As the world falls, young Furiosa is snatched from the Green Place of Many Mothers into the hands of a great biker horde led by the warlord Dementus. Sweeping through the wasteland, they encounter the citadel presided over by Immortan Joe. The two tyrants wage war for dominance, and Furiosa must survive many trials as she puts together the means to find her way home.

  • Released: 2024-05-22
  • Runtime: 148 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Stars: Anya Taylor-Joy, Chris Hemsworth, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Angus Sampson, Quaden Bayles, Nathan Jones, Tom Burke, Daniel Webber, Goran D. Kleut, CJ. Bloomfield, Lachy Hulme, Charlee Fraser, Maleeka Gasbarri, Nat Buchanan, David Collins, Ian Roberts, Matuse Paz, Darcy Bryce, Rahel Romahn, Alex Time
  • Director: George Miller
  • dpapowah - 3 July 2024
    Weak follow up to the amazing Fury Road
    I just saw Furiosa in the theater and I am not happy. One of the coolest things about the series, and the best parts of Fury Road were the amazing action sequences that were epic and exciting. There's some decent action in this movie, but it is considerably less than Fury Road -- and less creative too. This movie is more character-based, which I guess, for some, is not a bad thing. The characters aren't bad and the story is OK... but the writing is weak, too.

    There is also an excessive amount of CGI used in this film compared to the last. Fury Road had a massive amount of real, practical effects, and stunts with some CGI to weave some parts together. As well as amazing choreography. Furiosa choose the lazy route and they decided to do most of the cool stuff in a computer. They took the storyboard right to a computer. Some of it looks good, but most of the CGI is unpolished and clearly looks fake. It takes me out of the movie.

    There's a massive amount of green screen shots too that stand out, because visually they feel off. All desert scenes should have been shot on an actual desert. Yes it would be tougher for the crew, but their work would be reflected in a better film that will stand the test of time.

    I knew things were off to a bad start with the intro scene, clearly shot on a green screen. The lighting did not match the backdrop. It looked and felt off.

    This puppy is a big miss. Thinking about the film now -- there isn't really much that stands out besides Anya Taylor-Joy's massive eyes, which this movie focuses on heavily.

    A copy a Fury Road of Blue Ray sits happily in my collection. Furiosa will not be joining it.
  • gordonkarq - 2 July 2024
    Cgi constantly takes you out the movie.
    I love every Mad Max themed movie. Was mostly live action based. This movie spent 22 million less than fury road. But you felt every scene to your core.

    The Acting is probably better in this movie, due to actors not been under so much hash conditions. Says more about the actors now a day's.

    Kept throwing me out of the movie due to cgi.

    I guess Miller cannot make movies like he use to, hence moving to happy feetšŸ¤£

    The concept is there but it always feels like the studio are getting involved. But how does a live action fury road, then a cgi fest. That is Furiosa cost only 22m less and completely takes you out of the movie.

    Jason and the argonatats did better with stop motion.

    Some scenes, you get the Miller feel. The actors definitely do.

    Editors and casting directors have hijacked.
  • HypnoticPoison7 - 20 June 2024
    Best use of AI ever
    This is by far the best movie of the entire Mad Max franchise. It makes the one with Tom Hardy look like a joke and it makes Charlize Theron look like an amateur actress compared to pretty much everyone in this. I didn't care for the previous movies in the series although I always loved the aesthetics and idea, just not the execution or the writing. It was always so over the top. This movie felt more like its own movie, separate from the others while mildly tying it in so it cashes in on the name...only I don't think it had to! I don't know if the writers and director were going for Oscars with this and hoping to get a 'Gladiator' type of nod here, but if that movie can win, this one certainly can. Even Anya was overshadowed by most of the other actors in this, but especially the young version of her that looked so much like her it was distracting enough for me to interrupt the movie and ask everyone around me if this was CGI or AI or what because it was freaking me out how much the kid looked exactly like Anya. When I found out who the actual actress was and realized I knew her, I was a little sad they didn't use her face and let her do all the acting because she's quite good, but it's just too tempting if you can make AI look this good. Whoever did the work on that needs a raise and then needs to be banned from Hollywood immediately, because it's too creepy and distracting. It seems unfair not to let actors do their best impersonations without help. I hope this isn't the future. That said, AI was also used on Chris Hemsworth quite a bit and was much more obvious with him in the younger version of himself, which looked neat but was also distracting. However, much like Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator, Chris deserves a nod for this role. It's his best work to date, I felt he was doing his best Val Kilmer impression from The Saint and thought he'd be great in a remake of that. He hardly felt like a villain! It's often hard to tell who the villains really are at times, and that's a good thing. It has a nuance that makes superhero movies weep of jealousy. If modern action movies could learn from this, I'd start going back to the theater.
  • mark-67214-52993 - 17 June 2024
    George Miller's Master Class in Storytelling
    The original "Mad Max" was Writer/Director George Miller's feature film debut. It came out in 1979 and it was an immediate sensation. For the next twenty years, it held the Guinness World Record as the most profitable film ever made. Miller sought to understand why his film resonated in so many different countries. He studied Jungian archetypes and Joseph Campbell's description of "The Hero's Journey." Campbell suggested that all cultures have archetypal heroes/heroines who follow a similar path - the hero leaves home, is transformed by a series of challenges, then returns home to help his community using new-found wisdom. Eventually, Miller concluded that he had unknowingly tapped into this vein of hero archetypes. In short, American audiences saw Mad Max as a cowboy. In Japan, he was perceived as a samurai warrior. In Scandinavia, he was a Viking.

