A Silent Voice: The Movie

A Silent Voice: The Movie

Shouya Ishida starts bullying the new girl in class, Shouko Nishimiya, because she is deaf. But as the teasing continues, the rest of the class starts to turn on Shouya for his lack of compassion. When they leave elementary school, Shouko and Shouya do not speak to each other again... until an older, wiser Shouya, tormented by his past behaviour, decides he must see Shouko once more. He wants to atone for his sins, but is it already too late...?

  • Released: 2016-09-17
  • Runtime: 130 minutes
  • Genre: Animation, Drama, Romance
  • Stars: Miyu Irino, Saori Hayami, Aoi Yuki, Kensho Ono, Yuki Kaneko, Yui Ishikawa, Megumi Han, Toshiyuki Toyonaga, Mayu Matsuoka, Sachiko Kojima, Hana Takeda, Fuminori Komatsu, Ikuko Tani, Erena Kamata, Ayano Hamaguchi, Ryunosuke Watanuki, Ryo Nishitani, Takuya Masumoto, Satsuki Yukino, Akiko Hiramatsu
  • Director: Naoko Yamada
  • Hitchcoc - 4 March 2024
    Deeply Disturbing and Uplifting
    My only criticism of this film is its over two hour length. Having taught middle school kids for over forty years, I was able to identify with the angst, the abusiveness, the anger of the characters. Bullying is at the center of this film. It starts when a deaf girl comes into the classroom. The kids immediately begin to resent that she is gettin special treatment and they are expected to bridge the language gap. She has speech but has had no training in communication skills and can only express herself with a note pad. In the class is a boy who is a walking time bomb. He taunts and literally attacks her at one point. They also take her hearing aids (she has a tiny bit of hearing) and destroy them or throw them out the window. She tries to befriend people but because it is awkward, they turn on her. Now we move ahead a few years and see the results of the previous events. We focus mostly on the boy who treated her so badly. He is trying to come to grips with his previous actions. Anyway, this is an extraordinary anime with striking animation.

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  • wolfinflannel - 3 November 2023
    A romantic yet aberrant redemption story
    A beautiful love story. The plot follows a boy seeking redemption from the girl he bullied in school. He must learn to forgive himself and cope with his own emotions. The plot is engaging and an emotional rollercoaster for viewers. The flow of the story is smooth; the audience is rarely disengaged from the story. The story's theme revolves around forgiveness; those who learn to forgive themselves and others end up more content with their lives. The characters are relatable, and the voice acting is incredible. In both the original and dubbed versions, the voice actors convey the raw emotion of the film. The animation is beautiful, and every tiny detail is illustrated and consistent. The effort the filmmakers put into this movie is amazing. The background music is only used in key scenes to help carry the film's emotion. Overall, this is a beautiful, heartwrenching movie about romance, forgiveness, and moving forward.
  • zahrotiniami - 18 June 2023
    One of the Best Animated Movies Out There
    A beautiful story about friendship, family, love, human-relationships. I have to say, this movie really took my breath away, in both sad and good ways. I would always get punched in the feels every few minutes, either crying my eyes out or laughing with the characters.

    The depth that the writers of the manga and movie created both regarding the characters and the plot is so enriching and fresh considering the past few animes I've watched.

    I love how this story doesn't have its sole focus on romance but more about how human the characters are, probably encompassing one of the best character creations out there. It's spectacular how realistic and heartbreakingly detailed the creators put into the character's personality, how they see the world, and their values. I especially am in love with the main character himself, Sho-chan, and how the producers revolved the story from his eyes. Truly am amazed at how soul-touching it is to see things from his point of view. The ending at that is very satisfying, I cried a long with him as a big change happens to him.

    Credits to the animators! You have to admit that the story would be different if the production value is altered a bit. They truly bring life to the story. As I truly like watching stunning animations, I fell in love with this style immediately. The subtle 3D effect, the way that "camera focus" was used on a basis here, and the camera shake that makes the story come to life.

    Props to the director and team of the movie. Has to be one of my favourites. And props to you all for choosing to watch this movie. As an emotional crybaby, this movie made me cry legit every 20 minutes or so, so take my word and this will become one of your new favourite movies!
  • adrianbrodecki - 7 September 2022
    Everything is amazing, the cinematography, the foreshadowing is great, at the start when the main character wants to kill him self fireworks go off same thing happens later on. I liked the tempo of the whole movie and the redemption story is great. Going from the bad guy to fully changing himself and then sacrificing himself for the girl he bullied now he loves All the main characters were good the voice acting was amazing from the main guy. It makes you feel sympathy for the girl for nearly the whole story. The scenery the animation was so good. The only thing I really wish it had was them getting together but apart from that so good. Probably one of the best anime movies I have ever watched.
  • somenathburnwal-09156 - 8 June 2022
    The BEST Slice-Of-Life Anime movie that will make you cry in the end.
    This movie shows how a boy once a bully goes from being a lively one to lonely, depressed, can't make eye-contact with others and suicidal only because he with others bullied his deaf classmate. The movie shows how he overcomes all this all by himself by amending what he did wrong. The movie deserves a lot of praise for showing how to deal with a bully and what consequences lie for the bully. In the movie Shoya(the bully) bullies a deaf classmate and somewhere he with the support of his selfish-friends crosses line while bullying her and then had to shoulder all the punishment depression, lonliness, goes from having friend to them bad-mouthing him to others and the suicidal mindset for the bully that all including him did to their deaf classmate. He even attempts to suicide by drowning but couldn't and at that time he reliases the path for redemption. Another proper title for this movie could be Shoya:From being a bully to being bullied and to the path of redemption. I am halfway through the movie provider some major spoilers. People must watch this movie if they are looking to cry or feeling to cry but couldn't, I can guarantee you this will help like the best catalyst.
  • seabass99 - 28 April 2022
    Melodramatic movie that feels like it goes on for 5 hours all the characters are annoying didnt care about any of them main guy is somehow suicidal because he was a little mean to a girl in elementary school 10 years prior lol ok good one writers try harder next time.