Jurassic World Dominion

Jurassic World Dominion

Four years after the destruction of Isla Nublar, Biosyn operatives attempt to track down Maisie Lockwood, while Dr Ellie Sattler investigates a genetically engineered swarm of giant insects.

  • Released: 2022-06-01
  • Runtime: 147 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Stars: Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Laura Dern, Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum, Mamoudou Athie, Scott Haze, Dichen Lachman, Daniella Pineda, Campbell Scott, Isabella Sermon, Justice Smith, Omar Sy, DeWanda Wise, BD Wong, Joel Elferink, Jake Johnson, Kristoffer Polaha, Elva Trill, Lillia Langley, Glynis Davies, Dimitri Vegas, Adam Kiani, Enzo Squillino Jr., Bastian Antonio Fuentes, Bernardo Santos, Ross Donnelly, Manuela Mora, Teresa Cendon-Garcia, Metin Hassan, Cokey Falkow, Caleb Hearon, Jasmine Chiu, Emilie Jumeaux, Eleanor Tata, Lynn Hunter, Cathleen Summers, Patrick Loungway, Michael Bendib, Freya Parker, Alexander Owen, Ahir Shah
  • Director: Colin Trevorrow
  • soulfx-1 - 17 May 2024
    Someone lied to Chris Pratt
    Perfect example of Hollywood trying to milk a franchise - to the point that they're trying to turn it into Indiana Jones with dinosaurs.

    Someone lied to Chris Pratt and told him he could act. Not only is he completely unlikable, he plays the same character in every movie with very little range.

    The characters in this movie are unlikable and even the forced nostalgia by having a reunion with the original JP characters couldn't save this movie.

    The plot jumps the shark with human cloning, subplot about military applications of dinosaurs (beats the original plot which was half human/half soldier dinos).

    They need to end this series and reboot the series, pretending like none of the Chris Pratt/JP World movies ever existed.
  • eicdenile - 23 April 2024
    If you want more than fun, adventure nostalgia and dinosaurs: go watch another movie. I had a really good time watching this movie. Granted, I just watched all of the Fast and Furious and then all seasons of S. W. A. T so I'm definitely an action person, I just love any fun, adventurous and new thinking action. "New thinking" is an expression in my language, not sure it is in English. Anyway, this movie was also very cosy, it has a nice ambiance and is a perfect weekend movie.

    I love the actors, of course, it was great seeing the old team back and the new pilot lady was a great addition. It was simply a fun ride!
  • candib131-988-996374 - 21 March 2024
    So hard to watch
    It's like the blind leading the blind in this newest installment of the franchise. No real sense of danger - even when they're illegally entering places or escaping the dinosaurs. I think the worst is the change in Claire's personality. I get that she's now supposed to be a mother and have a nurturing, softer side but come on. Her portrayal isn't even believable and she comes off as super awkward in what should be maternal moments. It's taken the better part of a day to get mid-way through the movie. I find myself constantly pausing due to unbelievable or extremely slow scenes that have absolutely nothing to do with the dinosaurs which are supposed to be the main focus. I pray they stop here and don't make any more.
  • BijouTheatre - 10 January 2023
    Welcome - to This Boring Park
    Most of the original cast is reunited, and they still sparkle together. Pratt and Howard reprise their decent onscreen chemistry. The special effects are bigger than ever, the casting is fairly solid, the audience only expects a mindless popcorn movie anyway. What could go wrong? How about a screenplay so convoluted, loud, and boring that the whole thing falls apart?

    Jurassic World: Dominion (JWD) is yet another example of how Hollywood is handing multibillion-dollar franchises to inept, unqualified screenwriters. Like so many other high-profile, big-budget theatrical releases and streaming series from about 2017-2022, the screenwriters don't seem to understand how real people interact with each other or form sentences. JWD is a collection of digital set pieces in which human actors spout one-liners while jumping away from CG monsters. Dialogue is on the nose and frequently describes what we already see onscreen. Stock villains from sci-fi, westerns, 80s action flicks, and spy capers abound. None of it matches up coherently.

    This nonsense can be fun when an overall story doesn't take itself too seriously (I actually enjoyed the incredibly goofy take on Kong-versus-Godzilla in 2021); but JWD takes on heavy-hitting subjects such as global warming, the worldwide food chain, a child's life, an important baby dinosaur, black-market weapons dealers, and -wait, did I lose you?

    Everything is loud! And important! Right now! Immediately! And just like a loud storm can eventually lull you to sleep, about 45 minutes into the movie, you won't care what happens; and you'll realize there's still 1-1/2 hours to slog through to the end.

