Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder

After his retirement is interrupted by Gorr the God Butcher, a galactic killer who seeks the extinction of the gods, Thor Odinson enlists the help of King Valkyrie, Korg, and ex-girlfriend Jane Foster, who now wields Mjolnir as the Mighty Thor. Together they embark upon a harrowing cosmic adventure to uncover the mystery of the God Butcher’s vengeance and stop him before it’s too late.

  • Released: 2022-07-06
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Stars: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Tessa Thompson, Jaimie Alexander, Taika Waititi, Russell Crowe, Chris Pratt, Karen Gillan, Dave Bautista, Pom Klementieff, Sean Gunn, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Kieron L. Dyer, India Rose Hemsworth, Kat Dennings, Stellan Skarsgård, Eliza D'Souza, Matt Damon, Melissa McCarthy, Sam Neill, Luke Hemsworth, Carly Rees, Ben Falcone, Suren Jayemanne, Natasha Cheng, Stephen Curry, Bobby Holland Hanton, Daley Pearson, Simon Russell Beale, Manny Spero, Jonny Brugh, Andrew Crawford, Brooke Satchwell, Dianne Close, Greg Mitchell, Briegh Winderbaum, Mayzie Winderbaum, Izaac Winderbaum, Alanis Long Borrello, Luka Bale, Chanique Greyling, Elsa Pataky, Zia Kelly, Rosangela Fasano, Cameron Chapek, Tristan Hemsworth, Samson Alston, Alan Spies, Shari Sebbens, Victoria Zerbst, Johnny Nasser, Jenna Owen, Gemma Dart, Victoria Ferrara, Ava Rodrigo-Porter, Elsa Rodrigo-Porter, Kaan Guldur, Indeia Booc, Indiana Ierano, Cayla Sutherland, Tui Vincent, Garth Wood, Yure Covich, Matatia Foa'i, Alan Dukes, Alan Tsibulya, Arka Das, Simona Paparelli, Nico Cortez, Priscilla Doueihy, Nicole Milinkovic, Chayla Korewha, Imaan Hadchiti, Carmen Foon, Kuni Hashimoto, Stephen Hunter, Justin Paul Hitchcock, Nazih Kheir, Tatyana Gillam, Indiana Evans, Samantha Allsop, Olivia Vasquez, Adam Todd, Josh Heuston, David Hambly, Janessa Dufty, Ava Caryofyllis, Chloé Gouneau, Ben Sinclair, Jane Yubin Kim, Dave Cory, Brett Goldstein, Idris Elba, Te Kainga O'Te Hinekahu Waititi, Sasha Hemsworth, Amalia Millepied, Molly Moriarty, Luc Barrett, Bo Chambers, Leeton Alan Ingrey, Jessica May Lynne, Kim Thien Doan, Sienna Ngeru, Gabriel Siemer, Arias Vang, Xander Mouradian, Matewa Kiritapu Waititi, Aleph Millepied, Rex Bale, Hannah Gray, Luca Darda, Zali Mae Harrison, Evan Stanhope, Jaimee Rose Lynn, Simone Landers, Rafael Siemer, Ronin Fabi, Corban Ierano, Jacob Yee, Jason Jago, Aiden Mckenzie, Risa Chino, Sean Rohani, Akosia Sabet, Craig Walker, Chris Hemsworth, Christian Bale, Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Jaimie Alexander, Taika Waititi, Jeff Goldblum, Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Pom Klementieff, Sean Gunn, Ben Falcone, Russell Crowe, Luke Hemsworth, Matt Damon, Sam Neill, Melissa McCarthy, Akosia Sabet, Peter Dinklage, Josh Heuston, Simon Russell Beale, Jenny Morris, Adam Todd, Jeff Goldblum, Peter Dinklage, Elsa Pataky, Zia Kelly, Kieron L. Dyer, Andrew Crawford, Manny Spero, Daley Pearson, Bobby Holland Hanton, Ryan Gosling, India Rose Hemsworth, Kat Dennings, Stellan Skarsgård, Idris Elba, Brett Goldstein, Clariza Vicente, Tom Hiddleston, Zachary Levi, Tadanobu Asano, Ray Stevenson
  • Director: Taika Waititi
  • kcabbott-74350 - 30 May 2024
    Embarrassing Film
    I watched this in the cinema and it felt like a drag.

    Stan Lee did not die for this, he's probably rolling in his grave at this absolute mockery of thor.

    Plot was disappointing and executed badly.

