The Wonder

Set in the Irish Midlands in 1859 as an English nurse, Lib Wright, goes to a tiny village to observe what some see as a medical anomaly and others a miracle, that a girl has survived without food for months. Tourists flock to see 11-year-old Anna O’Donnell, and a journalist has come to cover the sensation as two strangers transform each other’s lives in a story of love pitted against evil.

  • Released: 2022-11-02
  • Runtime: 103 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, History, Mystery
  • Stars: Florence Pugh, Tom Burke, Niamh Algar, Elaine Cassidy, Kíla Lord Cassidy, Toby Jones, Ciarán Hinds, Dermot Crowley, Caolan Byrne, Brían F. O'Byrne, Josie Walker, David Wilmot, Stephen Ball, Mary Murray, Niamh Finlay, John Burke, Emer Casey, Graeme Coughlan, Abigail Coburn, Ava May Taylor, Janet Grene
  • Director: Sebastián Lelio
  • designercandlesu - 24 December 2023
    Good movie but what's up with the BGM
    Ok, the movie was good and I had to finish it even though I was getting extremely tired late in the night.

    It is slooowwww burn with a lot of unnecessary details that could have been cut off.

    Acting performance was good by everyone.

    But what's up with the background music? It was good but it has way more character than the movie. They tried to scare you with the music because the movie itself wasn't scary.

    Ok so there is a "miracle" child who is not eating for 4 months but in reality her mum has brainwashed her and been feeding her from her mouth like a bird to keep up with the "show".

    And the reason the girl is apparently fasting because she is trying to save the soul of her brother who was sexually abusing her and had then died.

    So clearly the parents here are the biggest monster and having their 9 year old go through this torture. This was the scariest part of the movie.

    This is a Florence Pugh movie through and through. Actors die to get a role like this to sink in their teeth and steal the show. Good for her. The movie is good one time watch.
  • dweston-38669 - 5 July 2023
    Bad Religion
    A strange, haunting extremely well acted drama (Florence Pugh goes from strength to strength), it also has an outstanding soundtrack by Matthew Herbert that adds just the right amount of slow building dread set within the desolate moors of rural Ireland- one can feel the cold and dank.

    It remined me of the quiet eeriness of 'Picnic At Hanging Rock' , odd things happening seen through the lens of childhood although the film is seen through Ms Pugh's eyes.

    Religion doesn't come out well!

    It's a film that rewards patience and attentiveness, one shouldn't look away to look at the phone or make tea.
  • MazzyMayhem-117-544511 - 13 January 2023
    Interesting and terrifying at the same time
    I don't want to give away too much (but that wretched 600 character minimum requirement doesn't help), but this film is one to persevere with. It moves along slowly but pay attention and put subtitles on!

    This film is brilliantly acted by Florence Pugh and Kila Lord Cassidy who, despite being so young, really holds her own throughout the film. They are both supported by a good cast, but having some personal experience on the subject, I think the clergy were unbelievably quiet/subdued- particularly as this takes place in 19th century Ireland.

    The storyline isn't just about faith vs science, but touches on abuse in many forms. I don't want to give anymore away.

    I'll end by saying I wasn't keen on the music or the beginning and end of the film - and I certainly didn't understand why that woman was talking at the end!
  • liddylewis - 5 January 2023
    Walking Knee Deep Through Mud
    Only to discover that when you finally get through it, you're too exhausted to be relieved.

    This movie hurts my brain.

    I read several reviews, which were on a vast continuum, which lead me to believe it's an uneven movie, but there's promise.

    Turns out, any promise at all lies in fabulous acting, particularly by the lead, Florence Pugh. Too many other marvelous, seasoned actors were woefully wasted by their meager parts.

    As much as I wanted it to, all the great the actors in the world could not hold up this mess on their own.

    If I could rename this one, I'd call it, "Little Surreal on the Prairie," because in the end it's not much more than superstition and a really bad story pretending to be an art house movie. Just because it's abstract, that doesn't mean it's good.

