One Piece Film Red

One Piece Film Red

Uta — the most beloved singer in the world. Her voice, which she sings with while concealing her true identity, has been described as “otherworldly.” She will appear in public for the first time at a live concert. As the venue fills with all kinds of Uta fans — excited pirates, the Navy watching closely, and the Straw Hats led by Luffy who simply came to enjoy her sonorous performance — the voice that the whole world has been waiting for is about to resound.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Animation
  • Stars: Shuichi Ikeda, Mayumi Tanaka, Kazuya Nakai, Akemi Okamura, Kappei Yamaguchi, Hiroaki Hirata, Ikue Otani, Yuriko Yamaguchi, Kazuki Yao, Cho, Katsuhisa Houki, Kaori Nazuka, Kenjiro Tsuda, Ado, Yuki Yamada, Soshina, Seiya, Chise Niitsu, Yuki Kaji, Houko Kuwashima, Aruno Tahara, Jin Domon, Michitaka Kobayashi, Kenichi Ono, Bin Shimada, Issei Futamata, Hikaru Midorikawa, Jouji Nakata, Shiro Saito, Hiroshi Kamiya, Yasuhiro Takato, Reina Ueda, Showtaro Morikubo, Mika Doi, Kouichi Nagano, Koutarou Nakamura, Shinichiro Ohta, Ikuya Sawaki, Ryotaro Okiayu, Fumihiko Tachiki, Tomokazu Seki, Seiji Sasaki, Kumiko Watanabe, Naomi Shindo, Keiichi Noda, Masato Hirano, Kenichi Ogata, Yasunori Masutani, Mami Koyama, Tomokazu Sugita, Masafumi Kimura, Yuko Mita, Yuuya Uchida, Mahito Ōba
  • Director: Goro Taniguchi
  • seolleshan - 4 December 2023
    Probably had a great time but wasn't too amazed.
    I'm a huge fan of One Piece and musical genres, so this movie is definitely my cup of tea.

    Tbh, I understand if a lot of people say this is a boring movie or anything similar, but for me, it was good, I enjoyed it.

    I really love the music, especially "Backlight." The director did a great job. They wanted us to focus on the fight scene but were also confused by how furious the song is. I especially love when Uta sings "blow them away!" while giving an explosion to Franky, it really matched!

    As for the characters, I appreciate that almost all One Piece characters are here, similar to "Stampede." I've noticed that many people find Uta's character unlikable, but I don't think you're supposed to like her at all. That's not a valid reason for calling the movie bad. However, I do agree that the Straw Hats mostly being in reaction mode was a bit disappointing (I wanted to see more of them). But I really love GOD Usopp here!!!

    Regarding Shanks, I'm not surprised he only became bait in this movie, it's not a new thing for us, but I understand if people were disappointed.

    One thing I didn't like is towards the end when it's revealed that Uta has known the truth for a long time. I think they should have let her remain in the dark until Gordon tells her because it makes Uta's hatred towards Shanks not make sense.

    Overall, I enjoyed it but wasn't too amazed. If you expect this movie to be like other One Piece movies, you might not like it, so don't expect too much. However, if you want something fresh and unique, it's worth a try.
  • kazuhaaa - 4 May 2023
    It's just musical movie
    The film is quite good. I know why everyone doesn't like it so much, and I admit that too. Too many musicals, making the fight less exciting to watch.

    Some of the songs are good, but still, I feel like I'm watching a musical and sometimes I feel sleepy.

    Before the film was released, there was a lot of interesting speculation about Uta's character. And after watching it, some speculations are refuted with an unexpected plot twist.

    But still, I'm pretty content just seeing Shanks have a lot of screen time, which is pretty hard to watch in the series. Basically I just want to watch Shanks hehehe...
  • ladyliliroche - 23 March 2023
    Finally got to watch it
    I'm a huge one piece fans but most of their movies are lackluster for me. Including this one and the previous one.

    It was nice watching many characters teaming up and showing their personalities. The comedies are there and the songs are nice. Ado is amazing and the songs are catchy. The lyrics are pretty good too.

    Unfortunately the story is just lackluster and the part where they were all fighting the big boss were just colour and nonsense. You don't feel power from it or much hype (except the end with shanks and luffy).

    Feel like it could be better tonally and emotionally. Think it was marketed as shanks movie but it didnt feel like that. They still have to keep shanks secretly I guess... even in the manga shanks is still kinda a side characters with probably the most secrets.

    Anyway I love luffy and the bear is so cute. Kuma chan Im a fan.
  • Blashma - 28 November 2022
    Overwhelmed and satisfied
    An unexpected film from Oda, very new and attractive. The first thing I have to say is that since I finished watching the movie Uta and the music stuck in my brain, Uta's voice and singing voice is very good and that's why you shouldn't miss it.

    This movie focuses on Uta and Shanks more than the Straw Hats and I'm pretty happy with that, it's about time the movie should do something new rather than the old movies bring.

    Don't listen to haters influence you, if you are a big fan of One Piece go see the movie. Most of them cry because they don't want to listen to any music and just want to fight all day from A to Z.

    Luffy is still badass as usual, just wish Luffy and Shanks interacted a bit more. Just hope Oda can bring Uta back in the near future. Personally, this is OP's best movie.
  • goodellaa - 10 November 2022
    Well-made and action-packed and good songs
    This played so well in a theater where you can hear and see everything. I saw the subtitled version. A big screen with a good sound system will definitely add to the effect. There is a lot going on all the time and the imaginative antics just accelerate. The plot and characterizations invite the audience to care, even though it is all fun to look at and quite funny. Did not occur to me until afterwards that this setting probably isn't Earth it kept me so busy. Good songs. I especially like the driving beat numbers but there are nice ballads and inspiring anthems also. Loaded with out-of-control magical elements, action and color. Good fun.
  • baloniksefouskwto - 8 November 2022
    3 stars only for the funny classic moments
    My eyes almost bleed from what i saw.this was like a musical one piece .people come and go from least when i pay for a movie i wait to see an asura from Zoro or some epic movement from Shanks or Luffy.this movie had nothing at why to call it red?just to make fun of all the people who love one piece and believe they will see a movie with shanks showing some of his powers and making some good speech.i was so bored that i start playing bleach brave souls on my mobile.and that voice of uta .my ears still plot for the standards of ODA.worst movie from least i saw sunny boat as a was really fun.