Kalki 2898 - AD

Kalki 2898 - AD

Bhairava, weary of the oppressive confines of his homeland and the perilous life of a bounty hunter, yearns for a more comfortable existence in the Complex. His quest for a new life inadvertently entangles him with a group of rebels dedicated to freeing humanity from the grip of malevolent forces.

  • Released: 2024-01-12
  • Runtime: 175 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Stars: Prabhas, Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan, Disha Patani, Kamal Haasan, Pasupathy, Saswata Chatterjee, Rajendra Prasad, Anna Ben, Brahmanandam, Keerthy Suresh, Harshith Malgireddy, Shobana
  • Director: Nag Ashwin
  • abhishekgowdaks - 4 July 2024
    Beyond Expectations
    Don't believe in the below 3 star reviews given by some knuckleheads who either don't understand the storyline or just want to show off that they don't believe in this culture by acting like westerners. Even westerners are loving this movie more than this sickular ones in India.

    Project K is #kalki now. Looks great in VFX CGI, Set Design, Costume, and Music. It will be a game changer for Indian cinema.

    The movie is well paced, people who are saying that the first half is slow and booring are used to Bollywood formula films and lack the required patience and attention span to appreciate cinematic concepts such as world building and character development... Personally, I really enjoyed the first half and the way they portrayed the Mahabharat flashback scenes is absolutely cinematic.

    The 2nd half is just amazingly action packed and seems to be unanimously liked by audience.

    To conclude, In my opinion, the movie deserves much better ratings than its getting, and it certainly doesn't deserve the hate it's getting from a certain section of audience, India needs more such cinemas, The CGI is finally catching up to Hollywood standards.
  • debrajdeep-55917 - 3 July 2024
    Futuristic storytelling of mythology
    Kalki 2898 AD is a futuristic movie as the title itself suggests, and the VFX and special effects were really set a new benchmark in this genre (at least for Indian Movies).

    Coming to Characters, good attention was given to each mythological characters, and Nag Ashwin didnt alter any facts or bring his own edits.

    The Mahabharata storytelling with the younger version of Amitabh and Vijay Devarakonda playing Arjun was a great work. The shadow-version of Lord Krishna was a great idea on the movie director's and casting director's part since they had to put a superior actor in that role and the movie isnt Krishna-centric.

    The twist on Prabhas' character was a goosebump-raiser towards the end.

    However, one thing that could have been avoided was the lengthy movie run time, so basically there could be some cuts from Prabhas' ''heropanti'' scenes in the first half. 3 hrs of run-time (3.30 hrs of total movie) is a long commitment...you need to keep a whole half-day free if you are booking the tickets!

    My rating = 7/10.