The Batman

In his second year of fighting crime, Batman uncovers corruption in Gotham City that connects to his own family while facing a serial killer known as the Riddler.

  • Released: 2022-03-01
  • Runtime: 176 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
  • Stars: Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, Andy Serkis, Colin Farrell, John Turturro, Peter Sarsgaard, Barry Keoghan, Alex Ferns, Jayme Lawson, Rupert Penry-Jones, Con O'Neill, Vic Waghorn, Dave Simon, Amy Clare Beales, Joseph Balderrama, Todd Boyce, Andreea Helen David, Gil Perez-Abraham, Max Carver, Charlie Carver, Elliot Warren, Mark Killeen, Bern Collaço, Angela Yeoh, Jay Lycurgo, John Wolfe, Elijah Baker, Will Rowlands, Amanda Blake, Obie Matthew, Alfredo Tavares, Kosha Engler, Stuart Whelan, Elena Saurel, Daniel Eghan, Phil Aizlewood, Bernardo Santos, Kiran Asahan, Kenny-Lee Mbanefo, Tiago Martins, Amber Sienna, Sid Sagar, Ed Kear, Ruth Horrocks, Leemore Marrett Jr., Bharat Mistri, Nichola Jean Mazur, Mike Cappozola, Swaylee Loughnane, Albert Giannitelli, Susan Gillias, Paul Whelligan, Rodrig Andrisan, Chosen Wilkins, Tony McCarthy, Heider Ali, Maggie Bakir, Douglas Bunn, Evan A. Dunn, Janine Harouni, Lorraine Tai, Juke Hardy, Adam Rojko Vega, Annishia Camilla Lunette, Iana Saliuk, Craig Douglas, Luke Roberts, Stella Stocker, Oscar Novak, Archie Barnes, Peter MacDonald, Barry Keoghan, Hana Hrzic, Joseph Walker, Sandra Dickinson, Douglas Russell, Lorna Brown, Stefan Race, Akie Kotabe, Jack Bennett, Andre Nightingale, Richard James-Neale, James Eeles, Ezra Elliott, Itoya Osagiede, Stewart Alexander, Marcus Onilude, Brandon Bassir, Will Austin, Chabris Napier-Lawrence, Philip Shaun McGuinness, Craige Middleburg, Spike Fearn, Urielle Klein-Mekongo, Bronson Webb, Madeleine Gray, Ste Johnston, Arthur Lee, Parry Glasspool, Jordan Coulson, Hadas Gold, Pat Battle, Bobby Cuza, Dean Meminger, Roma Torre, Amanda Hurwitz, Joshua Eldridge-Smith, Daniel Rainford, Nathalie Armin, José Palma, Kazeem Tosin Amore, Peter McDonald, Muneeb Ibni Usuf, Rodrig Andrisan, George Symmans
  • Director: Matt Reeves, George Symmans
  • sadmansakibayon - 11 June 2024
    The Batman --- Not Everyone's Cup Of Tea
    The Batman is an immersive piece of cinema from Director Matt Reeves. He approaches this age-old character with acute precision and deft ambition. This is very much a "bat-centric" movie, the screenplay is written with labyrinth effect, supplying depth and dimension to Batman's inner struggles whilst establishing Gotham city as a nihilistic world.

    The neo-noir-detective-style narrative reinforces Matt's passion for the lore allowing the audience to relish in an experience that is consistently engrossing throughout. The performances are superb, Pattinson nails his stamp as the dark knight, what's most impressive is his eyes and facial expressions.

    Reeves ensures his skills as a director by conveying an introspective version of the character, often utilising various closeup shots of the dark knight, allowing us as audiences to remain up close and personal with our protagonist. This is his signature motif.

    The supporting cast for this particular Batman piece is majestic, everyone owns their part. Especially Colin Farrell as the penguin. He steals every scene that he's in whilst Jeffrey Wright's - Jim Gordon is very "hands on" and his transition into the role is seamless. The score produced by Michael Giaccinho is simply remarkable. Every note and symphony elevates each scene, giving it that extra bit of gravitas.

    Paul Dano's performance as the Riddler is a sound effort on his part although I have slight issues with the resolution of his arc, it is a solid act nonetheless. Yes this film lives up the hype and expectations. Technically, narratively and tonally this is one of the perfect Batman film.
  • RealCJHopkins - 27 May 2024
    Has The Batman just overthrown TKD? "(11/10) (Special Rating)"
    (Shortened summary in the bottom of the review)

    Yes, i would say so. "The Batman" is the definition of peak cinema, its the definition of peak live action Batman, its the perfect blend of a dark and gritty detective movie. It didn´t even feel like 3 hours, thats how good "The Batman" was, just the perfect slow paced dark comic movie.

    And holy, how was it nice to finally see Robert Pattinson as the lead in a "Real" dark and serious role and not just a vampire romance.

    But i do have to say that it was quite upsetting that they chose to black wash James Gordon because yes, Jeffrey Wright did amazing in the role, but it ruins the movie, when the producers try to force their agenda right into your face while you are watching movies now a days.

