The Fall Guy

Fresh off an almost career-ending accident, stuntman Colt Seavers has to track down a missing movie star, solve a conspiracy and try to win back the love of his life while still doing his day job.

  • Released: 2024-03-01
  • Runtime: 126 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
  • Stars: Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Stephanie Hsu, Winston Duke, Hannah Waddingham, Teresa Palmer, Lee Majors, David Collins, Zara Michales, Daniel Nelson, Matuse Paz, Charlotte Wood, Madeleine Jones, Beth Champion, Tim Franklin, Ben Knight, Jack Doherty, Martin Cohen, Tahlia Crinis
  • Director: David Leitch
  • aplacefordreamers - 2 July 2024
    Had a grin on my face during all the movie
    Loved it. Got a vibe of Romancing the Stone and Last Action Hero but with its own twist.

    No w... politics ! Which is required for me to appreciate a movie.

    Great light and picture, no CGI (or at least invisible)

    The movie is only loosely related to the Fall Guy TV show (which I loved as a kid), I don't care, I got cameos from actors and music themes of the 80s. It was fun.

    Chemistry between both main actors is good, action is good, it's fun in a really good way, I'm very hard to please in term of humor, and this movie made me laugh. I'm more into the situation humor that actual punch lines, and this movies has a lot of silly situation (e.g. The unicorn).

    I liked that the love affair is established right from the beginning so we don't get the usual "guy gets the girl scheme".

    A good flash back from the 80s and an ode to practical action and stunts men, surprised Tom Cruise didn't do a cameo in this one, it's right up his alley.
  • ashields-36788 - 29 June 2024
    well made movie
    I actually really enjoyed this movie, more than i thought i would. It was very well made, with a mix of genres. The acting from ryan gosling and emily blunt was wonderful. The movie is about a stuntman, performing a stunt but he happens to get hurt, disappearing for a year. Emily's character jody is so worried but finally moves on. She makes a movie called metalstorm, based on what happened to them. Ryan's character colt gets asked to come back, he was told that jody wanted him back. She was not aware of what was happening, coming to a great shock. She doesn't want him back, but slowly starts to like him again. It turns into a love story, the longer they work together the more they like eachother, beautiful movie.
  • ivantheeditor - 20 June 2024
    Too much, too little
    There is no doubt about it - this movie is definitely pushing some boundaries. The effects are ridiculous, the scale of production is absolutely massive... this is truly a movie made by stuntmen for stuntmen to revel in their marvelousness. And we're here for it. However, strip all the action away and we are left with very little story to hold this movie together. Like, very very little. The copious amount of action in this movie simply did not leave any room for any story to be told.

    As always, Ryan and Emily are absolutely fabulous and a pure joy to watch. But all this action was too distracting. It's almost as if the movie was just trying to show off what other crazy action stunts they can do. That's basically what it was all about - action stunts.

    I do have to say though - the directing is amazing and there are some really cool and original scenes here that were very well thought out and written which you don't see often these days. So even just for those scenes alone it's worth watching.
  • Dee-S - 16 June 2024
    No.. No... NO...!
    I don't understand why studios associate movies with iconic TV series...then proceed to trash that legacy.

    I really wanted to love this film, but I got 3 quarters of the way through this movie, before switching it off. I just couldn't watch anymore. It was nothing like the TV series apart from having characters that were named the same. The comedy fell flat the actors were just going through the motions. Where was the drama , the grit.... I didn't feel any emotions at all watching this movie. It was a complete waste of time.

    Is this the future of modern day film? Made for, and by people whose idea of entertainment is an endless string of 30 second Tic Tok videos? Have attention spans become so short that filmmakers have completely abandoned a cohesive story arc, and character development?
  • DavidFowler97 - 14 June 2024
    Solid and fun but flawed movie
    One of the things I noticed in this film is the dialogue placement. An example is Colt pouring his heart out to Jodi over the phone while he's being chased at the top of the third act. On the surface, this isn't a bad idea as it could add tension to the chase and whether Colt will survive, and that's the case with a massive explosion involving a tanker and a boat. However, that tension is taken away when Colt talks about a similar stunt in the first act, and Colt, disguised, meets with Jodi later and allows a more subdued and intimate exchange.

    Dialogue structure is another very minor issue with Colt making it clear to Tom that he's setting him up to confess to killing his recent stuntman and framing Colt. Working with an improved style take in the film's, film (Metalstorm) wouldn't make a trained actor in Tom Ryder feel stupid.

    Overall, these were minor nitpicks that only occur in the third act, and the journey to said act is very well done. The action was fast yet easy to follow. Most of the dialogue between Jody and Colt is well put together. The use of film references hides the mystery's reveal.