Dio: Dreamers Never Die

Dio: Dreamers Never Die

This career spanning documentary on heavy metal legend Ronnie James Dio delves deep into his incredible rise from 50's doo-wop crooner, to his early classic rock days in Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, to replacing the iconic lead singer Ozzy Osborne in Black Sabbath, to finally cement his legend with DIO. Ronnie's biography is completely unique to the tired sex, drugs and rock and roll cliches. The film is about perseverance, dreams and the power to believe in yourself.

  • Released: 2022-09-28
  • Runtime: 116 minutes
  • Genre: Documentaries, Music
  • Stars: Ronnie James Dio, Wendy Dio, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward, Vinny Appice, Lita Ford, Rob Halford, Sebastian Bach, Eddie Trunk, Don Coscarelli
  • Director: Don Argott, Demian Fenton
  • sikihac - 6 January 2023
    Really Gross
    Was bored and this popped up on the showtime channel, so thought I'd give it a view. Made it half way it was so cringey. A lot of weirdos doing a lot of fairytelling and polishing of you know what in human form, like the rest of the "experts".

    So Dio is obviously tribester with the cousin and obviously the out of nowhere mischpucka promotion but you can guess what another aspect there is when you see "grandma" who looks like a truck driver out of Cleveland, nah that's some male relation in a dress, most likely the whole family inverted. I mean the garbage these types spew is limitless. The small stature and very weird mask face denotes a lot too, typical. This fast food called "music" required the most perverse demented folk you can find to vomit it out and you see lots of examples here doing the spiel(berg), other than hard facts like it was here on this date or that's it with it's "wife" in the picture and similar I would believe about 5% of what these "experts" have to say on any subject. I however do believe the story of this crypto marrano and "his" mooning of a nun, certainly fits the profile. Shyster business.

    Just the whole spiel about the old satanic blessing hand and the claim that diostein originated it from "his" "grandma" is laughable. The china white snow must have been falling upwards very hard on this set lol Old Jackson Daniels stayed for a while too. And of course the stuff about osbornstein and "his" bearded V-enus and more nonsense. Old wifey had the typical mask face you see of them trying to look feminine as they age with various procedures, even ones like this that are for the most part private citizen of the "world", a "fellow traveler" as they refer to each other in various contexts.

    Hard pass, who wants to hear about these destroyers and purveyors of filth, self congratulating each other for work well done. Eeew!