    But if you look away from the producers racial agendas, then "The Batman" is "The Perfect" Batman film and you should definitely watch it when you get time to watch 3 hours of peak cinema in a row!!!


    Shortened summary: 3 hours of perfectly made slow paced dark and gritty batman movie with a twisted plot and some nice detective work and action scenes. If you liked TKD trilogy or Watchmen then The Batman is definitely for you!!!
  • natedrizzle - 12 May 2024
    An Incredible Beginning to Hopefully Another Spectacular Batman Trilogy

    This movie is epic. It's amazing. Like this movie did everything I didn't know I wanted and did it ten fold.

    Reeves saw the Dark Knight and knew it was a big mantel to climb. After The Dark Knight it was hard to see something topping the greatest superhero trilogy or even standing up to the worst of the three. Most superhero films fall into cliches and end up being just good at best. This was not the case here. He decided to go the complete opposite direction and release and amazing Batman film like none before. Matt Reeves exceeded all of my expectation by a HUGE amount. Damn is this good.

    Instead of being action centric and light yet powerful the movie became extremely dark and nothing like other superhero movies. It's really not for everyone. It teeters on the edge of being rated R and you can tell. It's a very dark film and it keeps the ambience steadily.

    The atmosphere is perfect. Absolutely unique and matches Gotham like no other attempt before. The Gotham in this film is perfect. Surpasses all of Nolan's trilogy. This Gotham is dark, expansive, and menacing. The lighting fits the esthetic perfectly and overall it's such an enticing yet sinister world portrayed perfectly by this film. The overall dark world and the constant use of varied lighting and rain help to depict the world like no other before

    Also may I say the opening scene is badass. Like does every Batman film have to have an amazing opening scene to introduce the villain. A true symbol of a masterpiece in the making. First The Joker, then Bane, and now the Riddler. Oh yeah and the Riddler is badass. He's played amazingly. The actor is definitely inspired by the Joker by Ledger but he puts his own spin to it. He plays the character amazingly.

    Now the biggest quirk is that Bruce Wayne hardly gets an appearances in the movie. It's centered around Batman and boy does this create polarization. But let's talk about the positives because it is mostly positive. The Batman played by Robert Pattinson is equal if not better than Bale and this is the first film. His mannerism are perfect. He moves slow when not fighting and the way he slowly moves his eyes and body fit the mannerisms perfect. Also the way he fights is badass. His fighting style is perfected and the mercilessness allows by the film pushing the boundaries of PG-13 add to the movie tenfold. Oh yeah might I add this is the best action we've seen in a Batman movie. Sorry Nolan but the fight scenes here are perfect. The way Batman fights here is soooo mesmerizing simple and menacing. He fights with much more darkness hitting heavier and most shots are one take and wide angled so there no cuts and the fighting style The Batman here uses is sooo damn cool. Siliat is one of his main fighting techniques and the dark bitter and way action scenes are shot make it sooo damn good. The only downside to having no Bruce Wayne is we don't get to see Wayne and his action or his path to finding himself. We don't really delve into any personal life's or side cast either. We see him in a point of his life where he's bitter and angry.

    The cinematography is at its best. The lighting is perfect and matches Gotham perfectly. The way everything is shot is amazing and is definitely the best art style of any Batman yet. Also the Batmobile scene is badass. Easily the best Batmobile scene of any Batman and that's saying a lot. The scene is shot amazingly and the Batmobile is perfect. It doesn't try to replicate The Dark Knight and instead goes for a less armored and refined style. The scene where Batman fights the gang members in Falcone's place with the only light source being guns shot is badass and so damn amazing. So brilliant.

    The detective plot is perfect. Going for a more Batman detective side instead of the fighting side was perfect. The movie is poetic and the plot is dense as hell. Exploring the Gotham underground scene helps to bring Gotham to life. Exploring the corruption and Falcone and the Penguin was a perfect way to set up the movie. The movie's plot is amazing and Batman following the Riddlers clues was recently exciting, innovative and enthralling. The movie is very smart and play itself really well too.

    The Penguin is cast perfectly and the dialogue in the movie is pretty funny too without sacrificing any of its ambiance. Catwoman cast by Chloe Kravitz is amazing. She does an amazing job bringing her to life and although the chemistry is sparse she still does an amazing job. The soundtrack is also perfect. The tone and themes are sooo damn good and are so dark and suspenseful and The Batman theme is sooooo killer.

    The interrogation scene with the riddler is also perfect. Amazing and very well acted. Definitely up to the standards of the one in Dark Knight though but definitely not better.

    The script is not as complex as Nolan's or refined but it is still damn amazing. It is soooooo good. The writing is still pretty good though the dialogue is no where near The Dark Knight thematically or in any other category.

