Minions: The Rise of Gru

Minions: The Rise of Gru

A fanboy of a supervillain supergroup known as the Vicious 6, Gru hatches a plan to become evil enough to join them, with the backup of his followers, the Minions.

  • Released: 2022-05-30
  • Runtime: 87 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Animation, Family
  • Stars: Steve Carell, Pierre Coffin, Russell Brand, Alan Arkin, Taraji P. Henson, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Lucy Lawless, Dolph Lundgren, Danny Trejo, Michelle Yeoh, Julie Andrews, RZA, Jacob Batalon, Will Arnett, Steve Coogan, Jimmy O. Yang, Kevin Michael Richardson, John DiMaggio, Michael Beattie, Colette Whitaker, Raymond S. Persi, Kyle Balda, Bob Bergen, Beau Billingslea, Cathy Cavadini, David Chen, Will Collyer, Meilee Condron, Antonio Raul Corbo, Debi Derryberry, Scarlett Estevez, Kellen Goff, Jake Green, Isa Hall, Ramone Hamilton, Aaron Hendry, Barbara Harris, JP Karliak, Evan Kishiyama, Sam Lavagnino, Dawnn Lewis, Amari McCoy, Levi Nunez, Benjamin Plessala, Alex Puccinelli, David J. Randolph, Carla Rempp, Nev Scharrel, James Sie, Mindy Sterling, Fred Tatasciore, Regina Taufen, Nisa Ward, Debra Wilson, Nora Wyman, Bastian Baker, Valentine Zhou, Asto Montcho, Frédérique Cantrel, Gad Elmaleh, Claudia Tagbo, Jonathan Cohen, Gérard Darmon, Hélène Babu, Christophe Rouzaud, Grégory Questel, Daniel Koenigsberg, Pierre Forest, Omar Sy, Dwayne Johnson
  • Director: Kyle Balda, Joseph Kosinski, Kyle Balda
  • TheMysteriousReviewer - 14 November 2023
    A Despicable Me Prequel We Needed
    Minions: Rise of Gru is a step up from the last time we've gotten a Despicable Me prequel, but actually create the origins of Gru himself. It may have a mediocre story and some of the jokes can end up a bit and miss. But it does find a way to develop a story for Gru and how he became a villain. Along with upgraded animation that stands out from the previous films, engaging action scenes, and entertaining additions with the Vicious 6. I know that the fans of the franchise are gonna enjoy this. But mostly for the kids to see the Minions' funny antics. I won't say it's the best of the franchise, but this is the prequel we needed all along. Now the timeline is complete, I guess this is it for Despicable M- I'm sorry, what? There's gonna be a fourth movie next year? Why do we need a fourth film? The third concluded the franchise nicely.
  • zkqnfkxc - 18 May 2023
    Yep, it's a movie
    So when trailers for this came out and when it actually came out, it was a giant meme. Look them up seriously it was a whole thing. It's something I like to call the Popeyes chicken sandwich of movies. Remember that fiasco. It's when a movie is so overhyped, talked about and popular that exit becomes the most popular thing and is almost sold out. So than want to jump the band wagon and see the hype. Than you get it and you realize it's not bad but way to overhyped and over rated. Lots of things just felt rushed, ignored and just filler. The whole karate training thing was just dumb. Also just a funny question cause I know it was a joke but why is a nun a terroristic villain. Is it bad, no. Is it good, not really. Let's just say I'm not a very big fan.
  • TheNamelessCzar - 13 January 2023
    Good not great
    The minions are cute as always, but the movie lacks a little something to be desired. Gru is also cute, but the movie seems to be a series of shorts featuring the minions and displaying their cuteness rather than a complete movie. There is little cohesiveness to the plot. What plot that there is doesn't make a whole lot of sense and doesn't seem to fit in the rest of the minions' universe. There was no backstory whatsoever regarding the zodiac stone, and this left quite a few gaps and plot holes in the storyline. The first Despicable Me movies set the bar pretty high, and unfortunately this one does not quite reach that level.
  • milesrob-172601 - 8 November 2022
    Minions forever funny!
    Wow I love freaking laughed at the New Minions!!! They are yellow Twinkie creatures! And it follows their leader Gru! And they have more funny adventures. The little twinkie guys have more fun and meet Gru their freaking leader dude! All from Despicable Me , Despicable Me 2 and 3. All nice movies too

    Nice Animation, great voice acting and new characters featured and unlike the 2015 minions with that sexy Scarlett Overkill villian lady Minions Minions! And where was Sexy Overkill oh that's right she got frozed up by them and they gave her a crown lol

    You won't be disapointed to laugh at them!
  • nataliabatsko - 7 October 2022
    I'm genuinely surprised it didn't fail!
    I like the despicable me duology, fine with the third movie, and absolutely hate the minions spinoff. This sequel could go in either direction, by being as good as the first two or being as boring as the last two. But that one surprised me! Probably in a good way.