    I gave it two stars for a handful of animatronic/puppet dinosaurs (always nice to see a real prop when the other dinosaurs look like cartoons), plus a clever throwaway gag involving the original cast and a loud espresso machine.
  • shuawilmot - 8 January 2023
    No interesting characters, a lot of meaningless action
    All of the characters are static and uninteresting. There is no mystery as to where the plot is going or who is on what side of the central conflict. Everything is so predictable I started a sudoku during the third act. Dinosaurs are still cool though, I guess.

    Old characters are brought back, including Dodgson... cool...? A lot of plot points and plot pointlesses are recycled from the other movies, which are the things that make this movie memorable, but not in a good way.

    A pilot character is introduced, and she could be the only interesting character if they actually gave her more of a story and any sort of motive. She has this awful moment where she pulls off a luck maneuver and delivers the cliché, "I still got it," which doesn't really make sense because she is young and we have not been given any opportunity to think she does not in fact still got it.

    The best part of the movie is Jeff Goldblum calling Dodgson a "rapacious rat-bast**d."
  • exilim_s - 5 January 2023
    So cheesy
    Terribly cheesy, damsel in distress for both the main female characters- one tells a pilot to "pull over" and constantly needs to be saved, the other is a typically angsty teen with a special connection to dinosaurs who ends up being kidnapped and needing to be saved as well. Constantly making bad decisions while the men are dominant.

    Characters have no depth. Storyline incredibly predictable. Only awesome thing is the animation of the dinosaurs.

    Chris Pratt is the typical hero, he's literally only in action scenes never in anything low key or "normal".

    It's banking on its name but you'll just be disappointed.
  • eronzierjoly - 26 December 2022
    Too much going on
    Too much of everything. Too much political drama, too many dinosours everywhere, too many characters that you are supposed to care about (but you don't). It would have been better to kill a few of them off early on to add some tension.

    Because the dinosours are everywhere it has a numbing effect and you don't even care when they appear.

    The kid is super annoying. The only positive thing about the movie is all the beloved characters from earlier movies including Dr. Grant and Ellie (although neither can save the movie). I wish the movie had just mainly focused on these two and Ian, it would have been enough and added nostalgia.

    This was by far the worst of the franchise I would say. All the other movies were at least OK, I've even seen all of them at least once in spite of serious flaws.
  • questl-18592 - 3 December 2022
    Fallen Kingdom has the advantage of being underwhelming, but forgettable. Dominion? Dominion was notably bad. In a desperate bid to bring weight and legitimacy to a bungling franchise reboot it proceeds to trip all over itself and ends up as little more than a dull disaster. In a reach for originality, we are presented with an evil, vaguely Jobs-like CEO who seems to be either flirting with mental health issues or is just very badly acted. The fact that I can't be sure does imply the latter though. Fortunately though, 30 years and 6 films later, we finally have the ultimate creation of the Jurassic project. Bugs. Lord knows, when I turn on a Jurassic Park movie, I want to see our heroes contending with an insect infestation and some absurd corporate plot. This feels like someone pitched a movie to the studio, didn't have the juice to get it approved on their own and some producer team somewhere decided to warp it into a Jurassic Park movie and it isn't a good fit.
  • candm-1 - 19 November 2022
    So unfortunate for such an iconic franchise.
    People slate the second film in the franchise have obviously never seen this one. Bought the collectors 4K/UHD boxset special edition so looking forward to the final instalment in the franchise only to be let down. Some great ideas not executed with any flare. "Bad guys and girls" with the backbone of a jellyfish. Not sure how the world managed to be plagued by dinosaurs that can't swim the Atlantic the Pacific or Indian ocean.

    It would have made a very interesting 007 movie. I can actually see a James Bond V the dinosaurs but the 007 franchise has never jumped the shark? *cough" Moonraker...
  • starowarso - 6 November 2022
    movie is too unrealistic (not the dinosaurs)
    I really don't have much good to say about this movie. This is one of the worst Jurassic World movies I've ever seen. In the beginning of the movie I was a bit confused about the storyline. It was first about different people's lives and seemed like there is no storyline. But later in the movie you actually know what it's about. The scenarios of characters are sometimes completely wrong. First they were in an icy landscape and suddenly they were in a tropical area and they knew where a character is even without a clue where that person is. The cgi have no complaints about it. Tried to find a moment during the movie where the cgi seems fake but there was none! The only reason this movie is good is that you see dinos that look funny and cute.