Triangle of Sadness

Triangle of Sadness

Models Carl and Yaya are invited for a luxury cruise with a rogues' gallery of super-rich passengers. At first, all appears Instagrammable, but the cruise ends catastrophically and the group find themselves marooned on a desert island.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 120 minutes
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Stars: Harris Dickinson, Charlbi Dean, Woody Harrelson, Zlatko Burić, Henrik Dorsin, Iris Berben, Sunnyi Melles, Dolly de Leon, Vicki Berlin, Oliver Ford Davies, Jean-Christophe Folly, Amanda Walker, Hanna Oldenburg, Malte Gårdinger, Linda Anborg, Carolina Gynning, Arvin Kananian, Camilla Läckberg, Beata Borelius, Shaniaz Hama Ali, Alex Schulman, Amanda Schulman, Ralph Schicha, Timoleon Gketsos, Chris Westerstrom, Alicia Eriksson, Mira Uszkureit, Thobias Thorwid, Amanda Schulman, Alex Schulman, Jiannis Moustos, Stefan Gödicke, Nana Manu, Mia Benson, Elisabeth Falk
  • Director: Ruben Östlund
  • roisinkelly10 - 11 May 2024
    pretentious and stomach-turning
    This was pure garbage.

    The acting, directing, editing, producing... well, it was all spot on!

    The music causes malaise for the full 2.5 hours, which was the point by the way.

    The structure of the script was very, very poor.

    The social commentary (ALL this film was) is truly unnecessary... like we don't know the way the world works and that you'd rather be stranded with people who have had to struggle for a living than the wealthy (and the vapid) when their success is in boardrooms and not in the wild!

    It was wildly appalling seeing the talents of thousands being wasted on such a stupid (and has-been, overdone 6 billion times) story of wretchedness and the uselessness of man against the elements.

    Save yourself the glitterati patting each other on the back at palme d'or for their absolute depth (garbage.), and crack open a non-fiction book, check out Russell and Hobbes (philosophers of means that still got what this movie claims as innovative, or yeah read up about communism and socialism's roots and learn a little about macro and micro-economics instead). Or watch a documentary. Or Twilight (yeah, it's THAT deep). What UTTER GARBAGE.

    Forgive this messy, unstructured (ah!) review but I'm still tasting bile for wanting to see something to the end.

    Half the reviews, and I pray it is so, have been bought.
  • proud_luddite - 5 April 2024
    Weird and Wonderful
    Carl (Harrison Dickinson) and Yaya (Charlbi Dean) are a young attractive couple and both are models. Yaya is also a social media influencer. Due to their status and beauty, they are invited to join a luxury cruise (for free) where other passengers include the super-rich from various countries some of whom gained their wealth in very unethical ways. Later, certain passengers and staff of the sea vessel end up on an island fighting for survival. "Triangle of Sadness" is an international co-production.

    This film has various extended scenes that feel uncomfortable at first but often end up as anything from intriguing to funny (very crude in one case). One such scene includes a wealthy Russian oligarch named Dimitry (Zlatko Buric) making an absurd demand upon the entire staff which is obeyed as the class distinction is very strong within the confined setting.

    A puzzling scene involves Dimitry having a discussion with the yacht captain, Thomas (Woody Harrelson). During this discussion, Thomas' defense of socialism seems preachy and didactic. If writer/director Ruben Östlund were trying to make a point, subtlety would have been more effective. However, there is possibly a twist here. The preacher of socialism (Thomas) happens to be an drunken parasite who has an undeserved privilege of being at the top of a work hierarchy and whose second in command (Paula played by Vicki Berlin) is stuck to do much of his job as well as all of her own. Perhaps, having such a repulsive character preaching a certain ideology is Östlund's way of rejecting the ideology. But this is more than offset by the remainder of the plot which often skewers the vile hierarchies caused by capitalism. One such vile hierarchy is shown when Paula is leading her subordinates during a staff meeting.

    As the film involves a major twist, character development is very fascinating in the final segment. The most intriguing of these changes is in the character of Abagail (Dolly De Leon) who is at the bottom of the socio-economic hierarchy as a staff member of the yacht but whose survival skills place her at the top of the hierarchy on the island. It could be easy to cheer for her except maybe for a certain advantage she grabs rather viciously.

    The film ends with one of those moments of "OMG, how could you end it THERE?" with a potential plot twist that we don't even get to see. But with the chance to create the ending ourselves, this fascinating film still concludes well. - dbamateurcritic.
  • deshannonx - 19 January 2024
    One of the best I have seen in a while.
    Seriously I have no idea why the writers were striking all summer. Most of 'em can't write, especially the 'franchise' buffoons. But whoever tossed this together deserves all the kudos and writing bucks he or she can acquire, if for no other reason than 'part 2', on the yacht during the 'captain's dinner'. They out-pythoned Monty Python with this segment. The scene with the old couple selling hand grenades ('P. E. D's or 'Personal Explosive Devices' in their parlance) and land mines whilst grousing about having to struggle through some hard times due to goverment regulations was priceless. The scenes where some puke hits the windows above their heads from the outside, then later we see a squeegee squeaking down the window cleaning it off while they are talking to others at the table is golden..
  • josipasoski - 9 January 2023
    What is the point of this movie?
    I decided to watch this movie, because of high imdb ratings.

