The adventures of a group of explorers who make use of a newly discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel and conquer the vast distances involved in an interstellar voyage.

  • Released: 2014-11-05
  • Runtime: 169 minutes
  • Genre: Adventure, Drama
  • Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Ellen Burstyn, John Lithgow, Michael Caine, Casey Affleck, Wes Bentley, Bill Irwin, Mackenzie Foy, Topher Grace, David Gyasi, Timothée Chalamet, Matt Damon, David Oyelowo, William Devane, Josh Stewart, Collette Wolfe, Leah Cairns, Russ Fega, Lena Georgas, Jeff Hephner, Elyes Gabel, Brooke Smith, Liam Dickinson, Francis X. McCarthy, Andrew Borba, Flora Nolan, William Patrick Brown, Kristian Van der Heyden, Joseph Oliveira, Ryan Irving, Alexander Michael Helisek, Benjamin Hardy, Griffen Fraser
  • Director: Christopher Nolan
  • gsilecchia - 17 June 2024
    A journey among the stars and the heart
    Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar" is a film that challenges the viewer's perception, a work that spans between the grand and the intimate, the vastness of space and the depths of human emotions. The director takes us into a not-too-distant future where Earth is collapsing and humanity desperately seeks a new home among the stars. Cooper, played by Matthew McConaughey, is a former NASA pilot turned farmer who is recruited for an interstellar mission to find a habitable planet. The ensuing adventure is as visually spectacular as it is emotionally charged.

    Nolan, known for his cerebral approach to cinema, does not disappoint this time either. "Interstellar" is a film rich in complex scientific concepts, from relativity to the time paradox, treated with care that manages to maintain the balance between informative and accessible. However, it is precisely in this ambition to explain everything in minute detail that the film risks losing itself. The long scientific monologues, although fascinating for physics enthusiasts, can be heavy and difficult to follow for the general audience, creating moments of confusion and emotional detachment.

    The film also benefits from the advice of theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, which gives a basis of realism to its boldest speculations. However, despite the scientific accuracy, "Interstellar" never relinquishes the heart of its narrative: the indissoluble bond between father and daughter, movingly represented by the relationship between Cooper and Murph (played by Mackenzie Foy and, as an adult, by Jessica Chastain).

    The performances of the actors are one of the film's strengths. McConaughey delivers an intense and multifaceted performance, capable of balancing his character's determination with the vulnerability of a father who fears losing contact with his children. Anne Hathaway, as Dr. Amelia Brand, provides an equally solid performance, while the supporting cast, including Michael Caine and Matt Damon, adds further depth to the narrative.

    Hans Zimmer's soundtrack deserves special mention. Zimmer creates a soundscape that amplifies the visual epic of the film, using the pipe organ innovatively to evoke a sense of vastness and mystery. The music is not just an accompaniment but becomes a true character of the film, capable of conveying the deepest emotions when words are not enough.

    Visually, "Interstellar" is a masterpiece. The space sequences are breathtaking, with special effects that manage to convey the immensity and void of the cosmos. The scenes on alien planets, with their unique and unsettling landscapes, help create a sense of wonder and discovery. Hoyte van Hoytema's cinematography is impeccable, using IMAX to fully immerse the viewer in the experience.

    However, "Interstellar" is not without its flaws. Its nearly three-hour duration can be excessive, and some viewers might find some scientific explanations too dense or unclear. This is particularly evident in moments where the film attempts to explain extremely complex concepts in too much detail, risking losing the thread of the narrative for those without a solid scientific background. Additionally, the film's third act, which leads to a conclusion as ambitious as it is divisive, has sparked mixed opinions. Some may perceive the ending as forced or overly sentimental, but it is undeniable that Nolan has sought to push beyond the limits of traditional cinema, offering a conclusion that is thought-provoking and open to interpretation.

    In summary, "Interstellar" is a cinematic experience worth living. It is a film that invites dreaming and exploration, speaking as much to the heart as it does to the mind. Despite some imperfections, Nolan's ambition and passion for his work shine through every frame, making "Interstellar" a film that continues to be talked about and deserving of being seen and revisited.
  • pjvalentin-19429 - 2 June 2024
    Flawed but Great
    I took me some time to anppreciate Interstellar. I was dismissing it because of the complexity of the screenplay and the opacity of the underlying scientific backdrop. But I stopped fighting and I am now Ioverwhelmed by its sheer ambition. And by the emotion triggered by the family story. Add to that the great casting and of course the grandiose score by Hans Zimmer, you get a film that stays with you long after watching. It has its flaws. The time spent at the NASA research centre is not particularly exciting. I am not sure if the AI robots that assist the astronauts are a great or a silly idea. Anyway, i keep coming back to it with great pleasure. Probably my favorite Nolan movie.
  • lukagurchumalidze - 12 January 2023
    GOAT movie
    Before I watch this movie I knew that it was very high rated, also i've seen some spoilers and I thought it wouldn't be good as I expected, but when I saw I forget everything, it was just amazing, it was the perfect combination of visual effects, incredible music, story and unforgettable performance, i love this movie, it's just a masterpiece.

