My Special Boy

There is no denying that Camp Crystal Lake has a dark history, one that Sean Orton is intent on ignoring. Despite being warned against returning to the camp, Sean's desire to save his family name proves to be even stronger. Sean rechristens the camp as Camp Trinity Pointe, and with a group of friends attempts to rebuild the camp into a safe haven with no traces of tragedy left behind. But the evil that still lingers on the camp grounds has a few lessons to teach them-history always repeats itself, and revenge is a dish best served cold.

  • Released: 2022-09-28
  • Runtime: 70 minutes
  • Genre: Horror
  • Stars:
  • Director: James Grim, Braden Timmons
  • horrorgeek7674 - 15 November 2022
    Terrible Director and a Terrible Jason
    This movie is terrible. Brandon is a good director but his co-director James Grim can't direct and needs to stop casting his friends for roles. Pamela actress was good though!

    The acting is not good and the story does nothing to further the horror icon that is Jason. Because of the direction of this film, it leads to awkward scenes like a guy taking off his shirt and yelling in the woods or a dog dying off screen. You guys couldn't think of anything better......

    Not a fan at all of Chad playing Jason. He doesn't have the body type nor the presence. Just not the right fit to play a horror icon.