Bullet Train

Unlucky assassin Ladybug is determined to do his job peacefully after one too many gigs gone off the rails. Fate, however, may have other plans, as Ladybug's latest mission puts him on a collision course with lethal adversaries from around the globe—all with connected, yet conflicting, objectives—on the world's fastest train.

  • Released: 2022-06-22
  • Runtime: 126 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Mystery, Thrillers
  • Stars: Brad Pitt, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Andrew Koji, Hiroyuki Sanada, Bad Bunny, Zazie Beetz, Sandra Bullock, Logan Lerman, Karen Fukuhara, Masi Oka, Pasha D. Lychnikoff, Miraj Grbić, Yoshi Sudarso, Julio Gabay, Jason Matthew Smith, Emelina Adams, Johanna Watts, Nancy Daly
  • Director: David Leitch
  • thekickingmule - 15 June 2024
    Funny, Fast and Worth Watching
    I didn't know what I was watching and just clicked on it randomly on Netlfix. The next 2 hours or so was filled with fast paced action, quite a complex storyline but fantastically executed.

    The humour in this is quite dark, but I think it is placed brilliantly. You grow attached to characters as it quickly changes as to who is the good guy and the bad guy. The little storylines behind the main one are really clever, like the snake and the water bottle.

    There are a lot of famous people in this film, and it's got a high budget, so you expect it to be good, but often these films fall short. I'm glad this didn't. It all occurring on one train is clever too, as you can't really change the surroundings much. Thankfully they get around that with the different carriages.

    Definitely worth watching if you have the time. I think watching it again might be worth it to see what I missed the first time.
  • borhank - 27 May 2024
    Next Stop....
    Last night I finally got around to watch bullet train staring Brad Pitt and Joey King and other actors I have never heard of.

    This movie was a cross Hollywood and Japanese production and was kinda quirky in my eyes I was trying to make references to other movies I have seen and honestly it's a cross between kill Bill, snakes on a plane but there was one snake on a bullet train and it felt like a comic feel to it aswell.

    There were a few guest staring roles like Sandra bullock Ryan renolds and Channing Tatum.

    In the whole movie I felt there was a unbelievable scene when one of the brothers managed to jump back on a moving at full speed bullet train. That would never work.

    This is a one time watch for me honestly does not have any rematch value.

    Definitely not something kids should not watch.

    I wonder if tarantino would make a version would that be better.

    One missing component would be a killer soundtrack.

    3 out of 10.
  • johninsley - 14 May 2024
    HS2 it isnt
    Just arrived on Netflix so decided to dedicate just over 2 hours to watch this. The premises of the film is several assassins on a train and no one is sure of the reasons as to why they have been bought together.

    The assassins are varied in every sense of the word.. which does add to the entertainment value... pick your favorite and see if they survive.. mine being Lemon and Tangerine who are admirably played.

    The idea to have Thomas the Tank Engine stickers was just magical.

    The film has its fair share of comical side issues which are all delivered well.

    This film has some superb cameo roles in too.

    As I say if you have a couple of hours free time you could do far worse than watching this.

    Maybe HS2 management could get some ideas from this film...
  • tyrahel06 - 11 January 2023
    Unexpected Ride to Japan gory Fun !
    First of : Top actors ! And amazing performances... brad pitt dont disappoint to carry the show in a wild hilarious gory mess. Violently fun and thrilling. Enough mystery to look forward to what will happen next or who is who or responsible and such ... brilliant screen play with more details that it seems like the waterbottle sequence... nice choreography.

    I loved the japanese reference in the movie, oh yes some are cliché but some are actually very true to this awesome country - in fact lot in the movie reminds me of a good anime called « baccano! » watching it far exceeded my expectations with a lot of actors popping in the movie and making it even more fun or hilarious ! 200$ anyone ?

    Anyhow, it's approved here. Even my wife had a good time ! The last part is maybe a bit more « predictable » but it does have enough twists to be satisfying.. Really found this movie clever and entertaining !

    Felicitations, congratulations. Bravo.