    This film made me want to gauge my eyes out.

    I remember going to see this film with my brother when it came out and then as soon as we left the theatre I had turned to my brother and said what an absolute waste of time.

    The fact that Korg monologued the whole movie was a horrible directing choice. That was never necessary and made the movie even worse.

    I will never get over how absolutely horrible this movie is and the fact that new zealand slang was included is foul. Coming from a new zealander It was a diabolical mess. It made us look like we don't know how to speak properly, adding "chur" to the movie is a good way to get the rest of the world to laugh at us, not with us.

    It made the movie a big joke and made a mockery of how we speak to the rest of the world. It wasn't funny at all and none of the jokes landed. Waste of money buying tickets for this pathetic movie.
  • harmonybee-92668 - 28 March 2024
    What a mess!
    In 10 years, Marvel studios managed to do something most thought impossible. They took beloved characters from the comics and made decent films about them and their adventures. These films became anticipated and dominated the box office, making the characters household names. Now, we have this...

    A strong, well developed character made to look like an idiot! In his first three films, Thor went from overly serious and arrogant to humble and humerous. Now, he is an absolute bafoon, completely at the mercy of those around him, particularly the female characters. Thor is no longer a heroic leader that earns the respect of other heros. His power as a god, isn't even his anymore! It's free to anyone who's open to recieving it, you don't even need to be worthy!

    The story attempts to pull on the heart strings but fails as there is a unfunny joke or sarcastic comment being blurred out every 5 minutes. It gets old really fast.

    The only part of the story that starts well and holds your attention, is that of the villain, played by Christian Bale. His performance and initial stages of his path in the film, are interesting and handled well. Sadly, this doesn't last long as he goes onto to randomly appear, causing a little bit of carnage, before things wrap up for him! A real waste of a great actor doing his best with what could have been a great villain.

    Anything pleasing about this film, appears in the trailer... In fact, I'd goes as far as to say, the trailer is better than the film!

    Another nails in the Marvel coffin.
  • jmsellis-58461 - 25 January 2024
    Vastly disappointing.
    The action scenes hit fairly well and the special effects are Marvel's typical top-notch. Christian Bale delivers a phenomenal performance. But that's about all that works in this film.

    If they had spent half as much on writers as they spent on special effects the movie may have been able to be more than a 2 hour Guns N' Roses music video interspersed with flat jokes. Christian Bale's spectacular performance unfortunately only serves to stand out against the trash-fire of a script.

    This film is the cinematic equivalent of dubbing carnival music over Johnny Cash. I really hope there is nothing critical to the overall MCU story that would make this necessary for future watchers and that anyone following after can just skip it...they're better off.
  • zanielotter - 7 January 2023
    Excellent movie
    I think Thor: Love and Thunder was an excellent movie! The comedy really reflected Thors personality.

    Definitely not what I expected but my expectations were surpassed. I would highly recommend watching it on the bases of the main characters personality and not comparing them to the genres of other MCU films as it has its own storyline and feel! The ending was a very well done segway into setting the scene for the fifth Thor movie. Although I feel the plot of the movie was predictable it still had me at the edge of my seat.

    The music was fitting to the scenes and gave us more of a feel into the meaning of the moment.
  • patelnilay-61270 - 4 January 2023
    A beautiful* parody of superhero movies
    Well when I say beautiful, I'm not exaggerating. Can't believe they actually went to space to film this movie. The most immersive experience I've ever had at the teatres. Almost like I was travelling into the space myself.

    Now, on a serious note, this is a pretty bad movie. To describe it correctly: all of the thor movies have this theatrical bits in them. They are supposed to be a fun parody of the characters. It seems they decided to create the whole movie around this idea which is: thor love & thunder.

    1) Visuals: the visuals are pretty bad right from the begining. You can tell that they're using green screen in every scene even if you are not deliberately trying to look for it. Can't believe that the movie could look this bad given it's sky-high budget.

    2) Acting: Christian Bale is descent in the role, but his screentime is too short for being the main villain. Chris hemsworth has portrayed the character of Thor in a much better way in the previous few movies. In this movie, it seems like not too much interested in the role. Right from the beginning of the movie, you can pretty much tell from his face that he probably doesn't want to be there. Credit where it's due, he's in a very good shape. Rest of the cast is just fine.

