When his daughter is murdered, William Duncan takes the law into his own hands, setting out on a quest for retribution. After killing the street thug responsible for her death, he finds himself in the middle of a war with the thug's brother, father, and their gang, who are equally hell-bent on getting even. What ensues is a tense back-and-forth game of vengeance. By the end, William comes to find that the quest for revenge never has a winner.

  • Released: 2022-05-17
  • Runtime: 96 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Thrillers
  • Stars: Clive Standen, Theo Rossi, Mike Tyson, Thomas Jane, Bruce Willis, Maddie Nichols, Cabot Basden, Randy Gonzalez, Kurt Yue, Lauren Buglioli, Dustin Lewis, Caia Coley, Maury Morgan, Darryl Dillard, Jackie Moore, Derek Russo, Patrick Lamont Jr., Eric Buarque, Cindy L. Jefferson, Tamil Periasamy, Demetrius Stear, Jesse O'Neill, Nathan Hesse
  • Director: Jared Cohn
  • kevin-f-rooney - 13 November 2023
    Below Average Revenge Movie
    A revenge movie like many others but with a poor execution. Needed better characters and more continuity. Parts of it didn't make sense.

    Not sure who Thomas Jane was supposed to be. Some random guy who sells guns out of a motel. Who befriends him, defends him and knows Mike Tyson. Very random.

    Then there's the loyal hooker who seems to be in the right place the right time every time. Sees him going into the motel room so she calls the bad guy to tell him. However when they arrive they spend ages searching for him.

    Lastly, the bullets must be blanks because not a single shot hits anyone unless its point blank.
  • drjgardner - 18 December 2022
    Almost unbelievable
    In the seeming endless stream of meaningless so-called "action" films that Bruce Willis has cranked out unceremoniously in the past few years, this is one of the worst. But being "one of the worst" still puts it in a pretty big list of films, most of which include bad editing, incohesive scripts, jumps from day to night indiscriminately, and brief, dare I say, very brief, appearances by Willis, himself, in which he utters, quietly, no more than 100 lines per film. These films almost always, as in this film, feature him as a crime boss, and often, as in this film, someone with a family. Often again, as in this film, his son or wife or daughter gets hurt, but more often killed, and thankfully, in the last or next to last, Willis himself eats the bullet.

    Unless you enjoy cinematic pain, avoid this film.
  • Mr-Topshotta - 8 September 2022
    Directed and written by Jared Cohn. A runtime of one hour and thirty-six minutes. With a rated R rating, streaming on Hulu. "William Duncan" played by Clive Standen is taking his teenage daughter "Kat Duncan" played by Maddie Nichols for tacos. "Kat" just played a great softball game.

    What was supposed to be a routine thing? While William's wife "Jen Duncan" played by Lauren Buglioli waited home for them. Turned into something horrible.

    The "Fetter family", consists of "Donnie Fetter" played by Bruce Willis (the leader). His two sons "Rory Fetter" played by Theo Rossi who you might remember as playing "Juice" in "Sons of Anarchy". "Rory" younger brother "Danny Fetter" played by Cabot Basden.

    It's time for "Danny" to become a man and get initiated into the family(gang). They pick a random person to kill who happens to be "Kat". "William" her dad saw the whole thing and was able to stop "Danny" from getting away. After hearing from "Detective Chen" played by Kurt Yue and his lawyer. He realizes that "Danny" the person that killed his daughter, would get just a handful of years in prison.

    "William" decides to recant his statement. Deciding to become the judge and executioner himself. But once he carries out his vendetta all hell breaks loose. This town gets turned upside down as "William" a former Marine takes on the "Fetter Family". Getting some unlikely allies in the process "Dante" played by Thomas Jane. As well as "Roach" played by Mike Tyson in this action thriller.

    "Vendetta" was a decent film with a crappy ending. I won't lie, some Hulu-made Hulu films can be hit or miss. I was intrigued because the trailer looked good. It had Mike Tyson and Bruce Willis who is retired from acting now in it. I can't forget Theo aka "Juice" too.

    Those revenge-type films can be decent sometimes. The beginning and middle weren't that bad. I didn't like Thomas Jane's character. His accent was weird. Theo playing the gangster son with blonde hair was a bit much. I was still able to roll with it.

    I draw the line at that ending. It got so silly and stupid. It was unbelievable and too over the top with certain things. I hated how Mike Tyson's character was used and ended. It was a fair film that kept my attention until the end. The whole ending montage was done poorly. That alone dropped the overall rating of the film to three mor fires 🔥🔥🔥.

    #CosmoandtheMovieWithin #CosmoMovieBlog #CosmoLanier #Vendetta.
  • six_goats - 28 August 2022
    Music overrides dialog (maybe that's a good thing?)
    Many scenes have music ( pretty good music) completely drowning out critical dialog, so the storyline (if there IS one) is totally lost. The action, scenes and overall presentation suggest a fairly interesting plot -too bad the lost dialog hides it. Billy Willis appears to be an effective presentation of an "evil force". This isn't his usual type of role -he's usually the good guy. The opening scenes set the proper mood for what comes next. BUT- if I can't hear the dialog, this worse than Kubuki. There's also a lot of over-acting on the part of the "bad guys", to stir up the "righteous anger" in the poor viewer.