    I pray this is the start to an amazing trilogy because as the start to this Gotham and Batman it's damn near perfect. Reeves doesn't play by the books and chooses to go all out helping him make an amazing film. Overall, this I hope is the start to a dynasty for the best hero of all time.
  • itsimaginedev - 10 January 2023
    Good atmposhere, confusing story
    A dark, badass, immersive movie. The biggest flaw for me is the story. The story feels like it doesn't belong in a single 3 hour movie. The character of the main villain, the Riddler, was very undeveloped. The dark and grittiness of the movie was amazing, and carried the movie for me. Robert Pattinson did a great job as playing Batman. The acting is pretty good; and the action scenes are very well done. As others have said, and I agree: this is a detective movie. With this being said, I feel like if they are going to commit to the detective aspect, the storyline should be more developed. TLDR: Fun, worth watching just for the badassery.
  • gillmurphydogg - 6 January 2023
    The Dark Knight with fancier shoes?
    This film was fine. The right elements for a good film were there- all star cast, good director, great cinematography...but it all felt a bit derivative and not overly convincing. The casting for the Riddler seemed off to me. He's almost portrayed as a high school kid who lost his way into lunacy and not nearly physically convincing enough to pull off the crimes he does.

    I've said this before, but the role of Batman doesn't matter in his own film. It could be played by anyone and no one would care. It's about getting the villains right. I did like Colin's portrayal of Penguin though. He added some convincing flare to the performance. At 3 hours long, your interest may dwindle as you realize this is just a flashier more modern Dark Knight wannabe.
  • danielbooth-78637 - 1 January 2023
    Boring, drawnout, bad casting
    Was excited to see this at the movies. As a family of 4 we sat there waiting for the exciting action to start, hoping for a action packed, fun-filled thriller. A Batman you can really get behind and cheer for, Micheal Keaton esque. A quarter a way through the movie we kept giving each other the eye "this movie is rubbish, shall we go?". Regrettably we stayed and watched the rest of the movie. I don't think the lead actor was suited for the main role, he doesn't have the machoness nor the charisma to pull it off. Cat woman was played with a sloppiness to the character. Very underwhelming. Do not recommend.
  • Rhyan-messmer - 28 December 2022
    Below Mid Movie.
    This movie was so boring I had to pause and come back to it 3 times over a few days before finally finishing it. All of the characters are bland and unlikable, especially Robert Pattinson as Batman, I didn't care what was going to happen to any of them. So many cringe moments, poor decisions, and plot armor situations. Example - Batman has a his entire lower face exposed but takes no damage from an explosion from a foot away, or the hundreds of bullets that were fired at him at close range. Also... The entire end sequence was so so so cringe and poorly executed. What a horrible pay off. Admittedly, it's better than most super hero movies that have come up recently, but that's not saying much considering how low the bar has been set this year.
  • galybzd - 24 December 2022
    No No & No!
    I'm sorry I really don't understand the reviews here, were we watching the same movie?! The only good thing about it was Zoe with a brilliant portray of Selina and Colin , freakin' Colin Farrel as the penguin !!!! Everything else - an abomonation.

    This aint Bruce Wayne, the entire script is horrible, the heavy loud steps -serously?! I have nothing against Rob he's a great actor, but not here. I'm sorry but honestly I cant watch this it makes me ill. After Chis Nolen and his brilliant trilogy, and Tim Burton and his amazing imaginative creation, two completley different interpretations - both brilliant and irreplacible .

    This one is a joke, and as a Batman fan I was disappointed and insulted. The plot twists that tarnish the entire base of the story, and this aint Bruce. Sorry Rob, you're not, Christian was the one and the only and no one comes even close (Michael Keaton was n.1 untill Christian he's n.2. ) Bottom line - if you are a Batman fan don't bother - if not- well its just another episode of law and order with a really big budget.
  • lucymcjuicy - 22 December 2022
    So so SO long
    Not really sure where to start.

    It's not like any other Batman movie I've ever seen. I don't think it's linked to the others, so I guess it wouldn't be, but there's less action and more detective work.

    Now, I love a good murder mystery, but somehow it misses that mark too.

    It's so long (almost 3 hours) and so boring. Can't work out what the story line is and just rambled along for 3 hours of my life.

    Robert Patterson does the typical gritty "under your breath" Batman voice like all the others and mumbles and is un-understandable!

    Totally, pointless waste of my time, three hours of my life I will never get back.
  • jessicaetteh - 17 December 2022
    Full of plot holes
    I don't know why I went into this with high expectations. Kept waiting for the movie to get better but it didn't, for the whole 3 hours. Nolan's Batman did everything this movie tried to, but much better. It is too hard not to compare the two.

    Quite a few plot points didn't make sense, and many of the 'intelligent' characters who should have known better kept making the silliest decisions. Also, the needless red herrings only added confusion to the climax.

    The villains / notable characters were lackluster and seemed more 'low budget' than 'realistic', as Nolan's were. For example, Catwoman's sack looking snow mask and fingernail gloves.

    Glad I waited until it was on Netflix because I didn't think it was worth a movie ticket.