Poker Face

A yearly high-stakes poker game between childhood friends turns into chaos when the tech billionaire host unveils an elaborate scheme to seek revenge for the ways they've betrayed him over the years. But as his plans unfold, a group of thieves hatch plans of their own breaking into the mansion thinking it is empty. The old friends quickly band together and the years of playing the game help them win their way through a night of terror.

  • Released: 2022-11-16
  • Runtime: 95 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Thrillers
  • Stars: Russell Crowe, Liam Hemsworth, RZA, Brooke Satchwell, Aden Young, Steve Bastoni, Daniel MacPherson, Elsa Pataky, Jack Thompson, Jacqueline McKenzie, Lynn Gilmartin, Matt Nable, Benedict Hardie, Paul Tassone, Molly Grace, Addam Bramich, Jemima Quinn, Oscar Mitchell, Zara Zoe, Lucy Lock
  • Director: Russell Crowe
  • weed_1100 - 3 January 2024
    5.2/10 is harsh
    I really liked it, i give it 6.5/10 just because its short, if it had been 30 mins longer it would probably be a 7 or 7.5/10.

    Its a good story, good acting but the climax where things get revealed was wrapped up too quickly. The characters barely got enough time to sit with the information, things just quickly spilt over and then they quickly moved on to the next act. The character spent more time planning the evening than the reveal. I didnt like that they gave more screen time for the beginning and end than the middle (the reveal and reactions) which i wanted to see more of.

    Worth the watch... deserves 6.5/10, they probably spent too much time editing and cutting scenes.
  • deacon_blues-88632 - 2 June 2023
    Not a film for the impatient or shallow
    I guess the insightful aspects of a film like poker face are largely lost on the current impatient and deplorably shallow generation of film audiences.

    It's not a great film by any means, but neither is it a mediocre film.

    The last wishes of a wealthy, beneficent man for his family and close friends should be a subject that would interest all thoughtful humans. But, alas, it's not so. The righting of wrongs and the setting of wayward feet back on the path to wholeness seems also to have limited appeal.

    For this self absorbed, foolish generation, so obsessed with affirming delusions that are merely the products of their own perverse imaginations, objective human reality holds little interest. Only ever greater excitement and perverse thrills holds any fascination for these jaded and perversely self-mutilated souls.

    We can only pity such creatures, for their fate is much worse than a man with a terminal physical illness; theirs is a terminal illness of the spirit!
  • petaalaban - 9 January 2023
    So much potential
    This movie started out very lighthearted; however slightly disjointed all at the same time. It then builds into that action thriller I was hoping for....only to come crashing down.

    So much potential to be an incredible action thriller with such a great cast; however it definitely fell short. No story line seemed to be completed, the movie just ended and it felt like it was being put together in a rushed fashion whilst hoping for the best.

    I gave it 3 stars due to the locations used and the first 20 mins, plus some of the acting was ok. Definitely wouldn't bother watching or recommending. Such a shame as I was so excited for an Australian Movie to really impress.
  • FixedYourEnding - 22 December 2022
    Not much action, not much crime and not very thrilling
    This movie serves you with a triple dose of Russell Crowe. Acting, directing and screenplay. Let me tell you, there are very few people that talented on earth that can do all three successfully, and Crowe is not one of them. Other than beautiful scenery, cars, architecture and art you don't get much here. If you are satisfied with just that you might be ok with this movie, but if you are looking for a good thriller, look somewhere else.

    Couple of things I disliked about this movie: 1. It's kinda boring and the overall action is silly. 2. The casting was done based on popularity and not based on fit for the role (RZA, Liam Hemsworth). Also, if you have a group of childhood friends, should they not be at the same age as grown-ups? The characters are all annoying. Morally deficient and thus failing to pull any emotions from the viewers. You are rich and made all the wrong decisions, who cares.

    Third thing is the Poker. I think Poker fans will be really disappointed by this movie, having the name and the art suggest it is something to do with high-level card game, but other than a random event here and there, there is really nothing to do with poker, and really doesn't showcase the professionalism behind a Texas-Holdem game for example. In short, if you intend to watch this movie for some nice poker moves, you will be deeply disappointed.

    Some good points: If you are an art lover, there are a few dialogues there discussing art in an interesting way and also I really liked the first 10 minutes intro of the movie, unfortunately it goes downhill from there, all the way to a predictable and pointless ending. Even the cars are boring and the car race is pointless and un-exciting, to the point where it feels production was careful not to risk scratching the cars before returning them to the rental car agency.

    To sum up- don't spend your time and hard earned money on this one. Exact score: 44 / 100.
  • tkatsoufris - 8 December 2022
    I really don't get the people who did not enjoy the film. Nobody claims that it is a masterpiece. Not even that it is remarkable in any way. Nevertheless,the cast and the plot make it entertaining at least. I think,though I am far from sure the the idea belongs to him, Matthew Arnold once said that any art to be enjoyed begs for suspension of disbelief. Suspend,therefore, any disbelief and go and enjoy a non-demanding,well acted,adequately directed film without compulsively seeking compulsively more where there is not any. Or,alternatively,don't even bother attending the movie. Easily a 6-7 grading. I have seen quite a lot far worse!!!!
  • melissahmcgrath - 30 November 2022
    Pleasantly surprised
    Interesting script, couldn't stop watching and I watch a lot of movies so not easily impressed. I'm an English teacher so I look out for interesting elements and it had plenty.

    Men and women alike will enjoy I believe. Its there for entertainment, not to be some epic drama like Crowe is known for.

    Nice scenery, a mix of characters each bringing their own thing.

    Not quite sure what those putting it down want. You will definately enjoy more if Australian due to all the Aussie actors but overall anyone appreciating suspense won't be disappointed. We have to write a ridiculous amount of words here thus why I'm still typing.
  • david-3165 - 26 November 2022
    We'll produced and could be good but odd plot choices
    Poker Face could have been great. I have no idea why the writers introduced the art thieves. It was completely irrelevant to an otherwise intriguing story.

    The concept of childhood connections and making good with them was great. Liam Hemsworth was unrecognisable as the alcoholic friend.

    I wish the movie focused more on why the guys were life long friends. Adding in unrequited drama with a completely irrelevant heist narrative did not help this movie.

    Bang on sets and good performances make this watchable. I left satisfied with the ending, but wishing more effort was put into the background story of the mega millionaire's friends.