A prisoner in a state-of-the-art penitentiary begins to question the purpose of the emotion-controlling drugs he's testing for a pharmaceutical genius.

  • Released: 2022-06-17
  • Runtime: 105 minutes
  • Genre: Action, Thrillers
  • Stars: Chris Hemsworth, Miles Teller, Jurnee Smollett, Tess Haubrich, BeBe Bettencourt, Angie Miliken, Jane Larkin, Ron Smyck, Joey Vieira, Elke Hinrichsen, Sam Delich, Mark Paguio, Daniel Reader, Ashleigh Lawrence, Stephen Tongun, Rachel Forsyth, Jariah Travan, Regan Sharp, Elliot Chenery, Aykut Karacam, Wyomi Reed, Nathan Jones
  • Director: Joseph Kosinski
  • lunaventure - 28 January 2024
    Chris Hemsworth can act !
    Well, I must say I was blown away by Chris Hemsworth. I have only kind of watched one of his films. He did such a great job creating an American scientist. I forgot he was Australian. He can act , This must of been a challenging role for him. The script was well written but feel a little short at the end. I would like to see Chris Hemsworth do more off beat roles. He tends to focus on action. I have never seen the other actors before. But I will look out for them in the future. The set was a little bland but then it is suppose to be permission. I would like to see Chris Hemsworth and his brother in the same film.
  • DrTuvok - 31 January 2023
    Well, now Kosinski is four for five
    Spiderhead is the first truly bad Kosinski film, which is especially disappointing given his stellar track record with science fiction films, let alone the squandered potential of the central concept. The plot is tantalizing: convicts are held in a futuristic, highly secure prison where they commit to experimental drug testing in exchange for reduced sentences. The drugs are given names right out of a Stanislaw Lem novel (Darkenfloxx, etc), and all affect the subject's emotional state to such a degree they alter the perception of reality. An early scene seizes this opportunity for subtle satire: a prisoner is taken somewhere blindfolded and injected with a happiness drug so that all he sees is a world of beauty. Finally it's revealed that he's standing in front of an exhaust-spewing industrial plant.

    This prisoner is Jeff, played by Miles Teller in his third collaboration with Kosinski. He's in for a drunk driving incident but has a friendly relationship with Hemsworth's Abnesti, the man responsible for the drug testing, and a possible love interest in another inmate, Lizzy. For a while I was hoping for a reality-bending plot twist. If this is a world where emotions can be manipulated, can Jeff's feelings for Lizzy be genuine, or are they part of the experiment? When they inevitably plan to escape is that all manipulated as well? What happens to free will when everything is so tightly controlled? I imagined a claustrophobic Kafka-esque world where prisoners had to overcome their manipulated emotions to escape, not a thrill-free climax where the *villain* is suffering from drugs instead. I imagined a dark thriller balancing satirical wit, action, and mind-bending philosophy. How ridiculous of me. The film provides nothing of this.

    Inept writers were always the greatest weakness of Kosinski's previous films, and that is more true for Spiderhead than any other entry in his filmography. Much was made how it was scripted 'by the writers of Deadpool', which should have been a warning to begin with. Sure enough, all they prove capable of is pedestrian drama combined with off-kilter, mostly witless humor, including an extended gag involving fecal matter. Hemsworth's hammy acting and Teller's Shia LaBeouf-esque performance only kill the atmosphere further (at one point they get high together), allowing Kosinski's direction, the few genuine moments of suspense, and vast potential of the material to drown in typical Netflix mediocrity.

    Well, at least this film was forgotten now that Kosinski and Teller's massive Top Gun success is taking up the award energy. Nearly all directors have stumbled at some point in their careers, and only time will tell if Kosinski can rebound with something even greater to cement his place among the greats.
  • Mehki_Girl - 21 November 2022
    The best Thing about This Movie is...
    They played every single song from my old school play list.

    Played serious right up until the end when it turned into a campy comedy.

    However, the premise was intriguing and I actually wish there were such drugs.

    Who wouldn't want to forgive themselves or prevent crime or make people "behave the way they should"?

    Hmmm that last part could be dangerous in the wrong hands. It's a mediocre film, but not a complete waste of your time.

    Too bad the movie didn't take itself seriously and really explore the premise. The soundtrack is good but a bit intrusive. The cinematography and setting are first rate. The best acting comes from the male and female leads. But not so much from Helmesworth.
  • beatriceavdalian - 5 October 2022
    Eh-Eh, Another Netflix Meh
    Colorful photography, a stellar ensemble, and lively editing stand in stark contrast to the individuals' terrible backstories. A fascinating idea isn't enough to get this picture to "excellent" status. You keep expecting something really exciting to happen, but it simply fizzles away near the conclusion, never reaching a satisfying crescendo. In the end, it's a morality story that goes too far and too quickly. I believe it is worth seeing. I enjoy Chris Hemsworth's magnetic demeanor, and it's good to see him in a role other than Thor outside of the Marvel comic book flicks. Miles Teller was practically unrecognizable to me. However, I believe this was a squandered chance to have these two actors collaborate in a far better picture.
  • BobMalugLugaLugaLuga - 9 September 2022
    Not Bad, very original in many ways.
    This film definitely deserves more than 39% on Rotten Tomatoes and definitely more than a 5.4 out of 10. I love films that are new, different, even though it is a remake. It is original. One of those films that takes you on an amusement park ride. (this part is a spoiler so stop reading: you go on a roller coaster. The ride is the fun part. We all know the ending sucks because it is a roller coaster. Ending is you have to get off. But the ride is the treat). So enjoy the ride!! I had a bad day and this film let me forget about my bad day for 2 hours. Really, that is all I want from a good film. A little escape and a some entertainment. And if it is original, like this one, then bonus.