    Made my week.
  • MkMaster1st - 7 January 2023
    A violent video game without a story underneath!
    I'm wondering if Brad Pitt factor is the reason that this movie is rated above 7 by IMDB users at the time of this review. I totally wasted two good hours watching this movie and it was a huge disappointment. The action scenes are lame, repetitive and lack creativity. The movie has no respect for the laws of physics throughout e.g., several guys walking on top of a bullet train traveling at 200-300km/hour (per odometer of train shown in numerous occasions), not factoring the relative wind of the train speed would blow them away like popcorn pieces! The screenplay is lame, and the movie has abundant scenes of crude violence in complete absence of a good story beneath. The movie is more like a violent video game where the characters want to kill as many people as possible without telling a good story. My rating for this movie is in the range of 2-3, with 3 being in towards the generous end!
  • northernpaladin - 4 January 2023
    Garbage In, Garbage Out
    Put together a ramshackle script, some sub par acting talent and a director with nothing of any note in his resume and this is what you get; a sub pat Tarentinoesque mess of a film. There is no plot really, a motley collection of assassins are lured onto a bullet train by a master criminal for reasons that make no sense and we are subjected to two hours of relentless bloody violence as they try to incompetently murder each other in ever increasingly inventive ways until we get to the denouement, which is stupid beyond belief. Most of the performances are downright bad, Joey King, Aaron Taylor Johnson and Zazie Beetz excelling here but some, Pitt and Brian Tyree Henry do manage to alleviate the two hour slog. I paid to rent this, don't make my mistake, avoid and save two hours of your life.
  • maguires-36034 - 1 January 2023
    Felt like 120 minutes of Graphic Violence
    If you like a lot of graphic violence without much of a plot and some ok humor, then this is your movie. Brad Pitt does his usual comedic routines, and the rest of the cast do well enough with their lines, along with cameo appearances of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, but it doesn't warrant the rating. I guess the director, who also did Deadpool 2, felt this was a formula that worked well and could be repeated, but it lacks the plots of Tarantino or Guy Ritchie that carry their movies. Directors need to focus less on CGI and graphic violence, and more on plots than movies like Bullet Train.
  • qdbqgrss - 30 December 2022
    Too much talk down rating
    All characters except for Sanada and Micheal Shannon talk too much makes it feel sick and tired. So cliche but not bad. If you are a big fan of Sananda or Shannon, you can feel more than you've expected but other scripts are not fresh and action scenes cover up. If a plan for the sequel, they need to reduce useless scripts to fill up more creative action ideas, especially, Sanada's iconic Samurai action scenes overwhelm all boring talking scenes. And Shannon' scenes abosulutely awesome. Don't want to say more. If you can stand their silly talking scenes, this movie would be worth spending your time. Good luck.
  • jpismyname - 27 December 2022
    Fast paced and fun
    I wasn't really expecting to like this movie. Was not looking forward for it, but I watched it anyway because it's always on top 10 on Netflix.

    The story is fast-paced and will keep you glued to the screen. I was entertained the whole time. All the characters are also likeable, my favorites being the Twins. Joey King is also great in this. I was also very much impressed with the cinematography and visual effects. So stunning, especially the slow-mo scenes.

    Bullet Train is an action-packed movie with tons of hilarious scenes as well. The movie can be kind of stupid but in a fun way. I also love the surprise cameo appearances.

    If you're looking to be entertained, then I really definitely recommend this movie to everyone.
  • slappysquirrel_2000 - 25 December 2022
    MInd numbing obnoxiousness. Borrowed themes from Pulp Fiction, Grosse Pointe Blank. The sound effects when people were killed...Tarantino. 15 seconds or less scenes for the generation who has the attention span of a gnat. All poor substitutes for storytelling. When I start watching a movie, even if I don't like it I will stick it out until the end. This made me say ciao 20 minutes in. 20 minutes I'll never get back. 20 minutes where I could have done something more entertaining like watching toxic Gordon Ramsay. When movies like this get made, it prevents 2, 3, 4 real movies from getting made.....