Ambitious artist Jabari attempts to balance success and love when he moves into his dream Manhattan apartment and falls for his next-door neighbor.

  • Released: 2022-09-30
  • Runtime: 92 minutes
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy, Drama
  • Stars: Kid Cudi, Jessica Williams, Timothée Chalamet, Ty Dolla Sign, Laura Harrier, Vanessa Hudgens, Christopher Abbott, 070 Shake, Jaden Smith, Keith David, Teyana Taylor, Arturo Castro, Macaulay Culkin, Fawn Stone, Shawnda Thomas, Laura Harrier, Ty Dolla Sign, Timothée Chalamet, Vanessa Hudgens, Christopher Abbott, Keith David, Arturo Castro, Jaden Smith, 070 Shake, Macaulay Culkin, Maisha Mescudi, Francesca Reale, Kerwin Frost, Teyana Taylor, Kenya Barris, Luis Guzmán, Ian Edelman, Maurice Williams, Fawn Stone, Bill Lobley, Montego Glover, Washington Kirk
  • Director: Fletcher Moules
  • ryanpersaud-59415 - 2 December 2023
    The art is wonderful, the story is SERIOUSLY lacking
    I had heard really great things about Entergalactic, and I don't really disagree with most of them. This is a gorgeous, well animated film that takes full use of the medium to elevate its story. And...elevation is definitely what's needed, because what's actually here is quite banal, to be honest.

    Fundamentally, Entergalactic is betrayed by a lackluster and frankly, boring, story. It's a story with characters who are too perfect and unrealistically successful at everything, trudging along with silly, surface level conflicts. We aren't getting a complicated, interesting love story; it's almost child like in how it views what relationships are like. For starters, Kid Cudi's Jabari and Jessica William's Meadow are too perfect; there's no hurt or betrayal either indicate stopping them from pursuing a relationship, no career hurdles or disadvantages, no genuine conflicts between them. They instantly fall in love and go from there and the result is a surprisingly boring movie.

    Even when there's an opportunity for Jabari to be a morally complex, perhaps unsympathetic character, it's dashed away immediately. I couldn't help but feel the desire for "positive" representation for black characters overrode making them complicated ones.

    Yes, there are fun side characters, but none are utilized particularly well. For the talent on display, we don't learn much about the characters played by Timothee Chalemet, Laura Harrier, Ty Dolla Sign, or Jaden Smith. And, while I do generally like Kid Cudi, I was truly annoyed by his auto tuned crooning by the end of the film.

    Yeah, I have to say, this was a disappointment. Imagine if this story was live action: it'd be extremely lame. It's essentially the story of a cool guy who gets all the girls, is super successful, and has colourful friends, and yeah everything works out for him. That's it. There's nothing interesting here, nothing to say, no observations, and redeemed only by its animation. It's a pass for me.
  • daassaa - 25 June 2023
    Chill out movie
    "EnterGalactic" on Netflix, and I have to say, it's a really unique and interesting show. The show is based on Kid Cudi's latest album of the same name, and it's a psychedelic journey through space and time.

    The show follows the story of a young man named Kipo, who is trying to find his way in the world. He's lost and unsure of himself, but he's determined to find his place in the universe. Along the way, he meets a cast of interesting characters, including a giant space worm, a group of aliens, and a mysterious woman named Mira.

    One of the things that makes "EnterGalactic" so great is the way it uses music to tell its story. Kid Cudi's music is a big part of the show, and it's used to great effect. The show is full of great songs, and the music is a big part of what makes it so unique.

    The animation in "EnterGalactic" is also really impressive. The show has a unique visual style that's both retro and modern. The characters are all drawn in a comic book style, and the colors are bright and vibrant. The animation is a big part of what makes the show so engaging.

    Another thing that sets "EnterGalactic" apart is its use of humor. The show is full of funny moments, and the characters are all really likable. The humor is a big part of what makes the show so enjoyable to watch.

    One of the things that I really appreciated about "EnterGalactic" is the way it explores themes of mental health and self-discovery. The show is really introspective, and it's clear that Kid Cudi put a lot of thought into the story. It's a great reminder that we're all on our own unique journey, and that it's okay to take the time to figure things out.

    Overall, I really enjoyed "EnterGalactic" on Netflix. It's a unique and interesting show that's full of great music, animation, and humor. The story is engaging and introspective, and the characters are all likable and interesting. If you're a fan of Kid Cudi or just looking for something new and interesting to watch, I definitely recommend checking out "EnterGalactic".

    I hope you enjoy watching "EnterGalactic" as much as I did! Let me know what you think after you watch it.
  • hughchilles - 12 December 2022
    Giving 4 stars because I haven't seen the ending
    I really struggled to watch this.

    Ultra cool street artist gets comic deal gets ultra expensive apartment and spends all time doing drugs and drinking. Meets quirky photographer girl. Just meh. All I could think was write your damn comic you cant afford this unsustainable lifestyle! As an ex drug addict myself I've been there done it all but do I think it's cool? No. Do i think it should be glorified? No. Just seemed like netflix sex drugs tinder trash culture that's destroying the western world, maybe that was the point of it, a satirical examination of western culture in 2022 and the fall of business in an age of shallow social media and new age wankery. I will watch the end sometime but I really can't see this film having anything redeeming to offer, just woke trash culture nonsense with no story or vulnerability, a great movie to watch stoned i guess and look at the pretty colours. Giving it 4 til I watch the end but I can't see it getting any better, the good reviews on this show how corrupt the review system is Netflix clearly buying reviews.
  • the-real-demon - 25 October 2022
    An experience on it's on, but ...
    Wow, the trailer got me. Few days later I took the chance to put this up on the canvas called TV and was curious to see what it's about.

    At first I got distracted by what seems to be jerky movement but I think it's the art style of that movie to have some frame-missing-between-the-animations-movement going on. As a matter of fact not long after this "jerkiness" didn't really matter much anymore and it all seemed as smooth as where the movie is about to take you.

    Picture impression, picture composition, lights, sounds, music, camera, perfect - they all are wow and really help get immersed in an instant. Music especially, just hitting the right spots at each time.

    The reason why I pust this under spoiler - and actually I don't think I could write anything in regards of this without a spoiler and still not reveal anything of this scale:

    The trailer in my opinion shows everything that is happening in this movie. The full movie "just" shows how the 2 main persons are getting there. In short: You saw the trailer, you know the movie already. If you want to know how they get there: Watch the movie.

    A 6/10 from me because I felt left behind empty at the end of the movie, expecting both of the mains to fully dive off into a cosmic and eternal adventure of their own instead.
  • alexandermarchack - 12 October 2022
    Very enjoyable animated love story!
    Of course coming off of spiderverse, the main thing that caught my eye about this film was the animation style. I would say that it is on par if not a little less stylish than that, and it works very well in this world (the style is weaved into the world).

    I'm not particularly into love stories, but this one felt very grounded and real, and showed how love is not just a straight line, A to B, but a winding road that always changes, not everything is easy! This is actually the first one that I've watched in years, and I'm glad I did.

    Music was also great as well (again taking notes from spiderverse) which helped shape the mood of the film as events were unfolding.

    Overall very enjoyable, would recommend to watch to anyone who loves good music, stylish animation and a realistic love story!