A suburban teen girl and her little brother must stop a terrifying internet meme brought to life by the hysteria of their parents.

  • Released: 2022-10-10
  • Runtime: 101 minutes
  • Genre: Horror
  • Stars: Sara Wolfkind, Shannyn Sossamon, Usman Ally, Callan Farris, Tate Moore, Joel Ezra Hebner, Alona Tal, Kayden Alexander Koshelev, Malaya Valenzuela, Ryan P. Shrime, Olabisi Kovabel, Brenda Schmid, Scott Roberts, Nanrisa Lee, Shelli Boone, John Ross Bowie, Terry Dexter, Chrisanne Eastwood, Justin Jarzombek, Jeff Meacham, Jeremy Gimenez
  • Director: John Ross
  • umit_candemir - 8 December 2023
    Thanks for the recommandation Lil Carly
    A girl named Carly saw this movie and recommended this to me. I still can't understand why. I should ask her 90 minutes of my life back There is so much wrong with this movie. Basically there is no logic in the actions of the characters, the story has many mistakes and there are a lot of holes in the plot.

    I would like to describe the story but there is not much to say, it's like they started filming while the writer had some rough ideas cause nothing in the movie makes sense.

    They did not made an effort to explain the backstory of the Grimcutter.

    The main character investigates how it started but the director simply gave up half way of the movie.
  • LargeTortoise - 29 June 2023
    Just Bad
    From the beginning it just isn't good. The ASMR bits are horrible. The creature design is a dollar store Count Orlok. There is no real plot and they do nothing to make up for that.

    Theres also the major problem where you feel every second of this movie. I do mean every second. The interactions between the parents are just terrible. Its the horror movie stereotype where all the parents are idiots but this time its at such a comical extreme that it physically upsets the viewer. It aims for the "only the victim can see it" angle but they bend the rules at weird points and add too many layers. It tries to be deep with this when it isn't and it relies on you caring about the characters but none of those characters are good.

    Skip this one.
  • d_syboy - 11 January 2023
    genius message
    I resonated so hard with Grimcutty (2022) by @johnwilliamross . You are a genius. Loved the filmmaking, the flow, the monster design and the effects of it. That ending scene with the protag meditating with Grimcutty doing some anime run in the background, in slow mo...

    As someone that can hardly have conversation with parents before it becomes a heated debate that ends in a minute... its so relatable. Asian parents....

    This movie is so deep in a way. Parents are in a way killing their kids; killing what they cold be, killing their liberty, their ability to express. ... constantly getting yelled at, etc. Especially If there is never compassion, its like constantly being attacked with negative energy by the parents. There are so many 'brain dead' (in a way) kids that are just so oppressed by their parents...

    I can see this movie solving problems between children and their parents... The movie effectively conveys it's message, and i rate it as genius in that regard. We really have to listen to one another and not get so angry; only then we can have some real conversations. I wish my parents could watch this movie but i know they never will, they never really watch any movies as a matter of fact unfortunately. I will definitely be changing my approach to having conversations with people because if it gets to heated of a debate then we know Grimcutty is gonna kill or rather "attack" someone, metaphorically.

    I say 'effectively convey it's message' but many people on the internet (reddit) it seems have failed to understand this movie and hate on it. An irony in a way.
  • bradleybean86 - 13 November 2022
    Religious "Parents Beware of Internet" Farse
    I have absolutely nothing against people who practice any religion of their choice, but this film is absolutey SEETHING with religious agenda/dogma poorly disguised as a Halloween Made-4-TV "slasher" or "modern horror." If you're looking for a slasher or elevated horror in the way that this film presents itself (including trying to sell you that it is in the opening sequences) you're going to be disappointed.

