Day Shift

An LA vampire hunter has a week to come up with the cash to pay for his kid's tuition and braces. Trying to make a living these days just might kill him.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror
  • Stars: Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Meagan Good, Karla Souza, Steve Howey, Scott Adkins, Snoop Dogg, Eric Lange, Zion Broadnax, Oliver Masucci, C.S. Lee, Tetiana Gaidar, Peter Stormare, Danielle Kennedy, Shai Debroux, Massi Furlan
  • Director: J.J. Perry
  • dawidskrodzki - 13 November 2023
    Surprisingly fun comedy with some great action
    I don't usually watch movies like this: big names, silly jokes, over-the-top action. Not my thing at all, and I only started watching it accidentally (well played, Netflix). Yet, I somehow enjoyed it, and here's why (I think).

    The two protagonists have great chemistry, and the characters are likable and fun to watch. In some ways, it reminded me of Men in Black. The dialogue is actually really good for this kind of movie. While it's still a bit cheesy, and not all the jokes are laugh-out-loud, it manages to stay away from being cringe-worthy. I was very surprised that I didn't roll my eyes even once, even though with this kind of movie, it should be a normal and frequent occurrence. One of the biggest strengths is that it doesn't take itself too seriously at any point. Whether it's dialog, fights or car chases.

    Now, I have to admit that the action was absolutely top-notch, even though I don't care about action movies much. There's something appealing and fun about the comical brutality of expertly choreographed fights in Day Shift. In a way, it's like a mix of John Wick, The Boys, and From Dusk till Dawn. The usage of drones for car chase scenes makes them feel fresh and exhilarating.

    The overall story was simple but effective. I actually liked that certain things were taken for granted and not over-explained. However, this movie is not about the story or world-building but about its fun characters. For instance it has Snoop Dogg with a cowboy hat and a minigun, and that certainly counts for something.

    Overall, I would recommend this movie, and that says a lot coming from me, trust me. Especially for people who love some crazy fantasy action with a good dose of comedy.
  • vithiet - 28 May 2023
    Very fun for what it is.
    This movie is exactly what it set out to be: not an award winning flick by a long shot but just pure action cheesy vampire comedy movie. The fight scenes are well choreographed with some originality to them. Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco are great, the rest of the cast is pretty amateurish (yes, that includes Snoop Dogg). And the script is a bit of a disaster. But again, the whole point of the movie is to provide mindless, fun entertainment and on that front it really delivers. So just turn your brain off for a bit, grab your favorite beverage of choice (it helps if it's booze), sit back and just let it happen and you'll have a good time.
  • Vivekmaru45 - 8 January 2023
    Enjoyed the Blade Trilogy more than this.
    Poor vampire film with questionable direction and special effects. This movie is a hybrid action-comedy-horror-thriller. Jamie Foxx is the lead actor who plays a a pool cleaner and vampire hunter by day. He has kept his vampire hunting a secret from his family.

    Soon he is given a rookie to mentor called Seth(played by Dave Franco the younger brother of actor James Franco). These two are soon thrown into a bizarre series of events.

    I have seen a job lot of vampire films in my time and a good start would be Nosferatu(1922) followed by the Dracula Hammer horror films. There is a British TV movie Count Dracula worth mentioning here and Vampire 1979( a masterpiece and I considered it a honor to watch it in my youth as it was broadcast on the only local TV station we had during those days).

    Nosferatu the Dracula 1979, Vampyre 1979 and Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula are good art-style horror movies with gothic atmosphere.

    If you have watched all the Blade horror films including the Blade animated series then I would suggest giving this a hard pass. Also worth mentioning are two animated features Dracula Sovereign Of The Damned and Vampire Hunter D(the first and original one - not the remake).

    Among the modern vampire adaptations are To Die For 1989 and it's sequel Son of Darkness: To Die For II 1991. Fright Night 1985 and its direct sequel Fright Night 2 1988. Special mention to Lifeforce 1985 a sci-fi stylized action-horror masterpiece.

    John Carpenter made his Vampires(1998) another interesting take on modern vampire hunting. Indeed Day Shift is nothing but a cheap rip-off of the John Carpenter film. Vampires: Los Muertos 2002 is the sequel to the John Carpenter film and severely underrated. I have seen it and it's a very good film better than this Day Shift.

