When Lois Lane is killed, an unhinged Superman decides to take control of the Earth. Determined to stop him, Batman creates a team of freedom-fighting heroes. But when superheroes go to war, can the world survive?

  • Released: 2021-10-09
  • Runtime: 78 minutes
  • Genre: Animation, Fantasy
  • Stars: Justin Hartley, Anson Mount, Laura Bailey, Zach Callison, Brian T. Delaney, Brandon Michael Hall, Edwin Hodge, Oliver Hudson, Gillian Jacobs, Yuri Lowenthal, Derek Phillips, Kevin Pollak, Anika Noni Rose, Reid Scott, Faran Tahir, Fred Tatasciore, Janet Varney, Andrew Morgado, Brandon Micheal Hall
  • Director: Matt Peters
  • gbabylaflair - 24 February 2024
    Good concept, extremely rushed
    I never played the video game or read the comics so I didn't know the plot going into seeing this. The plot was a great concept, I love the idea and how it's ramifications would effect not only the Justice Leage but the entire world.

    The problem is this movie just goes by so fast. There is side storylines besides the main one that go by so fast that if you blink you could miss them. Even the main storyline is rushed through so fast its hard to keep up. If you cut out the side plots and just focus on the main plot then it's STILL rushed.

    This could have worked well as a miniseries or longer movie. However, forcing this stoy into short film just does not work.
  • Animany94 - 7 May 2023
    Enjoyable Superman-gone-mad-flick
    Another enjoyable outing from the DC Animated Original Movies with Superman aiming to create peace on Earth after being traumatized by immeasurable pain done to him by the Joker.

    And while most of the characters serve their purpose well in the movie, most of them are seen in relation to how they act in relation to Superman which leaves Batman, Wonder Woman, Damian and Nightwing as the best characters aside from The Man of Steel.

    The other characters are enjoyable too with good voice performances by their respective actors and the animation is a nice throwback to the concluded line of the DC Animated Movie Universe.

    The wide variety of characters and the film's rather short runtime plus the pretty stuffed plot does make it a little rushed experience at times, but I enjoyed it far more than I had expected, so I'd personally recommend checking this movie out if you can handle the harsh violence and gruesome deaths in it.
  • Adamtylersmith09 - 25 November 2022
    It's fine enough, but I can't get over the art
    If you're interested in looking into the injustice franchise for a first time, just watch the cinematic scenes from the game on YouTube

    Its not the finest DC animated movie, but it's not completely horrible. The art though, in my opinion, is very ugly. I didn't like it in the animated Mortal Kombat movies, but to go from the art from other DC animations, specifically the dcau style and tomorrowverse style, this is pretty gross looking.

    It strays from the games and the comics quite a bit, which is to be expected when making a condensed movie if a fleshed out game, but it also makes some questionable changes as well.
  • seige-hound - 21 June 2022
    Is it just me, or is this "evil" superman not actually evil?
    Injustice is an adaptation of the DC video game franchise and comic book series, which is set in a universe where Superman gets tricked by the Joker into not only killing Lois Lane and his unborn child, but destroying all of Metropolis with a nuclear bomb that was set to explode when Lois's heart stopped. This traumatic event sets Superman on a path where he says "enough is enough" and decides to become the absolute ruler of Earth for himself.

    However, this movie doesn' that? Not really. The same origin happens, the same gruesome death of this universe's Joker, but after that, since they only have like an hour and 10 minutes to tell this massive story, they just have Superman be kinda mean and solve a bunch of world problems by forcing bad people to not be bad anymore. Like 'oh no, he forced Israel and Palestine to sign a peace treaty and he got rid of the nukes, how horrible!" Like the lynchpin of the story, the turning point where people realise that Superman has 'gone too far' is when he massacres a bunch of Joker sympathisers. The other characters treat this like it's a massive deal, and that the Joker people just had disagreements with Superman, but keep in mind that in this universe Joker literally nuked a city. Yeah, I feel about as bad for these kids as I do for the people condemned in the Nuremberg Trials.

    Like this Superman is meant to be a fascist, right? He doesn't really act like it in this movie though, he's at worst a dumb authoritarian who gets tricked by Ras Al Ghul into unleashing a truly unreasonable authoritarian monster onto a small town. Superman himself doesn't do anything like that. He lets Catwoman off the hook when he catches her stealing, he says he only cares about violent crime, so it's not like he's killing people for littering or whatever, that's what the evil robot Ra's builds does.

    Anyway this movie is dumb and way too short. Play the fighting game or read the comics instead.
  • DarthBaras13 - 31 March 2022
    A Swing and a Miss
    The main problem with this movie is the plot. DC tried to fit a comic book storyline that spans 5 years into a 1 hour 18 minute film. What would have been great is if they made this into a tv series like Young Justice, and then release have Injustice Gods Among Us as a finale before moving into the Injustice 2 storyline.

    The animation was good and the voice acting was good too, but you can't just cheat a series like this by creating what is essentially an abridged movie.