Gasoline Alley

A man implicated in the triple homicide of three Hollywood starlets begins his own investigation. Needing assistance, he enlists the two detectives on his tail in order to expose a conspiracy more explosive than any of them imagined.

  • Released: 2022-02-25
  • Runtime: 97 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Thrillers
  • Stars: Devon Sawa, Bruce Willis, Luke Wilson, Kat Foster, Sufe Bradshaw, Johnny Dowers, Kenny Wormald, Rick Salomon, Terry Curry, Angie Pack, Rick Salomon, Carrington Brooke Durham
  • Director: Edward Drake
  • meghanndotta - 26 September 2022
    Just wanted to add something....
    Bruce Willis has been diagnosed with aphasia. It's a disorder that affects your speech. So it's not just because he's old or just phoning it in. It's sad how many people are so cruel and judgmental before considering their words first. He's made some incredible films and not so long ago. Red, for instance. He was great in that one. And obviously the man is a legend for Die Hard, alone. Let's give him his props. This movie isn't his fault. I mean, he was hardly in it anyway. I was actually excited to see Devon Sawa. I'm glad I'm seeing him more these days. I hope he gets some more and better projects in the future. He's a good actor. Better than Luke Wilson,, just my opinion. This film could have been better. So that's always a disappointment. But keep in mind, it has a great audience score. You might enjoy it. I'm definitely not mad I watched and it certainly wasn't a waste of time.
  • rfieldj - 30 June 2022
    I'll Spare you the Details
    This is another really, really bad movie and it could have been so much better. I think Bruce and Luke did okay, but that Sawa was the worst, in my opinion. I think Bruce deserved better than this.
  • paul_haakonsen - 5 May 2022
    Mundane in every aspect...
    Another month, another direct-to-video release starring Bruce Willis.

    Yet, I still opted to sit down and watch "Gasoline Alley", on the account that it was a movie that I hadn't already seen. And I do believe in giving a movie a fair chance. And I figured that a movie that had the likes of Devon Sava, Bruce Willis and Luke Wilson on the cast list actually stood a fair chance of having something worthwhile to offer.

    However, the storyline in "Gasoline Alley", as written by Edward Drake and Tom Sierchio, turned out to be a rather generic mash of an action thriller, with a surprise lack of thriller elements. As for the action, well it was there, but it was hardly enough to lift up the lack of properly thought through contents of a storyline.

    What went wrong with "Gasoline Alley", was having a subpar storyline which turned out to revolve around events that I just didn't care an ounce for. But also from having a rather bland and pointless character gallery. The characters in the movie were one dimensional, and I just simply didn't invest anything into their stories, so it made for utter generic mannequins that milled about on the screen.

    For an action thriller then "Gasoline Alley" was a swing and a miss, and there are far, far better movies readily available out there in the action thriller genre, should you fancy that. So "Gasoline Alley" is not a movie that I would recommend you waste your time on, unless you are a die-hard fan of any of the actors on the cast list.

    I will say that the acting performances in the movie were actually fair enough, and Devon Sava and Luke Wilson definitely showed that they had their hearts in the project, just a shame that they had nothing to work with in terms of script, storyline and characters. Bruce Willis on the other hand, well let's just say that he was there.

    My rating of "Gasoline Alley", from director Edward Drake, lands on a generous three out of ten stars.