The In Between

After surviving a car accident that took the life of her boyfriend, a teenage girl believes he's attempting to reconnect with her from the after world.

  • Released: 2022-02-11
  • Runtime: 116 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Stars: Joey King, Kyle Allen, Kim Dickens, John Ortiz, Celeste O'Connor, Donna Biscoe, April Parker-Jones, Leander Suleiman, Jeffrey Vincent Parise, Diany Rodriguez, Curt Cloninger, Drake Rodger, Nicholas Stargel, Brooke Jaye Taylor, Jadon Cal, Becki Hayes, Millie Rose Evans, Christian Adam, Esmond C. Pickett, Anna Stadler
  • Director: Arie Posin
  • impatientgirllaura - 30 April 2023
    Romance, not Sci Fi
    This is a sad teenage romance with a sprinkle of slightly suspenseful Sci fi near the two hour mark. The entire first hour is a heavy tragic drama. It isn't a bad movie but it shouldn't be advertised as sci fi. If you're looking for a distraction away from emotion this is probably not it. The actors did a great job connecting with the emotions. It has a cool moody soundtrack, and broad cinematic visuals with many small town and winter beach views. Characters are a bit unrealistic but most of the great characters are. It is an interesting teenage love story with intelligent characters though if that's what you want .
  • wac85 - 12 September 2022
    Beautiful haunting movie
    This movie personally hit the spot for me. It was really beautiful I thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

    I relate to Tessa and loved the art factor being into photography myself, and into all things a bit weird, whimsical and also supernatural. For as long as I can remember as a small child I remember wondering why I was here and why anything was happening around me, I have always been curious about the other side (or 'in-between') and have had some experiences myself, so loved this whole film! Without a shadow of a doubt, our souls go somewhere else and it's not the end when we die.

    I was crying towards the end when he took her to see Paris and it went black and white, her idea of heaven. It was truly very special and well done I thought, I loved it.

    A hauntingly beautiful love story.

    Thumbs up from me. I don't understand why anyone would criticise this film, if you want to watch a love story this is it, even though it's about teens it's still a soul connection and real love they have for each other. It hits all the markers just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

    True love never dies :) Queue INXS.
  • WinstonTheMiller - 30 May 2022
    Joey King Comes Through Once Again
    Joey Kind has done it again as she brings us a wonderful movie with a cliched plot, flat dialogue, annoying pacing, and characters I'll surely forget the next day (and have) all while breaking new ground by introducing a stupid non-twist.

    Joe King's streak of garbage nonsense movies families will love continues and will surely do so even after people stop thinking she's she looks like a 12 year old.
  • James_Denton - 2 May 2022
    Predictable with a story which has been told several times before
    The In Between is a film which has been told before; Ghost (1990) being the main template.

    Like 2008's 'Twilight', it's all about the main female lead, Tessa... who like Bella (from Twilight) if she didn't feature in the film everyone else would be better off, and more importantly, alive!

    The film gets off to an irritating start! Tessa goes to a struggling cinema to watch a foreign film where several things happen:

    1. She doesn't have enough money to pay the full cinema ticket but still goes in 2. She goes to see a foreign film and then demands the elderly man working there puts on subtitles 3. She tells Skylar she will demand her money back - when she didn't have enough money to pay the full price in the first place

    It's not a terrible story, but there is nothing original here. 5 out of 10. There are better films around.