    3) Screenplay & tone of the movie: probably the weakest point of the movie. Thor ragnarok was a good 3rd movie in the series, that pretty much saved the thor series & made thor one of the most popular character in the giant MCU family. Part of the reason was the good humor & making thor a badass of a character while still having a serious tone. This movie doubles down on the humor aspect but the quality of the humor has gone down so significantly. The movie seems like a parody of itself. Most of the jokes don't

    4) Narration of the movie is pretty bad. It's supposed to be over the top I guess. But it turned out to be pretty silly & cringe. I can't understand why they went forward with it.

    Overall, it not only is a bad movie, but also not entertaining even a little bit, to justify watching it just for fun. If you're a die-hard MCU fan, you could watch it once I guess. But even at that I hardly doubt if anyone would unironically want to rewatch it.
  • guigasurf - 31 December 2022
    It had the potential to be great, but instead
    Thor: Love and Thunder had the potential to be a great film. Both Thor and Jane Foster were struggling with difficult problems. The villain had a great motivation too. All the pieces were there. The film could've delivered a very powerful message. Instead, it decided to go for nonsensical humor.

    This movie is a bad comedy. A great comedy balances the serious and the comedic tones. Something is funny when compared with something else not funny. However, in this movie everything is comic relief. There's no straight man. All characters are joking.

    Thanks god I didn't waste money on a ticket, but watched this movie at Disney+. Otherwise I would be very upset.
  • johnny_martin - 25 December 2022
    It's kind of not like
    The movie is great but some of the scenes are unappropriate specially when they talk in the boat some dialogue are out of meaning and I thought I was looking to spy kids film or lower the rings when they destroyed the sword but other than that the movie it's all right it's just some facts are really not that good but the acting it's good and as long as you try to make it good for the kids and for the people it'll be all right. I think you should put more effort on the character and don't make him look like a joke if it's a superhero movie make it for a family and be careful with the swear words. I saw the last part of the movie and I was really disappointed because the guy the rock guy didn't have a mother and I was really despondent on that.
  • c_navarrete - 20 December 2022
    really tired of marvel
    What i think of phase 4 I am really starting to be tired of marvel. Since phase 4 started and the marvel disney+ shows started. It has been really hard keeping up with it . Which is something I could never say about phases 1-3 . While phases1-3 are far from perfect it was only 2-3 movies a year. While now It feels like I get a marvel show or movie once a month. That would be alright if they were good but instead of focusing on. Quality over quantity. It has been just trying to get out project after project. Which most end up being rushed and feeling disjointed. So I was praying for this to be my saving grace. Well it just made it worse far worse .

    Movie review you know this has got to be the funniest movie of the year for all the wrong reasons. I found myself laughing at the bad attempts at a joke and the story. And how could I forget the annoying screaming goats throughout the whole movie. Anyway I guess I will go into the plot. Which revoles around goor the god butcher who swears to kill all the gods. Long story short he goes after thor and kidnaps children to try to kill him. I don't even remember anything and i just watched it. I will say christian bale offers a good job as goor . And I liked zeus in it. I really hated how the guardians of the galaxy were handled in this movie. Also thor got a kid what . I don't even care anymore. Am so Disappointed and don't watch it. Now am going to go write a review for a movie i enjoy goodbye.
  • info-670-345457 - 13 December 2022
    The only MCU-Movie I had to cry
    Maybe Thor Love and Thunder is not the most spactacular or funniest movie in the MCU.

    But The Story about Gorr is so lovely and sad. I really love it.

    It is so refreshing, that the main characters in this movie are no super heroes. Gorr is the main Character. And I can really understand him. Something in you will break forever, when you are losing your own child.

    Maybe many User were not satisfied with this story. But if I see all other MCU-Movies, I realised, that there was no other Hero or Villain, wo was so full of pain. Okay. Maybe Clint in Avengers Endgame. But not really,

    This Szene in the Dessert at the Begin of Thor Love and Thunder was so heartbreaking for me.
  • richmonar - 10 December 2022
    Failed attempt to recreate Ragnarok.
    Not that terrible, the problem is the new approach they took with an established character that people cared about and drastically changed his whole dynamic. Thor in this movie felt more like a Will Ferrell character and the movie felt like a parody of a Thor movie. The running jokes from the previous movie failed, goats didn't work and the movie had so many cringey moments. I did enjoy Bale's performance as the villain and wish we would have seen him slay gods. I also liked some of the side villains designs, I got a Jim Henson vibe particularly in the first 10 minutes. The rest of the cast did an average job, I guess it works as a goofball comedy.