    The "Mad Max" films also are important because they have demonstrated how action scenes can be an integral part of a film's narrative. "Action" often is treated as an interlude disconnected from the underlying narrative. (I'm looking at you, Michael Bay.) Because of its second-class status, action scenes often can be relegated to the second unit director or some other crew member, while directors focus on the scenes with dialogue. For example, Kevin Reynolds, the second unit director, was responsible for all the buffalo scenes in Kevin Costner's "Dances with Wolves." Miller's films demonstrate that both action and dialogue can be integrated, with each contributing momentum to the underlying story.

    Under Miller's direction, the extended action scenes in "Furiosa" are breathtaking. In interviews, he has discussed one fifteen-minute sequence that required 197 different shots and took 78 days to film. The camera perspective sometimes shifts every two seconds. The final product is compelling, exhilarating and mesmerizing. I expect this film to capture nominations in almost all technical categories when the Oscars roll around.

    "Furioso" also completes the transition from hero to heroine begun in "Mad Max: Fury Road." In the previous installment, the stage was shared by Max and Imperator Furiosa, a new female character (Charlize Theron). In this latest film, Max is on screen for only seconds in a non-speaking role.

    "Furiosa" is a prequel that provides the back story for its titular character. The film opens with a young Furiosa (an excellent Alyla Browne) living in the Green Place, an idyllic forest that stands in stark contrast to the Wasteland surrounding it. A foraging biker gang kidnaps her and brings her to the Wasteland encampment ruled my Dementus (Chris Hemsworth sporting an impressive prosthetic nose), who lives up to his name. She's eventually traded away as part of a political arrangement with another ruler. The adult Furiosa (an excellent Anya Taylor-Joy) doesn't appear until over sixty minutes into the film. She still has plenty of time to shine.

    Miller takes some big swings here, addressing topics like hope vs. Nihilism, the inevitability of war among those competing for power, the impact of loneliness on the human spirit. He takes a broad swipe at populism through the rants of Dementus as his empire begins to disintegrate. Miller even injects several religious motifs. It doesn't take a huge leap to observe Furiosa plucking fruit from a tree in an idyllic forest and recognize the Garden of Eden.

    What distinguishes "Furiosa" from its predecessors is its regular shifts in timing and tone. Though there are enough action scenes to satiate any adrenaline junkie, there are also times where this film pauses, reflects and ruminates. Because "Furiosa" takes the time to breathe, it's able to communicate the lead character's loneliness and her longing for home. The payoff is a level of feeling and an emotional depth not achieved in the previous films.

    George Miller is a compelling storyteller who's still at the top of his game. "Furiosa" may be his master class.
  • haim-92469 - 15 June 2024
    This is my first review. English is not my native language so I'm sorry if i make any mistakes.

    If you still wondering whether it's worth watching then the answer is absolutely yes! This movie has one of the most intense and complex action scenes I have ever seen in recent years (I have seen a lot) and the story is good too.

    This one is a bit different than Fury Road. This time the movie is divided into chapters. In this way we can be introduced to other parts of the wasteland. I was really suprised how well made the story is and how everything is connected to Fury Road. In a way It's a bit like Dune in terms of different factions fighting over territory and resources. But if you don't really care about that then you got plenty of action and it well shot and acted by all the actors.

    I read that not many people went to see this movie and it's a real shame. Most of the negative reviews are either by people who haven't see it or just niptickng about everything. Some of them want a movie about Max but by ignoring this there is a chance the sequel with Tom Hardy will never happen. If this movie was bad I could understand but it's actually a very good one.

    It's a real shame if this is the last Mad Max movie made by George Miller (He's almost 80!). He got two more movies he wanted to make with Tom Hardy after this. I hope this won't turn into this decade Dredd (2012). Another movie that got appreciated only after it dropped from theaters.

    Go see it on the big screen. You won't be disappointed! The first chase with the big truck is worth the price of the ticket alone.