Sing 2

Buster and his new cast now have their sights set on debuting a new show at the Crystal Tower Theater in glamorous Redshore City. But with no connections, he and his singers must sneak into the Crystal Entertainment offices, run by the ruthless wolf mogul Jimmy Crystal, where the gang pitches the ridiculous idea of casting the lion rock legend Clay Calloway in their show. Buster must embark on a quest to find the now-isolated Clay and persuade him to return to the stage.

  • Released: 2021-12-01
  • Runtime: 110 minutes
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
  • Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Taron Egerton, Bobby Cannavale, Tori Kelly, Nick Kroll, Halsey, Pharrell Williams, Nick Offerman, Letitia Wright, Eric André, Chelsea Peretti, Bono, Garth Jennings, Adam Buxton, Edgar Wright, Jennifer Saunders, Julia Davis, Peter Serafinowicz, Wes Anderson, Scott Mosier, Jason Schwartzman, Tara Strong, Fisher Stevens, Spike Jonze, Debra Wilson, Doug Burch, Cathy Cavadini, Chris Renaud, Brian T. Delaney, Aaron Fors, Julianna Gamiz, Aaron Hendry, Barbara Harris, JP Karliak, John Kassir, Danny Mann, Regina Taufen, Will Collyer, Hudson D'Andrea, Remy Edgerly, George Griffiths, Isa Hall, Asa Jennings, Caspar Jennings, Louise Jennings, Katherine Kelloway, Igor Khait, Vida Alves McConaughhey, Jason Broad, Levi Nunez, Joy Poirel, Adeline Krupinski Polidoro, Noreen Reardon, Gary P. Rizzo, Liza Seneca, Ayden Soria, Jack Stanton, Thomas Walters, Colette Whitaker, Nora Wyman, 内村光良, MISIA, 長澤まさみ, 大橋卓弥, 斎藤司, ジェシー, アイナ・ジ・エンド, akane, 坂本真綾, Mayumi Tanaka, Akio Otsuka, Subaru Kimura, Koichi Yamadera, Marina Inoue, Daiki Yamashita, Megumi Hayashibara, Kenta Miyake, Tooru Nara, Ayane Sakura, 竹内アンナ, Mao Daichi, 稲葉浩志
  • Director: Garth Jennings
  • pinktinsel - 1 January 2024
    Perfect for performing arts heart girlies. and boys
    100/10! This is definitely a movie I've been needing to start the year!

    I was looking for a happy movie and scrolled up to this one. I was planning on just watching the first few minutes, but then got hooked up and continued watching. Wow, this is really perfect for theater or performing arts enthusiasts out there. It showcases what actually happens when preparing for a show and the process. I am speechless. I think I want a performing artist guy now after I've watched the monkey guy perform. He's totally my crush now; I love his voice. I kept crying while watching the show because of how amazing their talent is and how I would love watching it live in real life. I love this movie. To more watching theater shows in 2024!

    Btw, Ms. Crawly is the best when keeping in charge!
  • angelahptrio - 25 October 2023
    Fantastic sequel!
    I was hesitant about the sequel because I loved the first movie too much, however my expectations were met in this movie. I dare say it might be better than the first movie. From start to finish, I was Entertained all the way. I love the characters, new characters, and the songs. Sure, it is campy but in the best way. It's one of those movies where I feel some critics and audiences are too critical when it comes to cheesy, feel-good movies. As though a good story has to have tragedy, heartbreak, or serious subject matter. Not every story. If this one had one of the main characters die then people will say it's great, but if there's no serious subject matter then it's cheesy, silly, and Eh kids' movie. As an adult, it's a good story structure and a feel-good family-oriented film.
  • TxMike - 9 December 2022
    OUT of this WORLD.
    This is a very cute, funny, and thoughtful animated movie. The voice casting has some of the best actors of our time. I was able to watch it at home on DVD from my public library. There are no human forms at all in the movie, only just about every species of animal. But most dressed as humans would. Naturally the bad guy is a wolf and the best guy is a Koala Bear (voiced by Matthew McConaughey).

    He is the nominal leader of a ragtag group of performers, a wealthy man is looking for new acts for his hotel in a place that looks a lot like Las Vegas. So the ragtag troupe get on a bus and take a long cross-country trip just on the hopes they can audition.

    They eventually, with the help of appropriate trickery, get a show and it is called "Out of this World" with a space exploration theme.
  • oduruaku - 8 September 2022
    Universal Pictures'/Illuminum entertainment's "Sing 2" is spectacular. All the elements of the film are top-notch. There is no graininess in the animation, the script is incredibly funny and contains zero grammatical errors, the characters and subject are relatable and all of the songs are upbeat!

    The cinematography, from the characters and objects and background to the camera shots, were all rendered properly. The animals, settings and situations are all colorfully and neatly drawn. Actors and actresses provide great voice overs to the animals. The camera shoots everyone and everything accurately based on the situations that they may be in..

    The following paragraph captures the plot of the story.

    Some animals (as this is set in an animal society) wanted to execute a show. However, others are telling them that it is impossible for them in that they cannot do it. Despite their objections, the former aforementioned group pushes through and decides to put on the show. With diligence/perseverance, the end result of their actions is an AMAZING concert.

    I like the music, and I found myself singing/dancing to them, I believe, as I watched. Heck, I even enjoy them after the feature!

    Many characters I found to be in good taste.

    Overall, a phenomenal movie to the extent where I watched five times I believe. And plan to watch more times for decades to come!

    Prior Viewing dates: January (sometime), February 12, July 24.

    My grade: A+
  • Eli_Elvis - 7 August 2022
    I hate kids movies and musicals, but this had me entertained the whole way. Incredible animation. Incredible production. I have no idea what the 1st one is like but I know know what my nieces are talking about. Applauds all around.