Old People

A woman who's returned home with her two kids to attend her sister's wedding must suddenly defend their lives against older people on a killing spree.

  • Released: 2022-10-07
  • Runtime: 101 minutes
  • Genre: Horror
  • Stars: Melika Foroutan, Stephan Luca, Bianca Nawrath, Otto Emil Koch, Louie Betton, Daniela Galbo, Maxine Kazis, Marvin Schulze, Richard Manualpillai, Anna Unterberger
  • Director: Andy Fetscher
  • baileygianninimoviebuff - 11 December 2023
    I thought that this movie would be enjoyable to watch, since I saw the movie X which was directed by Ti West, and since I X is one of my favorite horror films of 2022, and in that movie both Pearl and her husband are elderly. Old People is horror and slasher movie that focuses mainly on the elderly residents of a retirement home who aren't being cared for, and then they decide to break out and cause sheer terror and horror by trying to killing a family and their daughter who had visited their grandfather in the retirement home earlier in the film. Old People is directed by Andy Fetscher, and stars, Gerhard Bos, Melika Foroutan, Bianca Nowrath and Eveline Hall. This horror movie isn't among one of the worst ever made, but it isn't a good one either. The dialogue is messy at times, the scenes are to short, and besides the fact that these elderly residents never got taken care of by the staff in the retirement home, we never fully understand or find out why these elderly people went to the extreme and started to kill people. The film opens with a scene that involves an elderly man with facial hair who is on oxygen and kills one of the staff members who comes into his room at night. When they show the mom, dad and their kids who are visiting their kids grandpa, we do see just how disgusting and unkept that retirement home really is. We do see that the elderly residents are already sort of crazy to begin with, my guess is by both mental illness and aging, but what drives them to kill people is never explained to the audience. The filmmakers who are making horror films with Netflix haven't been doing a very great job of coming up with scary stories that work. I wasn't scared of this movie and I didn't even find it suspenseful. Another thing about this horror movie is that it was made in a different country and I had to switch the audio from the German which is the language that this was filmed in, to English. I don't mind that the English language had to be dubbed over the German language that the actors and actresses really speak, what I was upset with was that the story wasn't good. As always with these horror films on Netflix the special effects, visual effects and makeup are very well done, and the filmmakers accomplished that element, but they didn't accomplish the goal of making a great film. Anyone can do very good special effects, but if the story and the movie script isn't good then the special effects don't mean a thing. The dialogue in the movie is poorly spoken and I can't stress the underperformance and terrible acting that the cast did in this one. The Jump Scares are predictable and there is no build up of any sort of tension or suspense whatsoever in Old People. I'm not the only film critic who has given this movie a negative review and it's really not surprising. How anyone will find this one even being remotely good I couldn't even begin to guess, besides the special effects the cinematography was good, but again, those two aspects don't work because the movie script and the acting are very poorly don. I am not recommending Old People and this horror movie is certainly a thumbs down for me. Hopefully in 2024 there will be more horror movies that Netflix will make that have a great story and a very good movie script, with good acting.

    Written by Bailey Giannini (Movie buff and amateur film critic)
  • beeble69 - 13 April 2023
    Why So Serious
    I've seen a lot of articles about people complaining this movie was to brutal. I honestly don't understand. There were So many movies just as, if not more brutal that have passed through. The Hostel franchise, Green Inferno. I'm certain I'm missing quite a few. It might be the fact that it centers on the elderly that it offends, I can't say. All in all, I personally thought it was a solid watch. The acting was good but not over the top.. The family dynamic and characters were believable. Sadly in today's world life is like this for many of our elderly. I most definitely would recommend it to any horror fan!
  • captain_astronaut - 1 January 2023
    Don't blame Netflix
    I'm tired of reading from morons about how bad movies and television are Netflix's fault. Bad media has been around since the advent of the movie camera. Netflix is a warehouse. The stories aren't generated within the company and they are no different than any network or studio. People come to Netflix with their ideas, and the projects are purchased hoping for a hit. Just like every other media outlet. At least they have a variety. Disney+ doesn't have Jack but Marvel, Star Wars and cartoons we've already seen a hundred times. Even Amazon can't compete with the amount of Netflix product, And yes, there will be quite a few stinkers, but they don't own exclusive rights to those.

    That being said, this movie had me shouting at it more often than usual. People acting stupidly. People acting slowly to impending danger. The bad guys are old people; one push and they'd shatter their hips, so I don't get why the young folk are behaving like they're being attacked by werewolves.

    Why does the ex-husband's girlfriend suddenly change from a likable character who gets along with her boyfriend's family to being a nutjob willing to sacrifice the man's ex-wife and children? There's no motivation. She saw them dancing together at a wedding and that tipped her scales. The ex-spouses were dancing with their children, who will ALWAYS BE their children. If she's that easily swayed, the cracks in her armor would've shown long before this.

    The daughter is freaked out because she can't contact her booty call while her parents keep asking about her brother? I woulda smacked the little brat demanding the whereabouts of my son. And don't get me started on another movie kid with asthma (the alternative is always diabetes). With the amount of dust and pollen we see floating in front of the lens, that kid should never have been there in the first place.

    The super evil old guy kills a number of people, and instead of wasting him, they tape him to a stove? Minutes before they killed a pensioner with a fire poker for just standing in the hallway.

    These are just a couple examples people acting stupidly.

    Good writing is when you can tell an exciting story without relying on tired cliches. Do better.
  • sid_6155330 - 8 November 2022
    But why?
    I was hoping for an explanation behiend all the rage, but coun't find any answers. How come this is treanding on netflix? What happnned to all the old people, is there a virus? Most importantly, what was the trigger causing the old people to behave the way they behaved. After watching the film I have more questions than answers. I had high hopes for this German film as I have had binge watched DARK. Don't know why some are upvoting this horrible film. People plese don't waste your time and stay away from this.

    I have realised that mostly the treanding stuff on Netflix is horrible and one should do some reasech prior watching anything.
  • madscarver - 23 October 2022
    Not bad at all
    I happened upon this on a trawl of what-to-watch and I'm a sucker for a foreign horror movie so I gave it a go.

    I'm not sure what all the hate for this movie is about. It's dark, brutal and satisfyingly there's no conclusion or explanation at the end. I like 'em ambiguous.

    We're kind of conditioned to be scared of the elderly and that's the feeling this film gave me. The old are scary and visceral and often ignored. Welp, in this movie you do so at your peril.

    It has brutality, violence and Ick. What more do you want? And if you knocked points off every movie with foreshadowing there would be a lot less high scores on iMDB. It's a plot device, not a personal assault on your intelligence.

    I'd recommend this movie. Lovely stuff.