No Exit

Stranded at a rest stop in the mountains during a blizzard, a recovering addict discovers a kidnapped child hidden in a car belonging to one of the people inside the building which sets her on a terrifying struggle to identify who among them is the kidnapper.

  • Released: 2022-02-25
  • Runtime: 96 minutes
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thrillers
  • Stars: Havana Rose Liu, Danny Ramirez, Dennis Haysbert, Dale Dickey, David Rysdahl, Mila Harris, Benedict Wall, Kirsty Hamilton, James Gaylyn, Lisa Zhang, Nick Davies, Hweiling Ow, Jen Van Epps
  • Director: Damien Power
  • Pairic - 25 April 2024
    Chill In The Air
    No Exit (2022): Horror/Thriller. Darby is in Rehab, a recovering addict, she learns her mother is in hospital with a brain aneurysm and due to bureaucratic staff has to engineer an escape. Driving over mountains she's trapped by a snowstorm and has to shelter in a visitors centre with four other people, she soon discovers a young girl who is tied and gagged in one of the vehicles outside the centre. Discovering who is the abductor doesn't solve any problems as things start to get even more complicated. People have different beliefs regarding the reason for kidnapping the girl, this results in a series of plot twists which would be a spoiler to reveal. The film takes a very dark turn with torture and gruesome murders. A nailgun can be a very effective weapon. The weather is also a protagonist which proves a challenge to all involved in this horror thriller. The script has maybe one too many twists, ending up a bit too clever for it's own good. Still, the tension is well maintained, certainly worth watching. Directed by Damien Power, screenplay by Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari, based on the 2017 novel of the same name by Taylor Adams. 7/10.
  • deberad2 - 2 September 2023
    The more of a daydream!!????
    The first 30 minutes pretty interesting! The last 20 minutes makes you wonder what you just watched??!!! All the blood and gore with the nail gun are a memory? When I saw the climatic scene I thought okay Darby is going to survive but she's going to be scared for life! In the closing few minutes, she's back in rehab, no evidence of bullet wound to the gut, nail gun scars in her arm!! Nothing!! It's like she had a rough few days and she's fine! I really thought the premise was that she was in rehab the whole time and she just imagined the whole thing! It's more believable that she was daydreaming the whole time than for her to have survived the whole ordeal without any lasting or obvious physical scars.
  • jotka - 9 January 2023
    They should name that movie "Deja vu", cos you've seen that plot before.
    That movie has the most lazy screenwriter in the world.

    -The handsome and nice guy is alway a psycho.

    -Man who served in the army is a good guy.

    -There's always a twist plot with someone who is double faced.

    -Policeman who is going to the rescue dies.

    -In the end of the movie main character killed all the bad guys. XD.

    Really? You had an interesting idea: girl during rehab, snow storm, group of strangers and a kidnapped little girl. And you gave us only clich├ęs? Hollywood can't come up with something new, so they give us the old s**t in the new package. Thanks God, they're spanish thrillers. Hollywood should learn from Spain, how to write a good story with twist plot.
  • kadiri_alex - 18 November 2022
    Gripping and almost perfect
    Although this movie isn't an actual 10 in my opinion, it sits pretty nicely between 9 and 8. My perfect rating is just so it gets a bump from the unfair 6.1 which in no way depicts the true quality of entertainment to be derived from seeing this. Most of the acting is top-notch, especially the lead whom I've learned is a newbie (and that makes it all the more interesting). A lot that happens in this movie is compelling. The thrills are there. The unpredictability. The score. It does have its faults (such as people don't get cold and the ending could have been better) but they're so insignificant you'll scarcely notice them, except of course you set out to find them, as I've noticed some people do. Overall you'll like this one. I'm pretty certain even those giving a 1-star rating actually sat through and enjoyed it. One of the best I've seen this year.
  • haleybug-75219 - 9 October 2022
    The Real Horror Is The Ableism
    This started as such a good mystery but then they reveal their hand by making the clearly autistic-coded character the villain.

    Which is just another in a long history of people with autism being demonized by media and I'm frankly sick of it. Lars shows such obvious autistic behaviors (stimming, one track focus, sudden outbursts when things don't go according to plan). I wanted to believe that they were setting him up as a red herring because it was just too obvious. But no they went for the easiest answer and called it a day.

    Autistic people are not just inherently dangerous and it's irresponsible and damaging to continue to uphold the stereotype that they are.
  • manor-alsl - 11 August 2022
    This was such a wasted potential­čĹÄ­čĆ╗
    What's up with the last third?

    The first 40 minutes or so were so good But the rest is???

    It seems like they only planned the beginning of the story and had no idea how to complete it.

    I liked the acting tho.