The Cursed

In the late 19th century, a brutal land baron slaughters a Roma clan, unleashing a curse on his family and village. In the days that follow, the townspeople are plagued by nightmares, the baron's son goes missing, and a boy is found murdered. The locals suspect a wild animal, but a visiting pathologist warns of a more sinister presence lurking in the woods.

  • Released: 2021-07-28
  • Runtime: 111 minutes
  • Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
  • Stars: Kelly Reilly, Boyd Holbrook, Alistair Petrie, Uhm Ji-won, Roxane Duran, Nigel Betts, Stuart Bowman, Gary Oliver, Richard Cunningham, Simon Kunz, Áine Rose Daly, Amelia Crouch, Tom Sweet, Max Mackintosh, Parker Ellis, Tommy Rodger, Sean Mahon, Mish Boyko, Paul Bandey, Alun Raglan, Oisín Stack, Florie Blight, Annabel Mullion, Jicey Carina, Stuart Goodwin, Edmund Wiseman, Christopher Craig, Serge Pierre-Gaudou, Patrick Zocco, Brigitte Masure, Anne-Hélène Orvelin, Robert Charpentier, Rebecca Calder, Go Gyu-pil, Fabien Houssaye, Kim In-kwon, Kwon Hae-hyo, Carl Laforêt
  • Director: Sean Ellis
  • szweda-18555 - 4 April 2024
    Confused and confusing
    Here we go again I thought when I saw this "horror" film pop up on Netflix... maybe this time we might actually have a British movie with some validity for its existence but no.... it is confused but hints at something original that might have been had they not adopted this annoying approach to what I assume is a werewolf theme.... It baffles me how this sort of film ever gets funding when it is obvious that there is no real plot, no tale worth telling or if there was it confused me too much... There were times when I thought we were in France, other times in the wild west (USA) or maybe UK... horsemen with guns, flaming torches, no one spoke French yet the setting could be Provence or somewhere... but it is all so arty farty smoky/foggy/misty... There was one bit when they made the scarecrow that I liked... but even that did not make any sense thereafter... and what was that moment of gratuitous semi-nakedness of the main actress all about? Nonsensical melodrama best to avoid... So my quest for that good British horror movie continues...
  • oxylepy - 21 September 2023
    Fairly interesting, a couple off bits
    Hulu's descroption was initially refreshing, as I DGAF who the actors and actresses are when selecting what to watch. Hulu actually gave me an idea of what the movie might be about.

    Tight lacing a corset? Seriously thought we were past this, what with every historian and youtube corset person pointing out that it isn't accurate.

    The movie is not too dark to see what's going on, which is a huge plus for this era of horror movie. General use of foreground lit shots, a lot better than senseless poor backlit headache inducing "natural" scenes. Oof, a couple poorly backlit shots, got to deduct a star for that. Real looking fires, definitely a plus.

    Ooo a fancier breed of chicken, always enjoy seeing that instead of purpose bred factory farm chickens.

    Oof, people waking up with full makeup. For some reason people are wearing extremely loud shoes, kinda want to smack them with the newspaper for being so obnoxious.

    Yeah so the lighting just gets worse and worse until you're realling wishing they'd invest in a reflector. That's a solid middle rating from my eyestrain.
  • tazkykamen - 12 December 2022
    The curse of a monster that lacks more of that monster
    The fantasy horror about the gypsy curse and Judas' silver has a high-quality visual appearance -surrounding forests shrouded in fog, semi-darkness of 19th-century interiors filmed with a distinct dark atmosphere. But what it lags behind is a somewhat problematic monster (apparently inspired by Carpenter's The Thing). It is not clear how he actually takes possession of his victims, and little space is devoted to his attacks in the film. At times, the story is quite illogical, for example, no one notices the attack on the maid despite the bloody sheets hanging in their yard. The dream sequences are also chaotic and make the story unclear.
  • jsucie - 17 October 2022
    A mashup of werewolf movies
    This is my first Halloween movie of 2022 to start my run and this was ok.

    Interesting idea which has grabbed from many different werewolf lore from multiple sources. Now this isn't a traditional hairy, howl at the moon werewolf story and even on all fours it does look more vampire-ish than werewolf but it is indeed one. Using the 30 pieces of silver as the curse and cure has also been brought up before.

    The acting is ok for what it is and what the actors have to work with. It is strange that they decided to not even pretend to have a French accent for any of the characters given this takes place in France.

    Overall if you're looking for milder gory movie for Halloween, give this one a shot.
  • ebeckstr-1 - 5 September 2022
    Better than you'd expect
    Graphic, brutal, inventive retelling of the werewolf legend. Highlights include good acting, beautiful, atmospheric cinematography, and a good story. The main portion of the film is book-ended by a prologue and a concluding section which, taken together, lend the story a darkly tragic thematic dimension, adding an unexpected layer of meaning to the entire film. This meaning seems literally and figuratively rooted in the desperate self-centeredness of humanity. It plays out across land and landscapes - fog-shrouded estate farmland, boundaries of ownership and servitude, national boundaries marked by war and conquest. I don't want to make this movie seem like more than it is, but it deserves credit for doing something unusual with the werewolf genre and for conveying a story in which the sum, one could argue, is greater than the parts.