The Sea Beast

The life of a legendary sea monster hunter is turned upside down when a young girl stows away on his ship.

  • Released: 2022-07-08
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Adventure, Animation, Comedy
  • Stars: Karl Urban, Zaris-Angel Hator, Jared Harris, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Dan Stevens, Kathy Burke, Benjamin Plessala, Somali Rose, Kaya McLean, Davis Pak, Helen Sadler, Xana Tang, Alex Wyndham, Brian T. Delaney, Ian Mercer, Shannon Chan-Kent, Max Mittelman, Paul Chowdhry, Jim Carter, Doon Mackichan, Rajia Baroudi, Emily O'Brien, David S. Lee
  • Director: Chris Williams
  • Aleta_Nook - 20 January 2024
    How to Train Your Dragon at home
    I don't know what the director was thinking trying to copy HTTYD and make a more lazy version of it on top of that. His past films such as Frozen, Zootopia, and Moana all feel like their own films.

    For a movie that's almost 2 hours long, the story does nothing for the first half hour. And the third act is full of things happening for no reason, including Maisie injuring herself just like Hiccup and the Captain remorselessly trying to kill his son. And then movie ends with a deus ex machina because Maisie is a God who can do no wrong.

    I think there is something else they could've done with this idea to make it a bit less generic. One example would be to make the two main characters both somewhat wrong and that the creatures don't actively harm people, but they may harm the resources and/or environment of the world, which sparked the fight between them and the humans. Instead, the reason that caused the war was never explained. It also would've given our main characters some more flaws and character to work with.

    Maisie gave off a lot of precocious, sassy child vibes that made me cringe. She's a bit arrogant, yet she's somehow smarter than any of the adults and takes up all of the spotlight, so she qualifies as a Mary-Sue. The only somewhat decent characters in the cast are Captain Crow and Jacob, they bounce off the more idealistic characters like Maisie well. And Blue is adorable, even though we never find out where he came from.

    One thing I will praise is the animation. It's not Spiderverse levels of groundbreaking, but it did have a style to set it apart from other animated films.
  • chrisjw-01026 - 17 April 2023
    Surprisingly good watch, but not amazing in my books
    Predictable storyline but great story moral that is actually pretty relevant. Within the guise of a younger audience movie, it manages to hit topics like losing one's self morals bc society thinks another way, the alteration of history for political reason and the belief of it, and even the endless animosity between different groups that could be stopped by a catalyst. Doesn't get too deep of course, but I thought it was interesting.

    Besides the story, animation is really good and the water scenes were really well done. Sound was good and really helped scenes be comedic, uplifting, or ominous. Acting was okay, but I thought almost all the characters were too static. The male main character was the only one who really had development, and surprisingly the female character just remained the same throughout. Which is fine for her to keep her values and all that, but she didn't struggle or even went through sadness.

    Overall, this movie was executed well but it's averageness in characters and story arcs kept it from being great.
  • drewvogelaar - 10 January 2023
    Chris Williams has a Touch with Animated Films
    Netflix had been recommending I watch the Sea Beast for weeks. I kept seeing it and saying, "Oh, eventually, I'll watch it." Then I released it was about pirates. The original Sinbad legend of the seven seas with Brad Pitt was one of my favorites to watch as a kid. Since then, whenever something with Pirates is released, I always try and watch it. Another positive was the director, Chris Williams. Williams has brought us Academy-Award-nominated films like Bolt, Big Hero 6, and Moana. He has a story-telling ability that can entertain kids and adults alike. So when I finally decided to watch this and noticed he was attached to it. I knew I was in for a treat.

    The Sea Beast has much to be happy with. It has enjoyable characters who you care about. The main villain isn't a throwaway character or a twist. The sea monster's designs are gorgeous. Most importantly is that it's an animated pirate movie. Jacob has a wonderful arc, but my favorite character is Maisie. Maisie is the main protagonist, and for a good reason. Her background and the setting make her character's growth wonderful. Every creature in this is beautiful. From the crab monster to Maisie's companion, Blue. There just so different from anything you've ever seen before. They feel refreshing. I'm personally drawn to Blue. He is just so stinkin' cute. Also, the film's main antagonist Captain Crow is a close third for the best character (excluding Blue and Red). His commanding demeanor and stubborn point of view make for a great final act. The film ships and songs also should receive some praise. The song Captain Crow is a great listen, and the royal navy ship is a behemoth. Overall it's just a great time.

    9.5/10 A delightfully wonderful animated film that's sure to be loved by children and adults alike.
  • paraschiv93 - 14 November 2022
    Glad i've seen it for it's graphics, sad that i kept watching after the kid appear
    Awesome graphics, great potential for a story but... then the kid came into plat... awful afterwards. The kid, so young, knows so much about how a boat works and how the beasts feel or want... such a great potential for a great movie if it remained with "adult" characters. Generations of fighting the sea beast, her parents fought and died at the hands of a beast but she understands the beasts... she is lecturing the other main character about the beasts which she just saw for the first time.... I mean what? Anyway, just my opinion. Hope others will enjoy it. At least for the graphics if now for the rest. Also, wokeness.
  • akrams-14463 - 17 September 2022
    Not a bad movie, but it doesn't have character
    Criticizing the graphics: Visually it's terrific, colors are great some scenes looks realistic but exactly it's the problem, art direction wise, things doesn't have a character.

    Some objects and characters are so photo realistic, some are so cartoonish, some scenes everything looks serious and then the movie is goofy.

    Don't know what is wrong! Even textures and objects materials varies in terms of style.

    When it comes to story, I'd say it's too shallow and expected, most of the dialogue is very cleche and predictable.

    Overall you can enjoy the movie, it's a family movie after all and it has some funny moments and some memorable scenes.