    This is something along the lines of a Lifetime-TV "parents beware of (insert trend)" coupled with a LITERAL Disney Christian Greenlit film that deals MOSTLY with the subjects of Internet/Social Media addiction and enmeshment, and how parents and kids need to do things like get a wooden chest with a padlock and place all of their devices and cell phones in it and lock it, calling it a detox box. In fairness, I actually think that while this is a bit ridiculous and impractical, it's a good idea for ANYONE to ask themselves "Is my phone a tool to function in the world or an appendage/addiction?" because most of us would have a hard time deciding or admitting. The film also tackles "family issues" like over concerned parents who become so scared and hyper-vigilant in protecting their children based out of fear that they actually perpetuate the issue further by not being willing to listen or ascertain that it may be partially their own behaviors that are making the child/young adult feel isolated, and by doing this they createe GRIMCUTTY, an internet meme that looks exactly like the character out of "Despicable Me" (which I only know from watching my nieces who enjoy those movies) What is sort of ironic is that if a child were to watch this on Hulu or Disney, they would probably be scared to death by seeing (poor but believeable enough) CGI cartoon characters that resemble those in other Disney type animated films, carrying a knife, stalking them outside their house, and coming into the house to kill them and/or their parents unless they "self-harm" themselves to death. I think this would scare them more than Friday the 13th to be quite honest, and it's creepy if you are aware that there are lots of religious ideals that the writer could not help but bury inside every single scene (most specifically what I would consider your typical warped-modern Christianity Tropes which Disney loves to exist within, minus the cutting) Self harm is a huge issue with both kids and adults, it's extremely common and it is possible that over enmeshment in social/online media could perpetuate it (in this form the vehicle for this is online TickTock "Challenges" or other trends that kids do.) This is not exactly the most accurate way to address where and why self-harm comes from because it's actually linked to situational or diagnosable clinical anxious/shizo/depressive disorders where a person is in so much pain that they choose to "sensation seek" and this can be anything from cutting their arms, to putting out cigarettes on their body, to snorting narcotic pills that they buy or procure out of a parents ill-locked medication cabinet. These are the most common forms that we see children and teens sensation seeking over the past 30+ years, the only new addition is the addition of social media (peer pressure has been present all along) Enough of my armchair psychobable, if you are watching this looking for a "horror movie" experience, you will very likely be let down unless you plan on discussing it with your local church on sunday. There are so many good indie-horror's released by different distributors this year it would be a shame to waste your viewing time on this, unless you want to see Shannyn S. In a way that will make you realize just how old you are :)
  • Djm0319 - 29 October 2022
    Yuk. Entitled teenage girl.
    Another irritating movie.

    Let's start with an entitled teenage girl that has no respect for her parents that try to protect her.

    Then let's add that the same entitled teenager runs around like Nancy Drew pretending to solve crimes but in reality makes everything worse.

    Now we will add the unreal nonsense that a teenager that supposedly tried to commit suicide could walk out of a hospital. No 72 hour hold. No locked psychiatric ward. Then the teenager breaks and enters into a person's home and runs her mouth at the adult homeowner as if the entitled teenage girl had every right to be there. At which point the entitled teenager's mother shows up. Instead of dragging her daughter out of the house by her hair the mother runs around the house doing whatever she wants.

    Oh and before I forget, the entitled teenage girl walked out of school and went to a house party in the middle of the day. Is that a thing now? Kids can go to school when they feel like it.

    I have stopped rooting for people to survive in these movies. It is more satisfying when people get what they deserve. Some movies have come through and ended the annoying character. Not this one.
  • LifeonYgam - 25 October 2022
    Sorry for Shannyn Sossamon
    I checked out this film after seeing the bad reviews with an open mind. I am a huge fan of Shannyn Sossamon fan so I will watch anything with her in it, but she certainly couldn't save this convoluted film.

    I can appreciate plenty of film and series that have received less than stellar reviews, but this was an obvious exception. Nothing about it is good. At times it feels preachy in an After School Special type of way. It's like the filmmakers want to but absolutely cannot commit to a commentary about youth and the digital age. The characters generally don't feel sincere and the cell phone-paranoid parents (even with a twist) are laughable.

    As a huge Shannyn Sossamon fan, it is disappointing to say her first big film in many years is not only bad but her performance doesn't seem as committed as roles she had played in the past. I can see a sincerity from the lead Sara Wolfkind, but given the poor material presented here from the writer it's not surprising the acting is largely less than stellar.