The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

The fearless one-eyed weasel Buck teams up with mischievous possum brothers Crash & Eddie as they head off on a new adventure into Buck's home: The Dinosaur World.

  • Released: 2022-01-28
  • Runtime: 82 minutes
  • Genre: Adventure, Animation, Comedy
  • Stars: Simon Pegg, Vincent Tong, Aaron Harris, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Justina Machado, Sean Kenin, Dominique Jennings, Jake Green, Skyler Stone
  • Director: John C. Donkin
  • klausbrsp - 29 July 2023
    So bad
    Watching it for the first time, is it a movie atrocity like people say? It doesn't start with Scrat, it's already a step forward. The animation seems to have gotten uglier. It looks like a reboot. Cade's Manny's daughter and Sid's grandma. Scrat I don't care. Uninteresting and bland story so far. The dinosaur, mother of Sid's children, has returned. Literally Buck changed his personality. It's too bad to keep up with the two skunks, they are very boring and dull. What a bad ending to the conflict. Conclusion: I don't like to agree with people but this movie is extremely inferior to the other Ice Age, I didn't laugh once. I am in doubt which is the worst Blue Sky film: this or Spies in Disguise. Film Watched July 29, 2023.
  • juliemaryhappier - 30 August 2022
    A film that puts us on the right track
    I have noticed that the vast majority of films have nothing original lately. Everything is based on mature notions and lacking a life lesson. Although the action of the film seems a little trivial, taking into account the negative character, there is still a lesson that the viewers can learn. Buck is my favorite character and I would really like to see him in future films. Also, Zee is a pleasant presence. I watched this movie 5 times and I never get bored. I would still prefer a little more suspense and a new setting. It's the second film about the Lost World, and the other characters haven't really appeared. I hope that Ice Age 7 will contain more action, comedy and even new characters.
  • Spunro - 20 June 2022
    Shockingly Bad
    I don't even know where to start on this, this is so bad that even I, a person who enjoyed Continental Drift and Collision Course thinks it's terrible. It's not even so bad that it's funny. It's just... bad.

    This geniunely feels like a punishment to watch, i'd rather do every single chore in the house than lay my eyes onto this "movie." I highly doubt even a small child would watch this and enjoy it. 5 minutes in and I already wanted to turn it off, but continued because I wanted to complete the Ice Age series. So now, let's talk about how horrifyingly terrible this movie was.

    First of all let's start with the plot. Spoilers ahead!

    The movie begins with Ellie explaining the stories from the previous Ice Age films as if we forgot for some reason, then it actually begins. From what I could gather, the storyline is that Crash and Eddie are willing to prove that they can be independant after having a montage of them with their own ice cave dancing in expensive clothes to rap music. Yeah... I was not prepared for this level of cringe. Yikes. Anyways, the rest of the Ice Age gang, particulary Manny, doubts that they could live on their own. So Crash and Eddie sneak off in the middle of the night and find themselves in The Lost World. They run into Buck and tell him everything and things seem to be going fine until we learn about this dude called Orson. Just some weird triceratops/t-rex hybrid with an abnormally large brain. Also the "villian got bullied in childhood and now wants to rule the world" trope. Then we learn about how Buck used to be part of some superhero-group thing that he never mentioned in the previous films so uhh... yeah cool whatever. Then this weird skunk-thing (forgot the species) named Zee comes along and we find out that she's friends with Buck. The two basically just fight throughout the entire movie. One thing I did like though, is that Zee doesn't only exist to be a lady-friend for Buck and they are just friends. It was refreshing as I was expecting them to be put into a forced relationship like Diego/Shira, Sid/Brooke, Peaches/Julian, and so on. So the four of them find out that Orson has recruited a heck-ton of weird-looking raptors to help him with his generic and predicatable plans. I actually had to turn this film off half-way through because I found it really boring. Once I was ready to continue, we have a generic fighting scene and woohoo! Orson is defeated! Wowie!

    This now brings me to the next thing. Animation. Uhh... yikes.

    The animation somehow looks worse than that of the first Ice Age film, that was literally Blue Sky's first ever movie with very limited technology available. This one was made by DISNEY, let that sink in. The fur textures look really gross to me and don't really work for anyone except from Manny. For some reason, Sid looks noticeably different to me to the point where it's really distracting. I've also noticed there's a lot less emotion in the movement of the characters. Watch a clip of Buck from Ice Age 3 and then watch a clip of him from this movie. It looks like they are wooden figures/robots with very limited mobility. At first before diving deeper, I actually thought this would be a spin-off series like All Hail King Julien. The animation style and visuals just gave off that vibe.

    Now, the voice acting. As a lot of the other reviews have pointed out, all of the voice actors were recast except from Buck's. Some of the new actors sound close, but a lot of them sound really off. Not saying these actors are bad, it's just I don't think they really match the character's voices from the previous films.

    Missing characters? One of the first thing I noticed was that during Ellie's segment about the previous films and her family, Peaches is not mentioned at all. Some people have just assumed that it's because this movie takes place before Ice Age 3, so Peaches had not been born yet. Personally, I don't believe this because when the possums arrive they already know and recognise Buck. A lot of the characters from the previous films seem to be missing too, such as: Granny, Julian, Shira, Brooke, The llama (forgot his name, sorry!), Rudy and the three dinosaur babies. The majority of these characters I really could not care less about but it was very disappointing not seeing Peaches and Granny especially. Also, very noticeably, Scrat is missing. That's right, Scrat does not appear a single time in this movie.

    And now, a mini-rant about this movie's main villian. I really disliked this villian. He looks and sounds absolutely ridiculous and not in the good way, his intentions are bland and overused with the generic "i want to take over the world" trope. I think the return of Rudy would be much better than this. We never even learn why exactly he wants to take over the world. The only explanation that we really get is that he wants to prove to the people who bullied him as a child that his big brain is an advantage. The message is good in all, but could've definitely been executed a whole lot better.

    That's all folks! Thanks for reading my review :)