A Week Away

Troubled teen Will Hawkins has a run-in with the law that puts him at an important crossroad: go to juvenile detention or attend a Christian summer camp. At first a fish-out-of-water, Will opens his heart, discovers love with a camp regular, and sense of belonging in the last place he expected to find it.

  • Released: 2021-03-26
  • Runtime: 94 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Family, Music
  • Stars: Bailee Madison, Kevin G. Quinn, Sherri Shepherd, David Koechner, Jahbril Cook, Kat Conner Sterling, Iain Tucker, Ed Amatrudo, Hutch Greene, Josh Rasile
  • Director: Roman White
  • mevatter-10-314567 - 28 September 2022
    Cheesy but fun
    Cheesy but fun. It's a little heavy on the Christian messaging for a teen romantic comedy but it's an easy watch. The songs are catchy and the choreography is surprisingly good. The acting is surprisingly good as well. The plot is super predictable and the dialogue bad, but the pop culture references to Braveheart, Apocalypse Now, Star Wars and Twilight help make up for it. Some of the songs are recycled pop hits but even they seem to work in this context. The cheesy redux of Amy Grant's "Baby Baby" is hilarious. There's even a nod to the "Summer Nights" picnic table scene from Grease. All-in-all I would rate it 6 out of 10.
  • nerdcriticgoller-54488 - 6 February 2022
    One movie that's hard to say you saw, because you don't know what you saw.
    I recently viewed 'A Week Away,' because my friend talked it up. She warned me that is was "aimed at teenage girls, so I probably wouldn't like it."

    I've watched a few movies like this in the past, where I wasn't the target audience. I understood the terms and conditions for what I was getting into, which made me willing to give the film 3 stars instead of one.

    First off, the characters are just bland, which is normal. Movies like 'Teen Beach' and 'Camp Rock' have had this happen before, but people still have some respect for them, even though they recognize the movie isn't all that great.

    The movie is going for a Disney Channel feel. In that sense, well done. However, the poster makes it sound like it's a Netflix drama. Honestly, I've seen Disney Channel movies and shows turn out well. I have a heck of a lot of respect for High School Musical, a movie that takes story inspiration from 'Grease', musical inspiration from 'Rent', and choreography from musical legends like Michael Jackson. Descendants to me remains a illogical but fun movie, depending on my mood.

    This movie was probably made to get Christian audiences back on the platform, after many Conservatives ending their subscription due to values they don't find acceptable. The movie is harmless, but I'm baffled they consider this a "Christian" film. It really is a sign of the times, a movie that references God twice in the film, and the rest is Disney drama. It's like if I made a cooking show, and the only reason it qualifies is because the characters ate food for 2 minutes per episode.

    The movie is the nerdiest I've ever seen. It makes references that go way over the audiences heads. Movies that seem way too inappropriate for the people who get offended by the word "hell" are mentioned. Everyone in the movie seems to be nerdier than me, the camp counselor loves 'Braveheart' so much that he steals a whole scene from the movie, Bailee Madison's character also steals a scene from 'Mr and Mrs Smith,' and Ferris Bueller seems to be the topic of the day.

    This is such a small little point, but it bugs me to the point to where if I don't talk about it, the hour it's taken to write this review has been a waste. The name of the of the camp is "Aweegaway." Now this is explained, being that the campers are "A Week Away from a life changing moment, but it really sounds like the background vocals on the song 'Lion Sleeps Tonight' by Token: "Aweem away, aweem away, aweem away."

    Now, for the main critique, the music and dance numbers. The music is non existent, because this movie seems too distracted with all the movie references that it forgets to have musical numbers. The opening song has the most embarrassing choreography, it's impossible to not laugh at. And as I said before, songs are barely in the movie, so they are so throw-away and forgettable.

    In conclusion, the movie is bland and not worth your time.
  • filgray84 - 3 November 2021
    Wanted to not like this but ended up loving it
    I write this after the third viewing in a week. I am the father of 4 children under the age of 8 and this is a permanent fixture on the tv right now at the kids request.

    My first impressions were moderate, I wanted to hate it because it's so corny. But with more viewings I realised that, that is what is so great about the movie - it's a movie for kids/families!

    It's just so wholesome and positive and uplifting and no matter how much I try to not like it... I really do like it! And the kids absolutely love it! Great soundtrack, likeable characters and uplifting vibe throughout.

    If this wasn't a Christian film it would be a solid 7 stars. Don't let that put you off. The Christian vibe is present but wholesome, not overbearing and by no means shoved down your throat like a lot of Christian movies.

    Sit down and watch this movie with your family! You'll love it!