The Sleepless Unrest

The Sleepless Unrest

Filmmakers and paranormal investigators spend two weeks in the world-famous home that inspired the horror movie "The Conjuring."

  • Released: 2021-07-16
  • Runtime: 81 minutes
  • Genre: Documentaries, Horror, Mystery
  • Stars: Kendall Whelpton, Vera Whelpton, Brian Murray, Cory Heinzen, Richel Stratton, Jennifer Heinzen, John Huntington
  • Director: Kendall Whelpton, Vera Whelpton
  • proctorme - 23 January 2023
    Scared Stupid...nope...just stupid
    In a way, I would have to agree that 120 minutes of a collection of various selfie videos is too much. On the other hand the amount of whispering into a camera mic 3in from your face is impressive. This movie is a Xmas gift that you saved for last thinking it was what you wanted all morning long...turns out, it was just a pair of socks.

    My favorite part BY FAR was finding a nail in the attic of a 300 year old house , it being passed around, all the while building a dramatic pause to say "That's hand forged!" I'm still laughing , well done!

    If you watch this movie as a comedy , or better yet...mute the audio and have a few cocktails and dub over with your own voice or friends . It actually is quite enjoyable.

    *Please note the spoilers below to help speed watch to the scares.



    That is all.
  • CptnBetty - 20 July 2022
    Pretty boring, long, house inspection
    The title says it all. Boring. Nothing really happens. You never hear any of the "sounds" they reportedly hear and, as others have pointed out, the added sounds effects actually deter from any real evidence. It's a must skip.
  • stevelilhasz - 29 March 2022
    Beyond boring
    Doors open, it's an old house!

    Lights in the trees, the wind is blowing the branches so you see other peoples lights!

    A tomb stone "slammed against the tree, the tree grew up A motion sensor on the floor went off, MICE!!!!

    This is about all you will see in this movie. And, all can be explained.

    Waste of time watching. Scariest thing is the loud background music.