Op and Ed, two adorable donut-shaped animals - flummels - accidentally time-travel from 1835 to modern-day Shanghai. There they discover traffic, trans fats, and worst of all, that flummels are now extinct. It's up to this bumbling pair to save themselves and their species...and, just maybe, change the course of history.

  • Released: 2021-02-11
  • Runtime: 85 minutes
  • Genre: Animation, Comedy
  • Stars: Adam DeVine, Rachel Bloom, Ken Jeong, Zazie Beetz, Jim Jefferies, Catherine O'Hara, Reggie Watts, Henry Winkler, Alex Borstein, Benedict Wong, Julia Chan, Tom Hollander, Richard Kind, Steve Aoki, Nick Frost, Jon Lovitz, Sydney Malmberg Liu, Maria Bamford, Raymond S. Persi, Terry Gross, David Silverman, Kelly Hu, Tom Kenny, Jason Hightower, Kevin Michael Richardson, Brenden P. Hill, Wilhelm Boyens
  • Director: David Silverman
  • thewalkingpuns - 19 December 2022
    a nice weird animated film
    A new animated venture. Extinct is born from a blend of different films like the croods or iceage and though you cannot compare them it still has all the hallmarks of a film like that. Silly goffy and family friendly fun is what this movie offers and it has an interesting story. These two doughnut creatures travel though time and findout their species will go extinct. So our heros have to find a way to prevent the problem. Adam devine and racheal bloom provide the voices of ed and op. Our heros theres also great voices like winkler, and catherine o hara. They all do well and its an interesting film to watch, overall a very good animated film.
  • gelf-46258 - 15 February 2022
    Message to your children.
    While partially enjoyable to to story elements "borrowed" from other Animated features the central story element of this film appears to be "when you are different, you should strive to be more like others in your society and if you have unique features you should use these for the betterment of society as a whole." An admirable aspect of communist society. Promotion of Chinese landmarks can also not be held against this mostly Chinese film. Donut shaped catchipmunk things discovering donuts, very western intended.

    But it's all a little too simple and transparent. Being left with a Booby saying "booby" being funny, this gets a 3 out of 10.
  • deexsocalygal - 23 November 2021
    No consistant theme...just a branches out into a mesh mash of stories
    The main fault with this is that it's like a bunch of 5th graders made up a bunch of stories. What I mean is 1 little kid made up the first 15 minute story then another kid made up another 15 minute story ..on & on until they had 90 minutes worth of stories. Then someone figured out how to connect all the stories & wah-lah it's an houv& a half animated film. Do you get what I mean? The story doesn't flow nicely & it isn't just 1 story. It branches out in too many different directions without a main theme holding it together. ANYONE can make a diary collection of a bunch of nonsensical stories.