Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre

Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre

Five Eyes, the international intelligence agency, recruits MI6 agent Orson Fortune to prevent the sale of a deadly new weapons technology that threatens to disrupt the world order.

  • Released:
  • Runtime: 114 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Thrillers
  • Stars: Jason Statham, Aubrey Plaza, Hugh Grant, Cary Elwes, Bugzy Malone, Max Beesley, Eddie Marsan, Eugenia Kuzmina, Peter Ferdinando, Lourdes Faberes, Sam Douglas, Oliver Maltman, Sinan Yildiz, Vincent Wang, Kaan Urgancıoğlu
  • Director: Guy Ritchie
  • dbisseker - 2 March 2024
    A bit ordinary
    I was excited when I saw the trailer.... staring a few heavies and directed by the man himself, I thought we had another classic on our hands.

    However, I was wrong.

    This seems to be a copy of the Pedro Pascal / Nic Cage movie that came out a while ago but delivered in a weaker, blander, manner.

    Profitable, corny and very weak.

    Aubrey Plaza will never be the it girl, despite how much she keeps trying - to me, she always comes across as flat. She isn't funny despite trying to he the comedy girl and she isn't hot enough to be the next bond girl like they wish she would.

    A very underwhelming, ordinary failure.
  • erhanipekciler - 10 December 2023
    Funny but no
    I like this genre so much and I watched many versions of this movie like everybody but I wanna be honest, it is a little boring for me. I don't know what is the missing part but something is not correct, very good cast but no chemistry or %100 suitable in my opinion and of course I don't tell anything about logical errors... I didn't finish in 1 part. I paused and continued second day that means movie didn't catch me. Audrey Plaza looks cool. Hugh Grant's look made me fell old. Anyway, as movie not a super adventurous version of the genre, you can watch without too much expectations. I like scenes and places.
  • disnotbetty-10195 - 22 October 2023
    Mediocre at best... which is terrible for a Guy Ritchie spy action flick.
    The Ukrainian mob manages to steal a top secret weapon known only as as the Handle. The Handle is a deadly technological device worth billions and it is already on the market. Billionaire arms dealer Greg Simmons is about to sell it to the highest bidder at his charity auction on board his yacht.

    Now in order to get this weapon back, the British government hires super agent Orson Fortune and his mercenary team. Fortune has a secret weapon to get his team into that auction... Greg Simmons favorite Hollywood movie star is Danny Francisco. So Fortune recruits Danny (via blackmail) and they are in.

    Now this undercover mission takes a turn when they discover another team of agents are also after the weapon... And this mercenary team just may be more deadly than the international arms dealers.

    I really like Guy Ritchie's films, but this one is so slow, boring, and so un-Ritchie like. No snappy dialogue, no clever humor, no cool plot twist, and really nothing very interesting about the story.

    The end of the movie got a bit exciting, but still a big disappointment. Jason Statham leads a really good cast but they just have nothing to do, such a terrible script.

    Guy Ritchie seams to be aiming at nothing and he hits it every time. Mediocre at best... which is terrible for a Guy Ritchie spy action flick.

    Cast - Jason Statham, Aubrey Plaza, Cary Elwes, Bugzy Malone.
  • anienko1 - 9 January 2023
    Could be better
    Guy Ritchie's genius. Hugh Grant's perfect comedy play, his character seems foolish and defenseless at first, and over the course of the film turns into prudent and courageous. Hugh and Guy's collaboration can be called a "rebirth" of each of their creations. Audrey Plaza - Princess of Comedy. The perfect performance of a special agent who can bring a touch of excellent humor in the face of danger. Jason Statham - actor known primarily for the roles of tough guys. In this film, he remained true to himself. The character played by him is rigid: a face without emotion, movements precise and rigid.
  • Anurag-Shetty - 6 January 2023
    A classic Guy Ritchie film.
    Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre tells the story of secret agent, Orson Fortune(Jason Statham). Orson Fortune & his team take the help of a Hollywood star named Danny Francesco(Josh Hartnett), on an undercover mission where deadly weapons threaten to forever change the world's status quo.

    Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre is a fantastic film. Director Guy Ritchie has given us a movie that's action-packed, funny & has unforgettable characters. This is what Ritchie does so well, ever since his directorial debut, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels(1998). However, The Gentlemen(2019) which was the previous classic Guy Ritchie film, was better. The action set pieces are brilliant. There could have been more humor considering one of the genres of this movie, is a comedy. Jason Statham is awesome as Orson Fortune. Aubrey Plaza is spectacular as Sarah Fidel. Plaza steals the show in every scene she's in, with her absolutely delightful performance. Cary Elwes is superb as Nathan Jasmine. Josh Hartnett is outstanding as Danny Francesco. Bugzy Malone is amazing as JJ Davies. Hugh Grant is awe-inspiring as Greg Simmonds. The supporting cast is great. Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre is a must watch for Guy Ritchie fans. Go & have a super fun time!