Twenty-five years after a streak of brutal murders shocked the quiet town of Woodsboro, a new killer has donned the Ghostface mask and begins targeting a group of teenagers to resurrect secrets from the town’s deadly past.

  • Released: 2022-01-12
  • Runtime: 114 minutes
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thrillers
  • Stars: Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courteney Cox, Jenna Ortega, Melissa Barrera, Marley Shelton, Dylan Minnette, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mason Gooding, Mikey Madison, Jack Quaid, Sonia Ammar, Kyle Gallner, Reggie Conquest, Chester Tam, Roger L. Jackson, Skeet Ulrich, Heather Matarazzo, James A. Janisse, Chelsea Rebecca, Drew Barrymore, Matthew Lillard, Jamie Kennedy, Henry Winkler, Adam Brody, Hayden Panettiere, Brooke Barnhill, Stephen West-Rogers, Milli M., Christopher Speed, Clayton Frank, Boomer Mays, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett, Iya Labunka, Kevin Williamson, Marco Beltrami, Patrick Lussier, Julie Plec, Rian Johnson
  • Director: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett, Tyler Gillett, Tyler Gillett
  • bbjzilla-25345 - 28 May 2024
    Apex Redditors
    The first "requel" off the production line of "Scream" reboots happily keeps the sentimentality to a minimum but because it's the first not to be produced or directed by its creator screams out for authenticity by paying homage endlessly.

    To be fair the originals did much the same but more by way of scattergun references to the genre staples rather than sanctimony to anyone in particular but as a testimonial to Mr Craven it's a decent film in its own way.

    This time Gen z, fan fiction and toxic Redditors get the Stab treatment in search of new trope before it becomes cliche.

    A violent and gory whodunit in the style of it's predecessors it never strays too far in its reinvention, descending on its own metaverse to relive its own fixed narrative in the much the same way as a McDonalds' hamburger tastes like every other McDonalds' hamburger no matter where in the world you find one. Both comforting and risk free with a hint of freshness unless you count calories or worry about globalisation.
  • collinjrochon - 7 April 2024
    This film isn't as bad as people say it is
    Ok sure this film may not be perfect and it does have a few flaws, and it may be formulaic, but it's still a great film to watch.

    I get people have their own opinions, but look, hating because "it's a remake" isn't really a good reason to hate it, that's the kind of the point of remakes, they do that with the original films, most of them.

    This pretty much was the film scream fans waited 11 years for after the events of the fourth film in 2011.

    The performance with the news actors for the series Mason Gooding, Jasmin savoy brown, Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera has really good performances and they good character for this film.

    This film is Great but not perfect.
  • jfaust-01189 - 17 January 2024
    How to kill a franchise
    Oh boy. Where do I begin? I'll start with the obvious. You have Syd. Neve Campbell and you do basically nothing with her. I think she was in this for maybe ten minutes at the most. And you kill off Dewey. A franchise favorite. Leaving us with Gale. She's my least favorite of the original cast. Now onto the movie itself. Not that many kills. And the killers reveal was obvious. I could see it coming a mile away. So if your new to the series end at 4. There really isn't anything to see in 5 or 6 really. At least 6 had a cool beginning but the predictable end ruined it. When Wes was at the helm things were anything BUT predictable. And there's not one likeable character in Scream 5.
  • FKDZ - 2 January 2023
    Scream 5
    Scream 5 is a soft reboot of sorts, it doesn't try to be original that's for sure. This makes for a safe movie, with decent characters, directing and story but on the whole just a lot more boring for Scream fans.

    I really enjoyed the scream series. And I guess I was one of the rare people that liked Scream 4, with all it's cheesiness. Scream 5 plays it straight again, and therefore fails at being entertaining enough for me, I'd rather just watch the vastly superior Scream than this rehash.

    Addon to that, just me or is this installment one of the tamest Scream's gore and violence wise? It just felt kind of of lackluster to me. Nothing has topped Scream's opener but still, it felt undercooked here. Most of the action scenes felt a little too chaotically directed as well.

    The meta commentary, a big, really big part of this movie and it's comedy aspect so much that it entirely relies on it. This is not the way to do it. There's more than just referencing past Scream movies. At least the other movies had some comedy that wasn't meta. This is just all that. And the problem was that it wasn't funny either, though subjective of course. There's just too much. If you're gonna commit, then have the balls to break the 4th wall too, directly, and fully commit.

    Story without spoiling, felt as fresh as The Force Awakens felt towards A New Hope. Same stuff, same set, nostalgia bait. Hopefully Scream 6 takes a fresh approach again, they kind of have to now thankfully.

    The original Scream hasn't aged enough to require this soft reboot in my opinion, and it is still superior. This contemporary version isn't that smart, nor contemporary enough to really mark it as a 2022 movie.

    Actors/characters, I liked the characters, kind of, but once again repeating the same stuff with some gender swaps here and there. Bringing back old characters has become a staple of this franchise, but it wasn't very creative the way they were used.

    The killer, I always felt that the killer should be more clumsy and chaotic, here it's played a bit too calculated and crisp. Like it's all planned out well. Even though we have no motive or background for that. Because of how the killer emergences in these movies. He/she/it should be clumsy and inexperienced. The fumbling around and the aggression is what makes it funny but also scary. That's missing here.