    The end is simply preposterous. Sadly, the entire movie is simply preposterous.
  • deloudelouvain - 28 December 2022
    I just Wonder how I managed to stay awake that long.
    Watching grass growing, or watching paint dry, or watching somebody that is watching somebody that is not eating, which is the least boring in your opinion? In my opinion watching grass growing is most probably boring but at least something is happening. Needless to say I absolutely hated this movie. Unless you have masochistic tendencies and enjoy being bored to death I can't see anybody else enjoying watching this kind of crap. It's been a while since I witnessed such a bad story. I have nothing to say about the acting as it's pointless whether you're a good actor or not if the story is as boring as this one. I will just say that Kíla Lord Cassidy that plays the fastening girl is annoying to watch, like the whole movie. I can't believe some people scored this piece of garbage with a ten. Is this really the best movie they ever watched, because that's what a ten means to me? I just feel sorry for those people.
  • stevejco - 20 December 2022
    The Wonder.....why people like this movie.
    This movie is, to put it mildly, very boring and pointless. It's advertised plot line and trailer seemed interesting enough to get me to watch, but the highly self-indulgent and entirely irrelevant opening scene should've been sufficient warning for me. The remainder of the movie meanders pointlessly around a very loosely proposed plot with weird un-rounded characters and even weirder musical scoring. The cinematography is generally good and makes excellent use of the beautiful Irish countryside scenery - but that's not enough in the absence of a good story. This movie never gets out of first gear, and contrary to its publicity, is neither psychological nor a thriller (more like "pretentious art-house."). In short, boring-as-all-get-out garbage. Don't waste your time.
  • Wilkie_Cheshire - 12 December 2022
    Challenging Idiots
    You know,it wasn't even that slow. But to all the geniuses giving this film 1-2 stars, i recommend watching trailers next time before committing your "precious" time to an intelligent, bravely acted, evenly paced, gorgeously shot masterpiece. That way you won't have to waste your time bringing down ratings and hating on a film that deserves the respect of being watched.

    Because I really don't understand what it was about this film that lead you to think it'd be a break-neck paced, hearty pounding,white knuckle thriller? Did the title and period clothes maybe trick you into thinking a jump-out your seats horror/gore fest? Or was it the casting? It must be the casting! You must be upset Florence Pugh did not jump off the top rope, wear a white jumpsuit or kill anyone with her bare hands?! Or maybe, just.. too many beards, not even one gun??

    But if you're going to be a hater and leave crappy 1 star reviews for an excellent film next time, have the decency to not be trite and whinge about the precious 2 hours you think you'll not get back. Because if you actually sat through it instead of turning it off like a normal person, then you should be able to tell us what compelled you to stay. Thank you.
  • scottdeepthi - 4 December 2022
    As stupid as it can get.
    In one sentence utterly stupid movie.

    I only loved the period settings. The houses, oil lamps, atmosphere.

    The movie itself was stupid.

    Idiotic. Pointless. At some moments torturous coz they know to drag the whole thing into a slow ooze.

    The nurse character appears passive aggressive at all times.

    Didnt really connect to any of the characters.

    The story itself is very stupid.

    How can anyone logical believe in feeding chewed food from mouth to mouth in the presence of watcher nun, and the girl to appear perfectly healthy?

    Utterly dumb.

    Either chose to keep it mystical or give a solid solution to not eating problem.

    The movie's reasoning is utterly idiotic.

    And in the end the reporter and the nurse and the child all are suddey a happy family heading to sidney????

    Looks like the Nurse's personal dream come true. Lmao.
  • Royce-murphy1 - 30 November 2022
    Greed and ambition versus love and compassion
    The men in power are blinded by their greed and ambition. They use the faith of others to control and corrupt. It takes compassion and love to find the truth, and the powerless find their power in the truth.

    The director, writer and DP are all on top form, and they deliver a wonderful story here, and it's very well told. Stories enlighten, but they can also be used to mislead and misinform.

    Like the Banshees of Inisherin, this is set in rural Ireland, and it deals with failure of those in authority to protect the innocent. The historical context is interesting, but the alliance formed from respect is the truth and the desire to do the right thing trumps dogma.
  • markgorman - 27 November 2022
    Creepy but Pughlicious! Florence does it again.
    This is a quiet little understated number. A gem.

    Set in rural Ireland in the 1860's and written by Emma Donoghue who penned the magnificent Room, it stars Florence Pugh (frankly, as far as I'm concerned she can do no wrong) and a young Kíla Lord Cassidy (13 -14 maybe) who has not eaten for four months as part of some sort of religious experience, feeding instead of miraculous "Mannah from Heaven".

    It's a tight knit, despicable, Catholic-besotted community that are peasants in their beliefs and their behaviour.

    The local council (including a splendid Toby Jones) bring in a nurse (Pugh) and a Nun to take 8 hour rotating shifts for two weeks to work out if this truly is a miracle or some sort of hoax.

    The film centres on the young girl's fanciful fast and Pugh's wonderful caring nature as she tries to work out what's really going on.

    The music's a problem but, that aside, it makes for a gripping drama and a genuinely unpredictable storyline.

    I loved it.