The Strangers

After their car breaks down, a couple driving cross-country to begin a new life in the Pacific Northwest is forced to spend the night in a secluded rental, where they are terrorized from dusk till dawn by three masked strangers.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 91 minutes
  • Genre: Horror, Thrillers
  • Stars: Madelaine Petsch, Froy Gutierrez, Gabriel Basso, Ema Horvath, Milo Callaghan, Rachel Shenton, Ella Bruccoleri, George Young, Janis Ahern, Pedro Leandro, Ryan Brown, Ben Cartwright, Miles Yekinni, Rebecka Johnston, Stevee Davies, Brian Law, Sara Freedland, Florian Clare, Rafaella Biscayn, Pablo Sandstorm
  • Director: Renny Harlin
  • IamTeo - 29 June 2024
    If you want to creat a horror movie, listen up!
    1. I have watched more horror movies than any other type. When I hear a new horror movie I immediately try to find time to watch it. But, as more projects become movies, I see less quality than I thought possible.

    2. The fans of horror movies KNOW how such a movie is shot. The secret of a horror movie comes from the effects and the playing of the chosen cast. Thus, a horror movie director must know that his critics will first and foremost be the viewers, who have experience in horror movies and who can make the difference between a bad and a good movie.

    3. This movie had one good part at beginning. Using statistics in a horror movie is a good start. I haven't seen many movies like this before. The begining and the work of the cast made me give a 3 star rating. But only for this. Everything else makes no sense. To use real like statistics and then to present an event that has paranormal activities in it? That is outside reality. The conjuring, which is far superior and cannot be compared with this, made sure to create a link between real life and the possible demonic world. It is essential to understand that there are limits to what means horror. A mass murdered is not a paranormal being, and cannot become a subject of paranormal effects, as used in this movie.
  • bbenicasa - 25 June 2024
    It's part of something bigger
    If you were expecting Liv Tyler, you will be disappointed. She made the original what it was. This one grew on me the second time and I look forward to seeing what direction they take the trilogy. Plus there is no way Richard Brake is in this for a split second with a non speaking role and doesn't play a bigger part later on. To me, this is very similar to the original but can't match it. I also liked that there were differences that set it apart and it wasn't the same exact story. It is worth waiting for it to be on free streaming though. It is not a must watch. I had a digital coupon so there's that.
  • Reviews_of_the_Dead - 19 June 2024
    Shot for Shot Remake, Curious About the Sequels
    This was a film that when I heard was being made, didn't excite me too much. Despite my reputation for what went down on the Summer Challenge Series, I'm a fan of the original film from Bryan Bertino. It is a terrifying concept of strangers showing up to a remote house and stalking a couple. Adding to the fact that it has basis on a real crime or just how this could happen adds to that. Seeing that this was a confirmed trilogy before the first was released made me leery. Our Director, Renny Harlin, is hit or miss with me. I did catch this at my local theater as well.

    Synopsis: after their car breaks down in an eerie small town, a young couple is forced to spend the night in a remote cabin. Panic ensues as they are terrorized by three masked strangers who strike with no mercy and seemingly no motive.

    We start this off with a cold open of sorts. A guy is running through the woods and he's attacked. We learn later that this Jeff Morell (Ryan Bown). It then takes us over to the couple we're following. They're heading to Oregon and decided to make the drive. Maya (Madelaine Petsch) has a job interview for an architecture job. Driving her is her boyfriend, Ryan (Froy Gutierrez).

    He needs to eat so they get off at an exit. They almost get into a car accident. The couple went to kiss, he took his eyes off the road and drifted into the next lane. This caused a truck to slam on his breaks and scold them. It is through this; we see that Ryan has asthma. He needs his inhaler. They then make it to a local diner.

    Something I'm going to share here; I get the feeling that this movie is hiding the identity of who the masked killers from the beginning are. The cast list I'm working from has the killers listed their masks and as double. I bring that up here because when this couple enters the diner, everyone looks at them. It makes us suspicious of people in town. The diner belongs to Carol (Janis Ahern). A server there is Shelly (Ema Horvath). Eating there is the local police, Sheriff Rotter (Richard Brake) and Deputy Walters (Pedro Leandro). There's also a couple at the counter, Eden (Rafaella Biscayn) and Neil (Pablo Sandstrom). They hear that it is Maya and Ryan's anniversary. Everyone assumes marriage, but they're just dating. It then gets awkward.

    We then get an odd scene when this couple goes to leave. Their car won't start. It just so happens that when they arrived, Rudy (Ben Cartwright), who runs a local garage saw them. He taps on the window, seeing if they need help. He is aided by Dougie (Stevee Davies). Ryan is suspicious. He believes that they tampered with the car as a scam. Maya steps in, asks them to order the part and fix the issue. The problem is that they now must stay here for the night. The motel isn't open, but there is a nearby Air BnB they can stay in.

    The couple tries to make the best of the night, but things get creepier when someone knocks asking for Tamara. The porch light isn't working. This person keeps coming back and asking for this person. Things escalate as they get into the house and what was supposed to be a fun road trip turns into a nightmare they'll never forget.

    That is where I'll leave my recap and introduction to the characters. Where I want to start is that this feeling is like an unnecessary remake, outside of the fact that they want to go in a different direction with the next two movies. When I first saw the original, I thought it was great. I have cooled on it slightly, but still think it is a creepy home invasion film. My plan for this review isn't to compare the two too much, but I will point out similarities or things they're using. I will also say that I like Strangers: Prey at Night, but it is a completely different type of movie.

