House of Gucci

When Patrizia Reggiani, an outsider from humble beginnings, marries into the Gucci family, her unbridled ambition begins to unravel the family legacy and triggers a reckless spiral of betrayal, decadence, revenge, and ultimately… murder.

  • Released: 2021-11-24
  • Runtime: 158 minutes
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Thrillers
  • Stars: Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons, Salma Hayek, Al Pacino, Jack Huston, Reeve Carney, Mãdãlina Ghenea, Camille Cottin, Youssef Kerkour, Florence Andrews, Mia McGovern Zaini, Vincent Riotta, Eva Moore, Mehdi Nebbou, Andrea Piedimonte Bodini, Edouard Philipponnat, Bianca Nappi, Gianpiero Pumo, Livio Beshir, Miloud Mourad Benamara, Mario Opinato, Luca Chikovani, Andrea Bruschi, Dante Alba, Alexia Murray, Johanna Santos, Gaetano Bruno, Vincenzo Tanassi, Mauro Lamantia, Nicole Bani Sarkute, Clelia Rossi Marcelli, Pietro Ragusa, Alessandro Pess, Al Mariotti, Daniele Monterosi, Eric Alexander, Philippe Boa
  • Director: Ridley Scott
  • ashleymcamasta - 28 January 2024
    Like a knockoff Gucci bag it looks great but is full of crap
    I was expecting SO much more from a movie that had so much hype at the Oscars and with such an (generally) amazing cast. What I got was a movie of the week with the worst Italian accents I have EVER heard. Firstly, Lady Gaga needs to stop she cannot act and literally sounds Russian, Jeremy Irons and Al Pacino barely attempt an accent before giving up and just end up using their normal accents. Secondly, The story jumps around trying to hit all the big points but without the backstory which just ends up being confusing. And last but not least without more of the backstory and the boardroom stuff you can't understand why his death came about or why it really mattered.
  • richardchatten - 22 December 2023
    Death of a Cyclist
    Although now in his eighties, Ridley Scott - as his curt responses to critic of 'Napoleon' have recently demonstrated - is certainly showing no signs of mellowing.

    Here he turns his attention to the sort of Eurotrash with more money than sense with the same sardonic eye as Fellini. Despite the rather grandiose title nobody actually seems to be taking it terribly seriously, the portrayals are inclined to be rather broad and with the casting of Al Pacino - which prompts associations with 'The Godfather' - we don't expect the characterisation to be terribly nuanced, while Lady Gaga make a startling brunette with an even more startling Italian accent and Egyptian eyeliner.
  • meissotruey - 9 January 2023
    Supreme acting and charm
    Well, after "The Last Duel" this one was delightful, complete the opposite. Everything was believable, light, well written, entertaining and magnificent cast management was icing on the cake. I'm taking of my hat to Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Jared Leto( i didn't recognize him at all) and it's hard to admit but Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta shines again, after "A Star Is Born", she does great, though i hate popular singers(and generally, you know this kind of senseless sugary adorable music, i would even dare to call it sweet-ass) for them being the most unoriginal, boring, weak on text and etc., i should say that now, i'really excited about Joker 2! She bought me.
  • proud_luddite - 5 November 2022
    A mixed result
    Based on true events: In the early 1980s, Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver) is an heir to the massive Gucci fashion empire based in Milan and Florence. High drama takes place in the dysfunctional extended family including business ups and downs, conflicts, and betrayals. Other family members in the drama include Maurizio's wife, Patrizia (Lady Gaga), his father Rodolfo (Jeremy Irons), Rodolfo's brother, Aldo (Al Pacino), and Aldo's son, Paolo (Jared Leto). The film's dialogue is in English.

    The story is a fascinating saga of the inside world of the privileged including a shocking climax - shocking, at least, to those of us unaware of the history.

    Gaga can be credited with a fine performance as a Lady Macbeth archetype who "marries up" and then slithers her way up the Gucci empire ladder like a snake. She is especially strong in a couple of moments in the film's second half: during a segment when the family is in Switzerland; and later, in a confrontation scene with Driver in front of an apartment building.

    The film's weaknesses are in failures to provide gradual escalations for plot elements whether they be happy times (e.g. Falling in love) or the various pitfalls of the characters and the Gucci enterprise. Everything seems to happen so quickly that it feels like there are various empty gaps that leave an unfulfilled feeling.

    One might surmise that Harry and Meghan could be an updated version of Maurizio and Patrizia. Time will tell but maybe, things will end up better for HaM. - dbamateurcritic.
  • bianquita1 - 11 September 2022
    Enough with the damn put-on accents!!!
    What is it with Hollywood and their penchant for making characters from a different country speak with an accent from that country but in English? It's like having Americans put on an over-the-top British accent in their day-to-day lives. STOP IT, it's annoying as hell, not to mention distracting, especially since each actor does it differently, with more or less "italianish" accents.

    There was a lot of over - acting, with the exception of Jeremy Irons and a few smaller characters.

    The script was underwhelming. But really, it was almost impossible to concentrate on anything, when those darn put-on accents were so distracting.

    STOP IT WITH THE ACCENTS! We are not (all) idiots, we get it when you tell us/show us that the characters are non-American.