    "We've always defined ourselves by the ability to overcome the impossible. And we count these moments. These moments when we dare to aim higher, to break barriers, to reach for the stars, to make the unknown known. We count these moments as our proudest achievements."

    Thanks to christopher nolan.
  • eh_ustun - 5 January 2023
    If I could rate one movie 11/10, it's this.
    People say it's overrated, people don't see this movie the same way I do, and that's okay, but I will always love this movie because every single thing about it is perfect to me. The music -goes without saying- is one of a kind. Hans Zimmer never disappoints with it. However I also love the lack of music during certain scenes in this film for instance when they were floating off in space after the initial launch, there was complete silence. You almost felt engulfed in the eternal darkness of space. You felt hollow. But I loved this. I never thought I would be scared of space since I love space so much, (ever since I was a kid) until this film; that's the power of good film; the beautiful cinematography just encapsulates you in the moment with the cast, especially the scene near the end when Matthew McConaughey's character had to dock the spinning Endurance with the most thrilling, goose bump inducing music connecting the movie together, like a constellation. (See what I did there).

    But it's the ending that done it for me. Throughout the film, yes I loved everything. It was all amazing but slightly predictable which was originally going to make me score this a 9. But the sheer emotion and Oscar worthy acting in the bookshelf time scene provided such a twist that it even surprised me. I say this because I tend to predict a lot of movies. It's why I was put off highly rated movies such as Fight Club or Pulp Fiction because I could see where it was all going. This me completely by surprise. Christopher Nolan is an absolute genius. The cherry on the cake for me was seeing how old his daughter was at the end and it was the third time I had tears in my eyes during the film. (Once when he first saw the older versions of his kids on camera, one in the bookshelf scene at the end and then seeing his daughter older than him at the end).

    All in all, it's a cinematic masterpiece. I will enjoy it over and over again. I will play Cornfield Chase in my ears until they bleed. Do yourself a favour and watch this movie.
  • mrbwiz422 - 28 December 2022
    A movie so good you'll forget Matt Damon is in it
    Went back for a re-watch of this and holy moly. I forgot Matt Damon was even in this movie., it's that good.

    While Matt Damon plays an interesting and important role, the real stars of the movie are both time and space.

    It has been said that while watching this movie high is a fantastic experience, I can confirm from a friend that it is.

    There's a lot to unpack here between the absolutely stunning and unprecedented visuals.

    I think this movie is on my re-watch list now right next to 2001 a space odyssey. Odyssey built the foundations for the future, Interstellar shows us what happens after. This gives me more to think about.... Is Earth just good for now, not really made for us, and we're made to explore? Are we parasites, insignificant specs, of the universe? That is what black hole look like?

    Had me thinking about whether the universe is really full of black, or just full of black to just us.
  • ayaanasofiak - 11 December 2022
    Best movie I have ever watched
    I watched this when it first came out and I recently just re watched it, it never gets old. Best movie out there. Nothing is better than your first time watching this movie because it will blow you mind. One is the reasons this movie is loved so much is because of the highly scientific accuracy, I honestly cannot express how amazing this movie is and how beloved it is to me. The movie is completely mind boggling and I love it so much. Everything was great, the plot was 10/10, pacing was 8.9/10, cinematography was 11/10, acting was 10/10 so overall 10/10. Definitely recommend, and your movie standards will definitely change after watching!
  • Xstal - 23 November 2022
    The Ontological Paradox Poser...
    Having destroyed all resources on the planet, like a rapacious, insatiable gannet, it's time to move on, to vacate and be gone, find a new place to rampage and beset. But where can you take all the people, to build their new churches and steeples, and how to get there, if you can find somewhere, without a breakthrough in science and maths rules.

    Juxtaposing a more than probabilistic forecast of things to come with the absurd, to produce a wholly engaging and imaginative piece of sci-fi that may well get you thinking of what might just happen to the planet and the people of it when the help and support of as yet discovered dimensions fails to materialise.

    Great performances, great effects, leaves you wanting to revisit 2001: A Space Odyssey but you know you'll never know why.
  • lee-932-210038 - 9 November 2022
    Amazing Movie
    I haven't watched much Sci-Fi but this movie was well put together. I've watched it a few times already and to think about time travel is really crazy. This is an easy to see and relaxing movie with two of the most talented actors head to head delivering such suspense that keeps me on the edge of my seat. This movie never let me down and deserves a high review and soon will be a must see classic. With great special effects , acting, and a well put together story plot I think that this movie is for everyone. I'm not a big movie rater but as my first review on IMDB I scrolled and saw this and had to stop.