Let Him Go

Following the loss of their son, a retired sheriff and his wife leave their Montana ranch to rescue their young grandson from the clutches of a dangerous family living off the grid in the Dakotas.

  • Released: 2020-11-05
  • Runtime: 114 minutes
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Thrillers
  • Stars: Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Kayli Carter, Lesley Manville, Will Brittain, Jeffrey Donovan, Booboo Stewart, Ryan Bruce, Otto Hornung, Bram Hornung, Connor Mackay, Adam Stafford, Greg Lawson, Bradley Stryker, William Hochman, John Treleaven, Heather Lea MacCallum, Ryan Northcott, Ravonna Dow, Kira Bradley, Aidan Moreno, Judith Buchan, Marilyn Potts, Vanessa Holmes, Tayden Marks, Bryn Roy, Finn Lee-Epp, Caillou Pettis, Will Hochman
  • Director: Thomas Bezucha
  • crimeagainstcreation - 8 December 2023
    Non Credible Characters
    The problem with Thomas Bezucha's Let Him Go is not that it's too slow and probably neither too long, the ending, or the cinematography. It's just not easy to believe in the characters, as it's hard to tell whether it's due to overacting, poor dialogue, mistaken direction, or basically that much seems forced. This shines particularly through with Diane Lane as Margaret Blackledge, who fundamentally is supposed to build the plot. Probably it's a sum of all these factors, together with a seemingly lost intention in several of the scenes and the dialogue. Also, despite the very nice cars from the 1960's, the main characters appear to be actors pretending to live in the 1960's, and I simply don't believe they are real.
  • indy500-02743 - 23 March 2023
    More like Rob Zombie's Firefly Family meets Ma and Pa Walton meets Yellowstone
    I watched this due to the overwhelmingly positive critic reviews, which I should do my best to avoid going forth. Through the years, I have probably watched too many lemons based upon great reviews and missed out on some truly good movies because of those negative reviews. Costner and Lane are great actors, but their understated performances were almost lifeless. The scenery should have been beautiful in this film, but even IT was dead, possibly a metaphor for the two lead characters. This is a story which has supposedly intelligent people making the worst possible decisions at every turn. Won't bother with the plot, but it is just a sad movie about sad people, including members of both families, with absolutely nothing uplifting about it, despite its conclusion.
  • RachelMary2 - 30 December 2022
    Almost nailed it!
    This was a frustrating watch, mainly due to the pacing being off. It was very slow building up to something, the story was subtly growing, and then suddenly it was wham bam in your face. All that subtitley disappeared. It just wasn't a film that took me as a viewer with it and engaged me and had me invested. The story, the talent, the setting- it was all there but the dragging then kicking pacing was lost on me.

    What I felt was special about this movie was the theme of belonging; about where and who we belong to and how much choice we have in this and how much is decided for us. When biology meets bad luck, where does that leave us?
  • masonsaul - 8 September 2022
    Great drama
    Let Him Go's balance of genres can feel a little weird at times with its mix of revenge thriller and thoughtful drama but overall it's still a great drama that's emotional and deep with an unexpected sense of unpredictability.

    Kevin Costner and Diane Lane are both perfect, Costner's closed off and gruff presence works extremely well when contrasted with Lane's heartfelt warmth and together they have a chemistry that feels natural and cleverly restrained.

    Thomas Bezucha's direction is excellent, the film looks beautiful with lots of natural beauty and a pace that hooks you in without being too slow or fast. The music by Michael Giacchino is really emotional yet still understated to fit the rest of the film.
  • jessiejanson - 18 June 2022
    Love it or hate it.
    Judging just from the reviews, you either love or outright hate this movie.

    To describe this movie and judge whether you should see it, ill describe its features.

    #1 a vary slow movie with no action until the last 10-15 minutes.

    #2 only one of the two main characters is likeable, only two side characters out of about 15 were likeable. Everyone else was someone you simply dont like.

    #3 This is a 'menacing' movie, the bad guys menace the main characters.

    #4 the main characters make bad decisions, like the 'scary movies' of ole, 'run to safety to the right, or run to your death to the left', these main characters have being dumb down to a science, and its used to create tension.

    #5 without spoiling, These types of movies live and breathe on the main characters losing because they want the viewer to feel helpless, made all the worse by the main characters bad decisions.

    #6 Prior to the ending, i was going to rate this one star, after seeing the ending i felt a bit relieved in that the ending wasnt entirely outright horrible, and i was going to rate it 2 stars, but after thinking over the movie, i cant do it.

    In general, for people that like sad movies where the main characters are tortured and everyone dies at the end, this movie is for you if you enjoy the frustration and the hurt.

    In general, for those people that like a happy ending where the main characters dont lose too much, steer clear of this movie.