Justice Society: World War II

Justice Society: World War II

When the Flash finds himself dropped into the middle of World War II, he joins forces with Wonder Woman and her top-secret team known as the Justice Society of America.

  • Released: 2021-04-27
  • Runtime: 84 minutes
  • Genre: Animation, War
  • Stars: Stana Katic, Matt Bomer, Chris Diamantopoulos, Darren Criss, Elysia Rotaru, Omid Abtahi, Armen Taylor, Matthew Mercer, Liam McIntyre, Geoffrey Arend, Darin De Paul, Ashleigh LaThrop, Keith Ferguson
  • Director: Jeff Wamester
  • ThunderKing6 - 29 January 2023
    No batman and no batman references. Thanks.
    January 29 2023 this review was written and typed.

    About: An unclear Earth Flash teleports to another Earth right in the middle of a war. He meets the Justice Society of America.

    Story, characters and Production: The story was decent though it could have used more. Elbow grease.

    Characters not really fleshed out. Average DC followers like me spent most of the movie searching DC comics information to fill in the blanks. For example isn't Wonder Woman on both JLA and JL. Why doesn't modern day Flash know a Wonder Woman? What earth's are these characters from?

    Though I searched many questions remain unanswered.

    The production was fine, still it lacked substance and development.

    Villian: very 1D. I didn't quite understand his motives.

    Highlight: Though I thought Barry and Garrick would spark a connection they did not. Each hero was ok. The Villian was meh.

    Genre: Superhero, animation, history

    Soundtrack: It's typical good.

    What can be learned?: if you get lost into another universe. Ask for directions.

    Should you watch this?: Sure. It's not the best but I thought it was a good flick.
  • jfall999-354-239084 - 6 January 2022
    Enjoyable as it is but not...
    Not if you're a die hard comic fan. I found the portrayal of Steve to be foolish and horny teenager like and Barry played like he's only had his powers for like a week, when he clearly referenced having his powers for years , is foolish let's not forget to mention how he acts like he's lacking in common sense let alone knowledge of historical events. Disappointed.
  • shakedatjunk - 13 August 2021
    Literally amazing
    The negative and lukewarm reviews for this movie are ridiculous. This movie is fantastic. I love how this is an alternate version of the comics Golden Era of Earth 2 Incredibly engaging with a very good plot and story, great character interactions, amazing action and fight sequences especially between Aquaman and Wonder Woman, beautiful art and animation, eargasmic sound design, and leaves very intriguing questions and plot threads open for movies to come. The mystery of Doctor Fate's words and why Flash was sent there and other very intriguing questions are still to be answered.

    The emotional moments of this movie are fantastic. Moments of great hype and triumph but also sad and tear inducing moments. Very good ending even though has some similarities to Man of Tomorrow ending.

    This movie probably has a lower rating because they don't realize it's part of a new continuity of movies or people just aren't used to the retro comic type character designs. I'm loving this new continuity so far and am so excited for the movies to come.

    Great to see Barry Flash be the main character which we haven't seen since Flashpoint Paradox. I wonder if we'll ever see him remember the previous continuities he's had to reset and how he will deal with that emotionally.

    8.5/10 not quite as strong as some of the best DC films but is still great. Also due to it starting some plots, not everything could be resolved this movie.