The Retaliators

The Retaliators

An upstanding pastor uncovers a dark and twisted underworld as he searches for answers surrounding his daughter's brutal murder.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Horror
  • Stars: Michael Lombardi, Marc Menchaca, Joseph Gatt, Katie Kelly, Abbey Hafer, Jacoby Shaddix, Brian O'Halloran, Shannan Wilson, Zoltan Bathory, Ivan L. Moody, Chris Kael, Corrie Graham, Gigi Gustin, Cree Kelly, Spencer Charnas, Craig Mabbitt, Robert Knepper, Robert John Burke, Tommy Lee, Amanda Lyberg, Doc Coyle, Rachel Hilbert, Cory Marks, Dan Murphy, Miles Franco
  • Director: Samuel Gonzalez Jr., Bridget Smith
  • joeyford-55342 - 21 November 2023
    Mixed bag
    It is a sad statement on society that the "walking dead" series has made gross out movies like this unaffective. This is a good idea with some powerful scenes and good music but it takes a twist to the dark side and is irredeemable in the end. Sadly, it got boring. I wouldn't really recommend it. It's a good idea the revenge flick, but it's been done to death and this is one more example of a good idea of a cop who let's victims get revenge, I'm not giving anything way since that's all in the previous it takes a turn and it's not that effective by the end. It's kind of a sad statement on society that all this blood and Gore has no effect on us anymore.
  • petecook-72330 - 30 June 2023
    Imagine if Papa Roach made a movie...
    Imagine if Papa Roach made a movie that had exactly as much originality and style as their music (so...absolutely none). This sorry attempt at a grindcore meets zombie flick meets "Hostel" makes Rob Zombie's fare seem like Citizen Kane in conparison.) Imagine a sombie film without a hint of the kitsch, set design and art direcrion and musical direction and you end up with "The Retaliators."

    On the plus side, Tommy Lee has a cameo, but honestly, it's hardly worth the 2 hours you'll never get back.

    This movie reeks of something that was created front to back by emoty, souless LA nu-metal hacks without an ounce of depth between them. Let's just hope they don't bother with a sequel.
  • miamidolphinsfan-14277 - 21 November 2022
    Great Movie
    Honestly, this movie was excellent. It had a good storyline, and the progression of the plot was good for a movie as small as this one. The soundtrack was one of the best soundtracks I have heard in years for a movie. It had the right artists and the right style/genre of music which fit the movie perfectly. The choice of actors for this movie is definitely a plus. The only thing I would give a eh on is the effects. I understand this is a lower budget movie but some of the blood and gore effects could have been better. Other than that, if you like horror and thriller movies with quite a bit of blood and gore, I think you will like The Retaliators.
  • MK_Ultra_ - 27 October 2022
    Disjointed and lost
    Where we have Rob Zombie and his dreadful "Slipknot horror" as it's woefully named after his affliction for masks being the scariest element of his we have the antithesis; Creed Horror.

    This film pretends to be horror within a defined genre, when it really takes more than a couple of violent scenes to be considered something it really isn't. It comes across as something riding the line of a B-movie crime drama, a revenge flick, a drug deal gone wrong premise, a biker film and finishes with a "zombie" or cannibal element all to the tune of some mallcore nonsense and god awful repetitive tropes seen over and over.

    This film is an absolute mess, and comes off more as a film school wanna be kickstarter campaign gone wrong than anything resembling a horror film.

    When you see the "awards" tab on the imdb page----do yourself a favor and see if they are legitimate festivals before getting worked into believing there's something resembling a cult classic or a hidden gem. This is neither.
  • exiledphilleh - 1 October 2022
    loved the movie
    One of the greatest movies I've ever seen, love all the bands that were apart of the movie, times like these is where we're in need of a movie like this, the movie has one of the greatest soundtracks ive ever heard of in my life, as a fan of horror movies theres not a single thing i hate in this movie due to the fact its well put together and its very hard to hate on a masterpiece like this movie for once a trailer of the movie isn't carrying the movie , the movie was worth the wait of the past year and a half of its original release, not once did I ever feel like the movie was too boring because damn well it was great.