Cry Macho

Mike Milo, a one-time rodeo star and washed-up horse breeder, takes a job from an ex-boss to bring the man's young son home from Mexico.

  • Released: 2021-09-16
  • Runtime: 104 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Western
  • Stars: Clint Eastwood, Eduardo Minett, Natalia Traven, Dwight Yoakam, Fernanda Urrejola, Horacio García Rojas, Marco Rodríguez, Paul Alayo, Brytnee Ratledge, Amber Lynn Ashley, Alexandra Ruddy, Sebestien Soliz, Daniel V. Graulau, Abiah Martinez, Ramona Thornton, Elida Munoz, Cesia Isabel Rosales, Jorge-Luis Pallo, Ana Rey, Rocko Reyes, Ruben Barela, Gianni Calchetti, Rob Estrada, Darlene Kellum, Fausto Olmos Rentería, Ivan Hernandez
  • Director: Clint Eastwood
  • pauleskridge - 9 January 2024
    A tale of second (or third) chance.
    Eight stars. Clint Eastwood has always been a limited actor. But one of his greatest strengths as a director has always been working around those limitations. Now into his 90s, he can still deliver superbly crafted stories that examine all the things that make us human. This is a sweet tale. In one sense it is yet another of Eastwood's litany of films about old men who are trying to atone for their past failures. But there's a lightness here that is absent from Million Dollar Baby, or Gran Torino. Clint plays an ex-rodeo star, and ex-horse trainer. His boss sends him on a quest to retrieve the boss's son from his ex-wife in Mexico. Bonding ensues. The essence of the film is the story of the journey of Mike (Eastwood) and Rafe from Mexico back north. The experiences they have, and the people they interact with end up giving both the boy and the old man lessons about the opportunties for second (or even third or fourth) chances. In this context, I especially want to extol the acting of Natalia Traven (Marta). I could tell exactly what was going on with her even if I didn't follow a word of the Spanish she was saying. She was just brilliant! Nothing about the film is all so terribly original. But it's a tale well told, with a compelling set of odd-ball characters. And it's gorgeous. The shot of Eastwood's first campsite is a stand-out example. He really knows how to shoot a picture. And I'm pleased he's still at it. 9 January 2024.
  • sgmi-53579 - 14 October 2023
    Peaceful, impactful, and moving human drama.
    Clint Eastwood is a bonafide Hollywood icon. He maintains a rare star power, whereby he can make movies most directors cannot; and he continues to bring simple, human stories to the screen. Cry Macho is the sleepy and elegiac tale of a former cowboy and rodeo star, Mike, hired by his former boss to return his teenage son Rafo from Mexico. His alcoholic mom Leta hosts wild parties and treats her son poorly. As in any road tale, lessons are learned along the way, and comes to fruition when the pair meet restaurant owner Marta, who takes them in, and shelters them from police. Eastwood focuses on simple life lessons, and cuts to the heart of what matters in life. It's a story about family, love, and second chances, and it pulls you in with it's gentle and unhurried presence. We could question certain casting decisions, but why - let the movie work it's magic. Recommended.
  • flashingfoofighter - 10 January 2023
    Very bad and boring
    I always thought that Clint Eastwood was a very bad actor. He must be the most overrated actor in Hollywood. He always has the same face with no expressions, his eyes pressed together like he has to go to the toilet. He looks the same if he is sad, happy, angry or scared. Even the voice is always the same tone, the man is unable to produce emotions, which is so important in movies. How can you get in touch with the characters if they are like robots reading a script. In this movie it was the same bad acting as usual and the movie itself was also very slow paced and boring. I only advise you to watch this if you cannot fall asleep, because only then it might help you, otherwise it is a waste of time!
  • willwebby - 27 September 2022
    Well I truly adored every second of this movie. Superb performance, as ever, from Eastwood and also young Minetto. Music score contains something performed / by our Clint too , lovely. And in my view outstanding direction. The story theme along the way on the road and their developing relationship is richly woven. Simple story on the face of it, but I took something away about acceptance and hope. So relaxing to watch and ill be watching it again, like slipping into a warm sunset , I got an emotional glow from it . Important not to try to overthink the story, just accept it for its innocence and warmth.
  • jimbo-53-186511 - 13 August 2022
    It's a nice film, but that doesn't make it a great film
    Mike Milo (a one time rodeo star) is approached by a friend who asks him if he can go to Mexico to collect his son from his ex-wife and bring him back to Texas. Mike accepts the job, but finds the journey back with his friend's son far more difficult than anticipated when the mother sends her heavies in pursuit of Mike...

    At its heart this is a nice story about a lonely slightly embittered old man finding some solace in his life through his bond and connection with the young man he is transporting back to Texas. Of course it's also nice that Mike & Rafo end up meeting a kindly cafe owner named Marta who looks after them in the middle of their journey (a mutual attraction also seems to exist between Marta and Mike which grows further as the story progresses).

    Whilst there's nothing wrong with such niceties they alone are not enough to make Cry Macho a good film. Eastwood has concentrated so much on mush and melodrama that he almost forgets that there is another half to this story. The pair are supposed to be being chased by the mob yet they rarely show up and when they do it's usually just one guy who quite frankly isn't that menacing or scary. To me this meant that the film lacked an edge and I never feared for Mike and Rafo, never felt they were in that much danger and always had the sense that everything would work out fine in the end; for me there was little to become invested with in this picture.

    Eastwood can do this sort of thing in his sleep and does an OK job, but his supporting players are only so-so. I sense that Eastwood felt his star power alone would be enough and maybe it would have been if he'd have brought a bit more excitement to the table; as I say the story and journey are nice, but as far as I'm concerned more is needed in order for a film to be classified as great.

    Whilst Cry Macho isn't awful it's a far cry from Eastwood's best.