    I'm not a big fan of Jamie Foxx. No insult intended but I've seen better African American actors in my life: James Earl Jones, Sidney Poitier, Morgan Freeman, Paul Winfield, John Amos, Denzel Washington, Sherman Helmsley, Jimmy Walker, Charles Dutton. Take your pick. I respect Foxx for his portrayal of the late Ray Charles but nothing more. Special mention to Harrison Page for his role in Lionheart(1990). I'm also praising Samuel Jackson for his contribution to cinema, though personally, I only like a few of his films. Ken Foree(Dawn Of The Dead) Tony Todd(Candyman) are horror legends.

    So now, with all the aforementioned movies above, you'll have your hands full watching horror movies you've missed.
  • hristokasabov - 21 November 2022
    Actually very good movie...
    Wow Netflix can make good movies i cant remember the previous good movie from Netflix. This movie has a lot of blood but this is the charm of this type of movie. The story was good i was shocked because this is Netfix movie. Jamie Foxx doesnt have bad movie he is alway on top.

    The moment when brothers Nazarian came and i see Scott Adkins i actually ,,pee my pants''. Snoop Dog was actually not bad he play like bad boy and the movie was totally for him. Dave Franco was good in this movie.

    When i see this movie and the cast in my head comes the cast of ,,The Gray Man'' again Netfilx production but terrible performance.
  • shroomanp - 22 October 2022
    Looks like fun's back on the menu boys...!
    Grab some garlic flavoured popcorn, switch off your brain, and enjoy the ride.

    With some great comedic turns from Dave Franco, Scott Adkins, the fantastic Pete Stormare, and the legendary Snoop Dogg, if you don't laugh at this, then you're already (un)dead.

    Jamie Foxx shows yet again that he has remarkable comic timing, and the sight of the Oscar winner in an old ladies dress was just the beginning.

    Throw in some great action set-pieces, and it's well worth a couple of hours of your time, so ignore the low scores posted by people over analysing it- Roger Ebert's dead, so god knows who they're trying to impress- grab some popcorn and just enjoy the ride!

    If there's a part two..?

    I'd be up for watching it.... A fun 8/10.

  • wubbelflup - 30 September 2022
    watched it blindly without prep, so much fun.
    So glad i did no research whatsoever. Laughed my %$# off and my lil bro too. Didn't even read the bio, just clicked, watched.

    I could go in depth but it's just plain fun.

    SFX's are way too good tho and so is the action, absolutely legit!

    Then again, directed by a stunt man so.. to be expected.

    I don't really give stuff a 10 normally but.. what tf more could i expect lmao.

    It a story bout a pool cleaner named bud who hunts vampires with snoop dog.

    Also the characters.. so in depth. Acting is legit too.

    Well.. except for snoop, he's just snoop.

    Apparently i need more characters so have the lyrics to the ending song:

    Mowing down vans with my best friend Bud

    Mowing down vans with my best friend Bud Mowing down vans with my best friend Bud

    Yeah, ay I think I just missed my flight see through the lights light 'Cause we been on champagne all damn night It's a masquerade Came thirty-deep in the Escalade Then I turned her she better bring her friends I'm stuck in the middle like Malcolm again

    Woo, that's my best friend Woo, no wedding But if I did Then Bud'd have to be my best man Hit me

    Mowing down vans with my best friend Bud Hit me Mowing down vans with my best friend Bud Hit me Best friend Bud, with my best friend Bud Bud...

    Everybody's here BSB Boys Sam

    We 'bout to get the party started Everybody, get they vampire license ([?]) mowing down vans (Here we go) with my best friend Bud Hit me

    She got her veins out But my shotgun van 'bout to ring out Blow her whole brains out [?] pouring champagne out [?] pulling things out Million dollar wheel 'bout to sing out Tell the world but a [?] named buddy Pissed as hell and be out of love

    Mowing down vans with my best friend Bud Hit me Mowing down vans with my best friend Bud Hit me Hold up, hold up Mowing down vans with my best friend Bud, Bud

    Look into my eyes and tell me what it is you see I can see the obstacles before they hinder me Ain't running from the party, party Ain't scared of nobody, body Ain't afraid to lose control I'm mowing down vans with my best friend Bud

    Mowing down vans with my best friend Bud Hit me Mowing down vans with my best friend Bud Hit me Mowing down vans with my best friend Bud Hit me Switch it up Mowing down vans with my best friend Bud.