Dangerously ill with a rare blood disorder, and determined to save others suffering his same fate, Dr. Michael Morbius attempts a desperate gamble. What at first appears to be a radical success soon reveals itself to be a remedy potentially worse than the disease.

  • Released: 2022-03-30
  • Runtime: 104 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Horror
  • Stars: Jared Leto, Adria Arjona, Matt Smith, Jared Harris, Tyrese Gibson, Al Madrigal, Michael Keaton, Charlie Shotwell, Bern Collaço, Tina Louise Owens, Tom Forbes, Amanda Perez, Archie Renaux, Abraham Popoola, Corey Johnson, Crystal Wingx, Michael Keaton, Ruth Horrocks, Kadrolsha Ona Carole, Clara Rosager, Barry Aird, Colin Blyth, Gloria García, Bentley Kalu, Atul Sharma, Dave Simon, Kalle Hennie, Adam El Hagar, Chris Ryman, Manoj Anand, Nick Owenford, Joseph Harinsky, George Symmans, Oliver Truman, Zaris-Angel Hator, Joe Ferrara, Joseph Esson, Jason Rennie, Aryan Moaven, Christopher Louridas, Oliver Bodur, Rolan Bell, Joanna Burnett, Fermin Galeano, Maia Scalia, Jojo Macari, Apphia Campbell, Jay Gomez-Adams
  • Director: Daniel Espinosa
  • daisukereds - 10 June 2024
    "You don't wanna see me when I'm Hungry"
    Finally caved! And honestly.. it is a generic 'nothing' burger.

    CGI aside, it is well produced and executed (the entirety of my score). But the contents of the script are just disappointing. Morbius tries to cure himself and others, makes an awful mistake and when it gets out of hand, he tries to fix it! Which he does.. partially. But it is so straightforward, direct and hollow that there's nothing to enjoy at all. The ending is abrupt and inconsequential, but not as out of place as the post-credit scenes that don't match or fit it on the shown narrative. Watched because of Adria Arjona, who did an okay job.. and Leto was at least decent this time around.

    Sadly, this is for nobody. As the IP has been completely massacred to deliver something worth ignoring.
  • micbxfq - 21 March 2024
    I expected much worse but not as bad.
    Morbius wasn't the mess I was expecting from all of the reviews I'd seen. Arjona and Leto are decent enough. Tyrese proved himself as a solid support. Once again some of the writing, CGI and dialogue choices are the issue. What was meant to be a big movie for Sony, it makes sense that the producers went with the CGI choices but it could have been easily improved without the trails and messy fight scenes. Morbius might have been better if it was more about the psychological aspect but that wouldn't be really be sensible with a medium budget comic book property that's trying to do supporting Spiderman characters without Spidey himself.
  • Norman_French - 19 February 2024
    More Tepid than Morbid
    This is a disappointment given the official Marvel "association". This film, while watchable, just isn't all that interesting; the character development here is minimal. You might think that Morbius (Jared Leto) would be the most interesting or engaging character, but actually it's the villain Milo (Matt Smith). Smith's depiction of a happy-go-lucky serial killer is sublime; it's easily the best part of the film. Second place goes to the lovely Adria Arjona; her character holds her own in terms of stage presence and believability.

    This vampire-superhero mash-up has lots of CGI action, so while it's an easy watch, it's only modestly engaging. The weak ending features a clumsy and forced attempt to tie the story to the Spider-verse.

    I give this five (5) stars.
  • dk777 - 3 January 2023
    A Fun Movie That Should Have Been More Brutal
    An interesting and entertaining film with excellent actors.

    Expecting another boring "superhero" movie, I was pleasantly surprised. The film is first of all fun, the special effects are good, the only complaint is that it is not brutal enough. But that's the problem with PG-13 movies.

    The overall impression would have been much better if they had gone one step further and made an R-rated film. Not all stories can work in a PG - 13 environment, some characters are simply not conceived that way and in the end the film turns out to be lukewarm.

    Even with all these problems, the movie is fun, and the acting is great. Jared Leto is an excellent choice for the role of Morbius, and the villain is great.

    Matt Smith is a fun and interesting villain and shows us what happens when the wrong people get the power.

    The film does not bore us with unnecessary things, but provides us with good entertainment.

    Definitely a movie worth watching.
  • crispinmumbles - 18 December 2022
    This could have been so much more but instead every cliche in the book was crammed into 90 minutes. Lazy, predictable and even a bit boring added to over dependence on CGI. This made me feel for Jared Harris who is always good value and in particular Matt Smith who really looked like he, at leaast, had managed to really sink his teeth into his role - sorry.

    Apparantly. My review is too short which is a real shame because I have said everything that needs saying about this film. Maybe it should be left up to me to decide how many characters I use when reviewing something. Just a suggestion. Lazy!
  • nichelsearobinson-18552 - 28 November 2022
    It's laughing time!
    If your looking for something to have in the background while you are doing house chores and laugh here and there, this is your movie. I had no idea who the hell Michael(Morbus) is but boy did I have a good laugh especially when the guy on the boat saw Michael on the ceiling and that girl(can't remember her name, sorry) try to warn him not to move and he call for backup yet didn't use a walkie talkie but some how was able to communicate with his team for backup lol classic. Not to mention he has a secret lab that he hiding bats in a contained cylinder within a hospital he works like make it make sense. The amount of i consistency and non follow ups had me laughing through out the movie.
  • rajvignesh-60140 - 20 November 2022
    An average superhero(villain)
    The story is pretty much simple nothing complication in it and a good screenplay too. The problem is its predictable and nothing new in it. Different approach is the character a mixture of hulk and batman. A good performance by all the characters. I just watched because of marvel like there will be any connection between the characters and movie. Hope this character is not wasted and brings in MCU as rest of the character. Please do check this movie its available in netflix , yet another marvel disappointment. I was expecting something more but it wasnt boring but pretty average one. Please check it out.
  • dodson71 - 10 November 2022
    Yes, it really is that bad
    I am pretty easy to please as far as super-hero movies, but this one is just as bad as everyone said. I thought Jared Leto did fine playing the role, and his acting was fine. The script is awful. The opening scene makes no damn sense, and it goes downhill from there. The motivation of the bad guy makes no sense. There is zero physical chemistry between the co-stars for the obligatory romance angle. Same with the typical pair of cop buddies that bumble around with zero personality. The final boss fight was laughable it was so lame. Then THE END. No real conclusion to anything. It wasn't so terrible i turned it off, but It truly sucked, and not in a good vampire way sucked. Sad because I always thought Morbius was a cool comic book character. Another Sony stinker.