A Journal for Jordan

A Journal for Jordan

Based on the true story of First Sergeant Charles Monroe King, a soldier deployed to Iraq begins to keep a journal of love and advice for his infant son. Back at home, senior New York Times editor Dana Canedy revisits the story of her unlikely, life-altering relationship with King and his enduring devotion to her and their child.

  • Released: 2021-12-22
  • Runtime: 131 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Stars: Michael B. Jordan, Chanté Adams, Jalon Christian, Gregory Sanon, Cleveland Berto, Johnny M. Wu, Nicholas G. Sims, Vanessa Aspillaga, Joseph Brooks, Spencer Squire, Samuel Caleb Walker, Susan Pourfar, Tamara Tunie, Robert Wisdom, Jasmine Batchelor, Marchánt Davis, Grey Henson, David Wilson Barnes, Melanie Nicholls-King, Annabel O'Hagan, Clark Jackson, Judy Rosenblatt, Mark A. Jones
  • Director: Denzel Washington
  • hwg-21795 - 16 June 2023
    It Romanticizes the military life and its abusive
    There is nothing, I mean absolutely nothing romantic about being the spouse of military people. Insane abusive environment full of codependent women,a lot of cheating and a lot of divorce. The kids are abused by having a parent who pops in and out of their life and cant even bother to be there for a child's birth. Oh but she forgave him, pure codependence. The movie tried to romanticize a really messed up life. My friend hated her father for moving around so much. My son is a Marine and they constantly cover up for his drunken abusiveness toward his wife. And yet the women stay. Movie was untruthful about real military life. Except the part where the narcissistic husband put other people..yet again...before his wife and even his own baby.
  • imvaughn - 25 April 2022
    Kinda boring but still worth watching
    I'm watching the movie now. It's a decent movie but not amazing. The female lead isn't a good actor in this movie. The journal isn't the main focus of the story. 60% of the movie is showing them dating. The son was biracial which confused me. The dad left a journal but she only read it to the child once until he was a teen. No chemistry between the lead characters.
  • ethanbresnett - 18 January 2022
    Could have been better given the story and the big names involved
    A Journal for Jordan is a bit of an odd one. I actually did enjoy it, but for some reason can't bring myself to give it more than a 5.

    The story at times was a little too jumpy, with some quite unnecessary segues which make the film easily 20 minutes too long.

    I liked the chemistry between Chante Adams and Michael B Jordan, it was all acted very well. The actual romantic story between them was perfectly well done. Sometimes quite funny, sometimes frustrating, but always sweet. I think that's the problem maybe. It was all very sweet and safe and didn't particularly convey a burning passion and deep love.

    Given the name of the film, I feel like there needed to be a greater emphasis on the mother son relationship and the journal itself. This was somewhat pushed to the side and reserved for the final 15 minutes, when it may have been more emotional to have this at the core of the movie. Without this the film mostly plays out like a conventional romcom which means it loses some of its originality.

    There isn't really anything to dislike about this film, but equally nothing to love either. I wanted it to be more emotional than it was, so it gets a 5/10. Middle of the road.