    The film starts with young Gru, who is excited to become a super villain and commit crimes. Not to mention, that he already has minions since he adopted them last time. Anyways, in this installment, the hunt is on this enchanted green zodiac stone, and everyone wants to get hands on it. Not only that, minions learn how to master kung fu, and Gru becomes closer to the ex leader of the vicious 6, in order to get revenge on the team, that once betrayed them. Honestly, it feels like the writers took notes and decided to fix all the mistakes they've made In the prequel. They added some sweet moments, especially between Gru and White Knuckles, some fun action packed scenes and even an interesting concept of the ancient chinese stone! I'll admit, it feels more like a genuine prequel to the despicable me franchise. You would probably expect me to praise this movie and say all the great things about it. Well, why not start with all the pros? Certainly, I smiled and even laughed during this film, my favorite scene has to be the one with the plane, where minions have to arrive to San Francisco in order to save their mini boss. Not only it was a reference to Madagascar 2, with all the shenanigans happening in it, like all the passengers floating in it, but it was like a short musical, where the minions would sing (trust me, it's funny). I also like how the kung fu sub plot reminded me of the kung fu panda franchise and another one about the bond between Gru and White Knuckles, it's like they actually care about each other, despite the fact that they didn't like each other before. I also liked how young Gru met his future assistant Nefario in the records store, which I wish the movie spend more time about it. Lastly, the animation is as good as always, it's pretty vibrant! Especially in the ending, which, without spoilers, is a blast to watch. However, it's far from perfect. Sure, it's an improvement from last time and in general, a decent film to watch, especially with kids. But it has cons too. First of all, the whole magic aspect, feels out of place for a film like this, since it was always more like a sci-fi film, yet this one feels more like fantasy, and there's zero explanation about it. Also, the new villains feel pretty lame compared to Scarlet Overkill. The only memorable ones was Belle Bottom, which just felt like a human version of Zeta from Angry birds movie 2, just a vengeful leader and Nun-Chuck, who was a nun that threw nunchucks and could actually float in the air. Other than that, they were just forgettable. Speaking of Scarlet, she wasn't even mentioned in the slightest, except for the cameo on a lunch box. I mean, she could at least get a minor sub plot, where she got unfrozen and changed her identity, but no, she was completely forgotten, which is upsetting. And the plot itself was pretty sloppy. It was cute, but it couldn't just focus on one plot, and kept switching around. And some characters like Otto and the kung fu trainer needed more screen time in my opinion. Cause they have so much potential! Lastly, it was pretty short, I wish they could add some more scenes, just to make the plot more engaging and add more details on it. Like expanding the characters that I've mentioned, or a surprising comeback of Scarlet. Too bad, it only lasted for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

    I'm actually surprised that Illumination could make a sequel to a not so good first movie. What's weirder is that, it wasn't that bad. By comparison, this movie was fun and emotional, and it definitely is a good kids movie. But in general, they are better films out there, and it still was weak. Not a must watch, in fact, it's best that you stick with the first 2 despicable me films. But, if you actually liked the Minions spinoff, then this one will surely entertain you. However, if you hate minions at all cost, then just avoid it. For others, it depends, whether you want to see Gru's past or not. But kids will certainly have fun with it.
  • akshatmahajan - 18 September 2022
    The franchise is dying
    This franchise is slowly dying. There was nothing new in this movie. It felt like same mixture of all Despicable Me parts. The comedy and fun part was missing from the story. There was not even a single scene where you would see or listen anything new. The previous parts were loved by everyone because they brought something new everytime but after Despicable Me 3, the franchise is slowly reaching a saturation stage. Overall, it was an average movie and a wasted opportunity.

    They should either end the franchise with a final movie or should bring new ideas for new movies, or it will turn into boredom.