    I really want them to get more creative with the kills, and the killer again. For any reasons you might hate Scream 2-4 they at least played around a bit more with what they had.
  • nursesing-63250 - 21 December 2022
    They killed the cop. Meh.
    I hate that part when the legendary cop was killed really brutally. It ruined everything for me. He had been good from the very first movie but he got that kind of ending? Trying hard to hurt the audience so it will be unforgettably painful. Like how the father was killed and became zombie in the end in Train to Busan (after everything the child and the father went through). Very bad idea. Will never watch this again and never tried to again. Sorry Jenna Ortega but you were great here. She was feisty and angsty, what a hero! Happy to see Neve Campbell and the rest but too bad, this movie actually had the nerve to hurt their 90s kid audience. So long.
  • MyMovieTVRomance - 14 November 2022
    An improvement over Scream 4!
    Okay, now that I've finally seen this latest installment of the series, here's how it ranks with the rest of the films:

    1. Scream 2 2. Scream 3 3. Scream 5 4. Scream 1 5. Scream 4

    Not bad at all. Very good mix of old and new characters, and still bubbling over with tons of fun movie references! And as always, these movies are beautifully cast!

    My only complaint is that the gore was amped up. WHY does that always seem to happen in newer movies?! What is it with this generation- can't we cool it on the gore? Don't we know how to simply be suggestive rather than explicit anymore?!

    Other than the increased gore factor, all the rest of the elements were great, from pace to scenery, to the people. So, I rank this 5th installment of the series as my 3rd fave out of the 5- a very decent score!

    Fave part: The discussion of "requels". Such meta-fun! And that new girl talking about them was pretty attractive, I must say!! I liked her a lot.

    Also loved Courtney Cox, as always. She shines so bright- she lights up the whole screen in her scenes! Everything from the tone of her voice to the sparkle in her eyes is so bright and sunny, that it keeps these movies from being total despair, because she is like human sunshine.
  • Kitahito - 24 October 2022
    So we are playing this game again, Hollywood?
    Let me quote the movie for a sec: Someone has to save the franchise! You see, no one has made a good (insert random cult classic here) movie since the first one. Not really. (...) The last (trashy sequel or unwanted prequel) movie? It sucked balls. Because nobody takes the true fans seriously. Not really. They just laugh at us, and why? Because we love something? We're just a effing joke to them? How can fandom be toxic? It's about love! They don't effing understand that these movies are important to people. Hollywood's totally effing out of ideas, so we'd decided we give them some new source material to follow. You know, bring it back to basics. Because that's how you make a great (equally stupid and cliché-ridden plothole fest) movie, Sam. "Based on actual events".

    Good one guys. It's a really nice thing to depict fans of a franchise as insane, psychopathic killers. Very subtle, but I think they got the message. Thumbs up and all that jazz. It's not like they provide ~90 percent of your income, you absolute donkeys. I guess if you look down on those damn fans so much from up there, you don't need their money, right? ...utterly pathetic.
  • meddlecore - 10 October 2022
    What Scream 4 SHOULD Have Been. But Still Fatally Flawed.
    The first film in the Scream franchise, without Wes Craven as the creative force at the helm, is a return to form...and, arguably, what Scream 4 should have been...but it's not without a fatal flaw.

    I've got to give both the writers and directors of this film some credit, because they clearly understood what was working for the sequels of this series.

    They brought back that aspect of absurdity which made Scream 2 and 3 so great...and that Scream 4 should have rolled with.

    However, they made a grave error that kind of ruins everything.

    The same error that the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre also makes.

    An error that Craven carefully avoided (and never would have made, if he were still with us).

    In all the previous films- no matter how ridiculous they became- they always made sure that the kills and injuries were accurately that even with the killers making seemingly impossible returns...there was always a valid explanation offered for why that was possible.

    The only exception to this, is Deputy Dewey losing his lingering injury that resulted from nerve damage suffered in the first film.

    But this occurred across films, rather than within a single film I'm willing to give it a pass.

    But when our main character here gets absolutely decimated in the opening scene...not only is having her survive a stretch...and having her be awake and able to communicate pushing it...the fact that she is healthy enough to get out of bed, wheel herself around in a wheelchair, and even walk on crutches- mere days later- is just completely implausible.

    Not to mention bad writing.

    That sort of miraculous healing never had a place in the series...and should never have been incorporated at this point either.

    No doubt, this has Craven rolling in his grave.

    It just comes off lazy and completely unnecessary.

    Which is a shame, because the rest of the film is really quite good!

    It's, otherwise, rather well constructed, if you can suspend disbelief, and ignore this aspect of the film.

    With many references to the previous sequels: like the attack on Dewey, and Gail being shot, being a throwback to Scream 2; the introductory test having been taken from Scream 3; and the stabbing through the hand acting as a reference to Scream 4.

    They also included the whole technology angle, with the cellphone tracking.

    And did a great job with the Argento-style veiling of the real culprits.

    But I, personally, was never able to get over Tara actually being able to be up and at em...let alone well enough to effectively fight back.

    That really took the whole thing down a notch for me.

    They just dealt too much damage to her, when it was really quite unnecessary to drive the story forward.

    That aside, however, I do think it is a worthy addition to the franchise...and doesn't really warrant ALL the hate it has been getting from die hard fans of the series.

    But it's certainly not perfect.

    5 out of 10.

    Scream!! (the sixth installation in the series) is already in production, and I predict their mother will be one of the killers.

    You heard it here first!!!