The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure

The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure

A gutsy crew of Joseon pirates and bandits battle stormy waters, puzzling clues and militant rivals in search of royal gold lost at sea.

  • Released: 2022-01-26
  • Runtime: 126 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
  • Stars: Kang Ha-neul, Han Hyo-joo, Lee Kwang-soo, Kwon Sang-woo, Chae Soo-bin, Sehun, Kim Sung-oh, Park Ji-hwan, Sung Dong-il, Kim Ki-doo, Kim Gi-bang, Kim Sang-kyung
  • Director: Kim Joung-hoon
  • unclefungus-85106 - 21 May 2022
    Pop the popcorn and get your drinks
    I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The cinematography was exceptional. The cast of characters balanced from bad guys to good guys. I actually laughed out loud at a few scenes. It seems the Asians have taken over the helm from Hollywood in the crafting of quality family movies. Get the popcorn and drinks round the kids up and enjoy this movie.
  • mailtaskservice - 16 March 2022
    Above average, quite funny entertaining
    This is a nice past time movie, quite funny and story still normal ok. Special effect not that great but still able to bear with the jokes.

    Recommended to watch even in cinema.
  • ngkos - 8 March 2022
    Korean slapstick comedy
    If you don't like Korean slapsticks, then this one is not for you.

    Me? I love it and cannot stop giggling throughout the movie.

    Good sword fighting actions, good comedic dialogues and slapstick acting.

    A lot of people who don't like this and gave it a low rating, most probably do not understand and/or like Korean slapstick comedies.

    A great light-comedy and a little anachronistic pirate movie that gives you good entertainment if you have time to kill for 2 hours.