Father Christmas Is Back

Father Christmas Is Back

Four sisters – Caroline, Joanna, Paulina, and Vicky – reunite for the Christmas Holiday in a Yorkshire mansion. However, their estranged father, James, joins in for the first time since he left the family behind decades prior. The group attempts to get through the holiday despite comedic misunderstandings, while also uncovering the long-buried secret that tore their family apart, so many years ago.

  • Released: 2021-11-07
  • Runtime: 105 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Family
  • Stars: Nathalie Cox, Talulah Riley, Elizabeth Hurley, Kelsey Grammer, John Cleese, Caroline Quentin, April Bowlby, Kris Marshall, Ray Fearon, Katy Brand, Ania Marson, Naomi Frederick, Amelie Prescott, Janie Booth, Bryan Samson
  • Director: Philippe Martinez, Mick Davis
  • ferinkyra-93268 - 16 December 2023
    So much potential, but just really bad
    I decided to sit through this movie even though after the first 20 minutes it became painfully obvious that this movie was going to be terrible. Everything is absurdly overacted by most of the cast (except save the oldest three cast members) and it could be campy, but it wasn't. It's like it attempted to be campy but couldn't find it. The score is terrible, like a Hallmark movie meets a Loonie Toons score. The story isn't great, it has some moments but the resolution was pretty unbelievable (spoiler: you're telling me that if you found out your uncle was your dad in your late twenties/early thirties you wouldn't be upset at all? Just "it's going to be weird calling you dad now"...). It's just really disappointing overall because with a cast this good, it should have been a banger.
  • boself - 30 December 2022
    Dear ones, where to start? Because I just don't know. I watched the whole thing and loved the actors and characters. The set was amazing as well with a fun story. But something was just off. And I can't tell what it was. I felt cringe to be honest. You know when you go to your child's Christmas play and you love the effort that was put into it, you love the tiny little players and everybody who worked so hard in making it happen, but still you felt a bit cringe.

    It just didn't add up for me. Was it the writing? Were the actors fighting back stage? Did they not want to do this but were contractually forced? Only God knows. The people who watched the movie will know what I mean.

    5,5 stars for effort and great cast.
  • jgd1 - 10 December 2022
    This is horribly, horribly bad!

    I'm not sure exactly what went wrong with this movie, because on paper there's an okay story and a solid cast. However, the movie is a complete disaster.

    In fact, the story plays out like a series of unrelated scenes edited togethers with no sense of rythm. The characters are largely unlikeable and the movie lacks basic character development. At the same time, most of the jokes fall flat, mainly due to questionable timing in the editing.

    The music score is also oddly fragmented and almost everyone involved overacts, with the exception of Caroline Quentin and Kris Marshall, who both deliver solid performances.

    Overall, the movie is fascinatingly awful! Like a Christmas version of Sharknado.
  • scotrutherford - 3 January 2022
    Fun Christmas Comedy
    I've added it to my annual Christmas watch list and proof that Elizabeth Hurley must be a vampire. Still smoking hot at (see her bio) years old. Loved seeing John Cleese and Kelsey Grammar in the same film. It was fun to watch and not preachy. I especially liked the dietary selections for the vegan character as provided by John Cleese.
  • robhutchings-62496 - 24 December 2021
    No Christmas spirit can save this dreadful movie. It's one of those rarities where you wonder how this was made and why such credible names didn't walk out.