14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible

14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible

In 2019, Nepalese mountain climber Nirmal “Nims” Purja set out to do the unthinkable by climbing the world’s fourteen highest summits in less than seven months. (The previous record was eight years). He called the effort “Project Possible 14/7” and saw it as a way to inspire others to strive for greater heights in any pursuit. The film follows his team as they seek to defy naysayers and push the limits of human endurance.

  • Released: 2021-11-12
  • Runtime: 99 minutes
  • Genre: Documentaries
  • Stars: Nirmal Purja, Jimmy Chin, Reinhold Messner, Klára Kolouchová, Conrad Anker
  • Director: Torquil Jones
  • Donica-15390 - 18 January 2023
    Incredibile, inspiring, motivating!
    Jawdropping! Seriously, I can barely find words except to say that I never have joined IMDB in my 24 years of knowing about it, until now. I had to leave a review to promote such a great film and great project. Whether you're and adventurer or someone who is sick, this movie will inspire you. The Nepalese people will inspire mankind. Watching this reminds me, reminds my body, that I can do anything I set my mind to, and reminds my body that it has the power to do such incredible, powerful things. And like he said, with the right leadership we can do anything. Thank you for showing the world. The Nepalese people need more credit in this world too. They are such strong people. Incredibly strong!
  • rain-41190 - 19 April 2022
    Most inspiring and empowering documentary
    A simple guy from third world country like Nepal who is unknown, simply nobody for rest of the world yet he dreamt something impossible, something so crazy that a normal human wouldn't even dare to dream in the dream, but he named it "Project Possible" and worked toward his goal one step at a time. Let's just say "One mountain at a time!" To climb one peak that's above 8000m is itself a biggest challenge and biggest achievement but Nims conquer all 14 peaks in six months and six days!!!! Let's just pause there for a moment.......and let it sink in!

    The boy who was unknown become world first person to do it all 14 peaks in such a short period of time! He is actually the Usain bolt of 8000m. And this record will be really tough to break by another human being!

    For me personally I have utmost respect and all my gratitude to Nim's mother and his wife, who believed in him and supported him all the way to the finish line. Really emotional moment when his mother came to congratulate him at the end, that was one of the best moment for me.

    That's all from me. Really enjoyed and looking for to see Nims next adventures.

    Jai Nepal!!!! You made us proud brother! My utmost respect to you and your family!
  • rannynm - 22 February 2022
    Intense Emotional Journey Pushing The Limits Of Human Endurance
    I really like 14 Peaks: Nothing is Impossible. It's an intense emotional documentary film that highlights the reality of mountain climbing. Most importantly, it showcases the ability that a human being has.

    This film follows the journey of Nimsdai Purja as he manages to climb the world's 14 highest and most dangerous mountains in just a few months. He calls his mission "Project Possible," and we see the reality of this challenge and how it affects his life. However, Nimsdai's confidence, courage and hope inspire his team to help him break this record.

    Something I enjoy about this film is its structure. Throughout the movie there is footage of Nimsdai climbing the mountains, as well as background information. The director really makes sure that the audience has enough information about climbing to fully understand the film. They also interview some important people in Nimsdai's life, in order to help us understand him better. Another thing that really stands out is the quality of the movie. Even during the shots of the climbers high up in the mountains with snow blowing from every angle, you can still see what is going on. The entire film feels very ready for the big screen; even though most of the mountain shots aren't filmed by professionals, they are definitely remarkable.

    The message of this documentary film is that you can achieve anything you put your mind to, even if it seems impossible. This film does include some profanity.

    I give 14 Peeks: Nothing is Impossible 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 11 to 18, plus adults. You can watch 14 Peeks: Nothing is Impossible on Netflix starting November 29, 2021. By Mikella G., KIDS FIRST!