    I cannot believe, that this movie has ratings higher than 7.

    There are three parts of this movie, which have no connections, at least I don't see it. Introduction is sooo boring, beyond boring, extreme boring and conversations between main characters lead to nowhere. The problems between them and conversation about those problems have nothing to do with the rest of the movie, so what is the point of those dialogs? I can tell you - there is no point!

    No character in this movie is likable or relateable.

    Then disgusting things happen, and this is obviously a metaphor for terrible personality of the rich people who are on this cruise, but again - what is the point? I can tell you - there is no point!

    And then the movie ends and leaves you to imagine the end by yourself??? Again, first the movie tells you what to think in a way, and then leaves the movie with no closure. What is the point of that?

    The acting performance of all actors is great and also the scenery.

    I understand it is a critic of wealthy people who gained their wealth in immoral way and are priviliged based on nothing, but those snippets of critic are somehow disconected from the story. Oh, it is such a mess.
  • jasontubalado - 4 January 2023
    Surprisingly Entertaining!
    Jacque Costeau meets Lord of The Flies meets Love Boat meets Last Tango in Paris meets Fatal Attraction!!! It's like Transformers too, MORE THAN MEETS THE EYES! I really enjoyed this movie!!!! The beginning of the movie sets the pace but it kind of distracts you from what is in-store. Once you're in the cruise ship, you can feel you are actually there and have this absolute sense of how passengers and crew are correctly depicted. The sound score is also amazingly perfect for this little gem. I highly recommend this as a must watch with family and friends. Make a lot of pop corn and some ice cold softdrinks!!!! You're in for a wonderful treat!
  • Boristhemoggy - 30 December 2022
    It was sure sadness for me
    The first thing I want to say is, all of the pretentious explanations of why this film was good, are down to the fact that some people have to see the good in bad, to prove their higher worth and higher appreciation of art.

    The truth is that this film is a rubbish film with rubbish scenes, rubbish acting and rubbish dialogue. There's very silly parts which simply don't make sense. There's other parts I can't remember because my mind tuned out of it frequently as it was so boring and annoying. But overall there's is no point to this film, especially at 2 and a 1/2 hours long.

    A film should bring entertainment and a story, this brings neither.
  • jkenn58 - 27 December 2022
    Just hang in there....
    Your going to wonder why they spent so much time with the few opening scenes... then the pay off. It all makes sense. What a fun social satire. The middle third made me laugh until I cried. I always laughed at slapstick humor. I always knew when the 3 stooges were gearing up for a pie fight, but it didn't make it any less funny. The last third, what a twist. I really enjoyed the character interactions and lack of self awareness by many of the characters in the last act. I was impressed and loved it. My wife felt just the opposite, she wondered why it took so long to get to the point. I sat back and enjoyed the ride.
  • asena_d - 21 December 2022
    I hate endless movies
    If i have had an ending I would have writen it! I hate movies with no endings. And it is what it is, leaving things hanging! The director, the writer go like this: Let your imagination go wild.. NO THANK YOU! Give me an ending... The movie is great. Simple couple, take on capitalism, change of roles, power corruption and then no ending! I may understand that the makers did not what to lose the magic of the movie or degrade the message of it but leaving the audience without an ending is not the way to do that! Now I am more invested in thinking how it did end. I no longer care about the message you intended to expose.. Seriously how did it end???!
  • Alexanders-2 - 17 December 2022
    Intelligent and funny
    Sometimes I watch films just because they've won awards and then hope they're really bad so I can get upset about it. The cynic in me likes that sometimes. So European Film Award for Triangle of Sadness, my anticipation was boundless and after the first few minutes I thought, ha, this is such a really stupid pretentious piece of work. After a few more minutes, however, this opinion changed and I discovered the consistency with which Ruben Östlund creates his cinematic world. The deeper you get into the story, the more details you notice, the more sustained the humour, which reaches its grotesque climax in the Captain's Dinner. Afterwards, Östlund takes back this humour and devotes himself to the socio-political part of his story, which has already been discussed by the Captain and the Russian. Communism, Marxism, capitalism. I admit, a little shortening here would have done me good, I felt a bit underwhelmed, similar to "Parasite", because it was already clear beforehand that this is also about a satire on class struggle. But I don't want to give too much away, except that all the actors were excellently cast, highlights for me are all the scenes with Sunnyi Melles as Vera and of course Woody Harrelson's well-known casual acting. This is a film that is best watched with friends, because you will have a lot to discuss and share afterwards, because I am sure there is no one else who has seen exactly this and understood it as you have.
  • FilmDejeuner - 15 December 2022
    Funny but ironically somewhat true
    The movie reloves around the basic approval and sense of identity in the beginning , then we dive a little into reality with a minor touch of hidden burden we don't talk about and slowly gripes on the idea of all the ideologies connected to it and hence showing every area through an artistic approach which explains every bit through a practical approach which draws us back to barter system of equality .

    In a world full of perfection, one is lost finding the real essence of perfection The dispute starts with the food and ends with climax of sense of lossing the food ? And this is the beauty of it .