Set in the last days of World War II, a small band of Russian soldiers led by intelligence officer Brana Vasilyeva, who is tasked with trafficking the remains of Hitler back to Stalin in Russia. En route, the unit is attacked by German ‘Werewolf’ partisans and picked off one-by-one. Brana leads her surviving comrades in a last stand to ensure their ‘cargo’ doesn’t fall into the hands of those who would see it buried in order to hide the truth forever.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Horror, Thrillers, War
  • Stars: Charlotte Vega, Barry Ward, Daniel Renton Skinner, Bill Milner, Harriet Walter, Tom Felton, Kristjan Üksküla, David Alexander, Niall Murphy, Ester Kuntu, Bashka Forrest, Hendrik Toompere Jr. Jr., Sten Karpov, Tambet Tuisk, Jürjo Võisula, Elsa, Kristo Viiding, Maksim Demidov, Sergei Furmanjuk, Tõnu Jää, Heiki Muda, Andres Paal, Jaan Rekkor, Kimberley Howson, Lill Tamm, Enar Tarmo, Margus Ill-Illik, Kalev Keeroja, Gerhard Saks, Jüri Štšetinin, Raido Reimann
  • Director: Ben Parker
  • ronbailey-21425 - 2 July 2023
    Misleading! The horror is I watched this retched film.
    Sorry I had to copy and paste BA Harristons review but I couldn't come up with the required 600 words to say what an awful film this was. The horror part was this film is actually out for viewing. Starring Tom Felton: that was enough to raise red flags, but I was willing to give the film a chance -- after all, surely a WWII film with werewolves can't be all bad. Sadly, despite the film premiering at London's FrightFest, Burial isn't a horror film at all: the werewolves in question aren't of the hairy, fanged, supernatural kind, but are instead German resistance fighters (known as Werwolf). This is a war film, and a bloody boring one at that.
  • arthur_tafero - 19 October 2022
    Unintentional Comedy - Burial
    What brilliant bureaucrat bought this script for the studio? They must surely be unemployed by now. There are no actors or directors for this film; just people moving around and spouting dialogue. The werewolf scenes are pretty funny, though. But I believe the writer intended them to be serious. The plot is based on historical fact; Stalin was a hard guy to please. Hitler's death, by the way, was verified by a German dentist's assistant. Stalin's reward was eight years imprisonment for her. So these bones meant nothing without the dental records. So, basically, the plot of the film is useless as well.
  • sidrova5543 - 2 September 2022
    Save yourself from this abomination
    I have watched some howlers in my time, but I always look for a redeeming feature. Sharknado is a self-aware piece of silliness, Plan 9 is delightfully insane. This, however, is the product of a challenged individual who should be finger painting in a secure environment.

    It is devoid of accuracy, intelligence, artistry, originality, imagination (other than a foetid one ), and a scintilla of talent.

    The actors must have desperately needed the money. The writer/director should go and work where he can no longer inflict suffering on innocent viewers.

    Had I been able to give a minus score, I would have done so. This travesty stinks as much as Hitler's corpse.

    If you care to look into what actually happened to ' Dolphie's ' remains, you will see the true potential of an accurate portrayal has.