    Let me then bring up here the conventions and elements borrowed. First, we have a couple. What is interesting here though, is that this couple is happy. They're using the idea of not being married, but instead of a failed proposal, Ryan didn't know that Maya wanted to get married. That takes away that depressing nature between them. This couple is happy. That can be something to use when things go dark. This uses the same name that they're looking for in Tamara. Unscrewing the light bulb on the porch. The masks are the same as Pin-Up, Scarecrow and Dollface. There are also other points throughout the story. A good touch for me though was using the same song from the original when Scarecrow is in the house and Maya doesn't know, Sprout and the Bean. I'm a fan because of what they did in The Strangers. This is all fine, the minor changes work and the homage here as well.

    The last thing I'll say then in conjunction with the original is that this feels like a shot for shot remake. I just thought the atmosphere was built better in the earlier version so this struggled to hold my attention. It is weird, having this couple be happy should help invest me, but it doesn't. I don't know if the acting performances are as strong as Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler. Petsch and Gutierrez aren't bad. They just don't work as well for me. This would be better served to do things a bit more differently to set itself apart. It can be said that they do by having them leave the house, which we don't necessarily get much of in the original.

    Since I've brought up the acting, let's discuss the performances. I've already said that Petsch and Gutierrez were fine. They feel like a couple so that works. I did like that their dynamic is different here than the original couple. Cartwright, Davies, Leandro, Horvath, Ahern and the others in town were fine in being normal, but also there being something that we don't fully trust them. I did like that. What shocked me was that I thought I saw Brake in this. It was a blink and you'll miss him moment though. I'm wondering if he'll have a bigger role in latter installments. I'd also say that the masked people were solid, they're creepy and fit was needed.

    All that is left then is filmmaking. In general, this is well-made. I thought that cinematography was good to set the stage of where this takes place. Being as close to the woods as they are works. That helps to build the sense of isolation. We also have outsiders so that helps as well. I'd say that the framing was good. The effects are limited, but what we got there worked. The sound design helps to build the atmosphere and the soundtrack fit what was needed. The only issue is just that this struggled to keep my interest, despite its normal runtime.

    In conclusion, this is fine. The biggest issue that I had is that this is a shot for shot remake to start this new trilogy. Doing more to set this apart would have benefited. There are good nods and homages to the original version. The acting from our leads was solid. The rest of the cast makes you not fully trust them since they're from the town and something happens to the outsiders. This is well-made from the cinematography to the effects and sound design. The issue I have there is that because I know this story, it didn't hold my interest as well as it should. Not a bad movie, just doesn't feel currently that it is necessary. I'd recommend it still as I've seen worse.

    My Rating: 6 out of 10.
  • ricardoalvarezdvm - 16 June 2024
    Amateur, predictable, and cheap SPOILERS (everything wrong)
    1. The movie begins like every other movie to catch your attention. We know what were in for, no need for a cheesy action scene in the beginning.

    2. The factoids in the beginning are another horror film classic, except these are just senseless facts.

    • How about some information about the actual killers? Or none at all.

    3. The main characters did the best they could, and I commemorate their acting compared to the rest of the cast. Budget was very difficult to succeed in.

    4. why is the mechanic acting like hes the killer? Is this a murder mystery? Am i supposed to consider him a suspect?

    5. The first knock warrants no 'who is this?' or peek through the peep hole. Just open it, no problem.. Unrealistic

    6. The male murderer makes his way in the house quietly but then needs to axe down the front door later.. why? Idk. Dramatic effect

    7. The blood staining on the door with the 'hellos' were CGI? Like come on!

    8. The fridge light is on, but not cooling either. That sucks.

    9. The townspeoples attitude was unnecessary. Especially at the burger joint. They dont even know who he is since he didnt arrive in a bmw.

    10. The fact that shes hiding in the room and OF COURSE the one who opens the door is her boyfriend.

    • Filmmakers please... just try

    11. How the hell did the motorcycle blow up? He was holding a gas tank so im going to assume he had poured gas on it, if you set it on fire i understand, but the murderer was 50 feet from the bike and as soon as they walk up to it, it blows up?

    • Did he have a detonator?

    12. So The owner pulls up and makes absolutely no noise with his car, or any shout as to why the hell there is a hole in his front door?

    13. The strangers car was on and left alone, he couldve just jumped in the car and left with it but walks right by it.

    14. The knife when the female murderer dropped it was a literal fake halloween knife. Like what a joke.

    15. They have a perfect hiding spot under the house, and decide to hide somewhere they could later be caught. Im confused on whether they are trying to escape or hide.

    16. Whats the hung up chicken got to do with anything

    17. Did not hesitate to shoot joe, needs the murderer to give him a reason to not kill her.

    • Did he have sympathy?

    18. The male comes running to save the female but no footsteps are heard and then hits him in the left side of the face with the axe. Later in the scene of being tied up he has no wounds to the left side of his face.

    19. The guy falls and hurts his leg... OF COURSE

    20. The murderer is in the shower with her, and then disappears from the view of her shoulder.. Are they ghosts or murderers? IM LOST

    21. Im glad their was so comedic relief... TO BE CONTINUED! OMG what is this?? A class project??

    22. I loved the 2008 film, that is why, i am here because this was terrible.

    2/10 stars because I appreciate the actors efforts in saving this film, and at times I was scared. Overall terrible.
  • jit-23697 - 14 June 2024
    I just wasted 1.5 hours of my life watching utter rubbish. Who is madeleine putsch or whatever her name is, what a terrible actress she was. Where the hell do you find these people from??

    So they break down and end up in a house in the middle of the forest somewhere and are tortured and tormented by psychos really just a comical film. Why the hell did this even come out spoilt the ones which were already made. PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANYMORE TO THE CINEMAS I can totally say this was utter crap from start to finish, nothing scary just a joke. I'm glad I didn't pay to see this I would have asked for a refund. UTTER UTTER RUBBISH.