandon. Me and millions of others easily fell under its breezy spell.

    When a sequel was first announced I was very hesitant to throw my full support behind it. While I was looking forward to spending some more time with Giselle and her family I couldn't help but feel that some of the magic would be gone. None the less I have now watched it.

    After watching the movie I found myself trying desperately to Cherry pick some of the things that I liked. Amy Adams turn as a wicked stepmother was quite delightful, the dooling evil character song was very nice and I thought the actress playing Morgan had a very easy charm and likeability about her. And I liked the Pip cat ... And that is pretty much where the praise ends.

    The story as it was lost so much magic compared to the original. The humour was barely there, the subversion of tropes we're just direct rip offs. It's like the original enchanted was "aeroplane!" And this sequel is more "date movie" and that was very disappointing for me. I desperately wanted to enjoy Maya Rudolph in this film unfortunately they gave her almost no character development Yvette Nicole Brown was completely wasted. There was a high level of disconnect between the pieces of business that happened such as Edward becoming a lousy hero and any pay off for these things in The final Act. Did I despise it or hate it? No, however from the high benchmark that the original enchanted was this was such a disappointing utilisation of the wonderful characters and themes that were developed in the first film.

    Weirdly enough I felt like the whole movie was thickly wrapped in cotton wool. The best example of this I can use is doing the bookends with pip to remind everyone within the first 2 minutes of the movie to not worry that everything was gonna turn out. It really just sucked any kind of tension out of the proceedings.

    Does this sequel detract or from the original movie? No, I don't believe it does the original is still a wonderful movie with great songs that I will continue to watch in the future as one of my comfort movies, the same cannot be said about disenchanted.

    Again ( as most critics have pointed out) Amy Adams turn of turning into the evil stepmother did have flashes of joy that made me not completely write this movie off, however there was not enough substance outside of that to truly recommend that someone set aside 2 hours from their day to watch this movie when they could just as easily and more well-spent use the time to watch the second act of into the Woods ( Bernadette Peters version not Meryl even though Meryl was quite good in that movie, like seriously, she really went for it in the song "stay with me" but that's besides the point)

    This review was constructed verbally using speech to type so there may be some mistakes.
  • Special-K88 - 3 December 2022
    Giselle and Robert are still together, but their happily ever after hasn't lasted forever after so they ditch the big city to start a new life in Monroeville. They have a newborn, meanwhile Belle, ahem, Morgan is a moody teenager making it a challenge for all of them to try and find true happiness. Fifteen years post-Enchanted doesn't stop Adams from missing a beat with her insatiable "Andalasian" perkiness, though she dabbles in duality much of the time, Dempsey gets to play in a much different key but is underutilized, and Rudolph relishes being rotten. The songs are expected and a few are actually good, but there's too many of them mostly cause there isn't much material to do anything with. The actors give it the old college try but there's little jubilance or creativity, in fact many scenes suggest that Disney is fresh out of ideas and just borrowing from itself. **
  • dessi_jessi - 29 November 2022
    Too many songs
    I would say it's a pleasant film to watch, it's not nerve wracking which is wonderful. However it's a bit boring with all those songs. Maybe 2-3 songs would be fine, but it felt like they sang and danced all the time.

    The main actress is very cute and her performance is impressive. I loved the animation parts of the film a lot!

    And here I have to elaborate a little to reach the required characters to post this comment.

    The outfits were great, hair and makeup too. Selection of actors for most roles was appropriate, even though not all. I would say that this film is to watch if you want to make you sleepy.