Bad Boys 4: Ride or Die

Bad Boys 4: Ride or Die

After their late former Captain is framed, Lowrey and Burnett try to clear his name, only to end up on the run themselves.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 115 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Thrillers
  • Stars: Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig, Paola Nuñez, Martin Lawrence, Will Smith, Alexander Ludwig, Paola Nuñez, Eric Dane, Ioan Gruffudd, Rhea Seehorn, Melanie Liburd, Jacob Scipio, Joe Pantoliano, Tasha Smith, Tiffany Haddish
  • Director: Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah
  • katharineshowalter - 19 June 2024
    A BAD Rap Seems Appropriate
    Now let me tell you a story 'bout the Fresh Prince's reign Been around too long, gotta slap him out the game.

    How he keep gettin' roles I don't understand, I ain't watchin' his movies, ain't a part of the plan.

    Rich and famous, yeah, they dodge every sting, At the Oscars, actin' rude, man, thas just the thing-

    Disrespectful, violent, a civility diss Should be slapped outta Hollywood, not on the wrist.

    Slapped away, slapped away, outta the scene, No room for BAD behavior, thas what I mean.

    No more worshippin'folks actin' so unchill, Time for real consequences, thas how we build.

    But I guess if you love ****, got connections tight, You can slide through anything, secrets outta sight.

    But nah, ain't buyin' it, ain't playin'; that game, Fresh Prince should be slapped, put out to shame.

    So let's all rise up, demand better, thats what we do, No more excuses for folks actin' so rude.

    Slap outta here, make the message clear: BAD behavior n BAD movies ain't welcome roun' here.
  • joshcook-68163 - 18 June 2024
    Laughed at the film not with it...
    If you have a below average IQ you might enjoy it.

    I left the theatre and heard a group in their 50s quoting the "funny" lines in the movie but it felt like they only enjoyed it because they were white and liked the way black people talk...

    Why these filmmakers felt it to be organic to bring a witch; a long lost song, purgatory and soul mates into an already established brilliant series I will never know.

    The directors need to be fired and sent to work on music videos! They quite clearly want to steal styles from iconic more talented people from the 2010's, but have no clue how to do it. The camera never stays still; you cannot process the action; neon lights reflecting off everything in every scene; lense flare used as a "stylish" way in every internal scene; not to mention they have zero clue how to create a cohesive story even with the most basic ChatGPT script.

    The story is just two dumb to even comment on, and after 24 hours I genuinely cannot remember. This is a straight to DVD movie with an excellent lookalike cast. What happened to just having an exciting Detective story with a couple of side stories to keep things exciting, you know like lying to a witness about who you are; staying at your partners house with his wife, accidentally popping X whilst conducting a investigation....

    The humour is just not there, I laughed at this monstrosity not with it. They've made Martin as dumb as Thor in Love & Thunder, far beyond a point where even Martin can't save it. They both felt like they didn't want to do it but were contracted and forced into it.

    In an attempt to raise the stakes the film uses three characters that literally no one cares about. The wife, the son and the captains daughter. You'd have been smarter to bring back Marcus's sister or at least make us like anyone in this film.

    I quite honestly don't even know how to review this 😅. From the chats in purgatory, to the unexplainable and unnecessary panic attacks and the constant stupid flashbacks to earlier on in the film!? I can rattle my brain to think of a comparable experience to this film. Truly the worst film I've seen in many years, probably since the third.

    It's sad to say because I LOVE the first two and find myself and my friends quoting them on a regular basis. I wanted it to be so good and I was excited to see Will and Martin in ANYTHING let alone bad boys.

    But terrible film, should have never have happened, I can only imagine all the money the studio is spending to make people think this is good.